Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #33 … Blog Radio interview with Robert Rodgers!

blog radioThis past Wednesday, I was interviewed by Robert Rodgers, author of Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease, and host of Parkinson’s Recovery blog radio program. We discussed my experience with this challenging neurological condition, including why I chose to deal with it naturally and my advice to others.

I hope you find the interview informative!


37 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #33 … Blog Radio interview with Robert Rodgers!

  1. Reading your blog from emergency departments in local hospital -unable to walk / initiate movement . Have to go on medication.

    Many blessings

      • Could be a good thing, Bratzo.
        Take care and keep us posted.
        You have only friends in here.

    • Dear Bratzo, I’m sorry you are going through this. Medication is not always a bad thing, consider it the crutch we need when we break a leg. It’s not permanent but without the crutch we can’t walk and we need to walk to heal. At one point you will have the strength again to not need the crutch but don’t give it up until your body is ready – you’ll know. Sending you much healing, love and acceptance

    • Dear Bratzo, have been concerned that we haven’t heard from you in a while, so very sorry to hear you are having a difficult time of it. Sending you hugs from across The Tasman sea.

      • Thank you guys. It means a lot to me .
        At the moment I am stuck to the bed in the local hospital and taking 250 Medopar x3 .
        Blue thoughts are crossing my mind but did not give up yet .
        Had to stop hormone therapy but there is one more idea in my head before the end . We will see .
        I feel sorry that PD was advancing so fast ( maybe due to 6 months of antibiotics?) and wasn’t able to experiment with hormones and B1 but if I have any luck left you will hear from me soon.
        Blessings to everyone.

      • Bratzo. Are you able to move? If so, practice throwing your arms up in the air while shooting at your fingers and yelling [or thinking] hallelujah! This will stimulate your body.

        Also, I urge you to keep repeating the following mantra/prayer which has really helped me:

        Thank you spirit and thank you higher self for immersing me in love and light. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance, patience and trust, acceptance and faith and physical, mental and emotional tranquility. Thank you so much for helping me to surrender to this neurological experience and accept and trust that this is a necessary part of my journey. And thank you so much for hovering over me and protecting me and bringing me a joyfully Divine day. Hallelujah!

        My prayers are with you!

      • Bratzo, I promised when I started my own journey down this path that no one got left behind. I may be able to channel some distance healing for you if you would like. I can only do it with your permission and I need a way to find you – the best way is a photo where I can see your eyes. The science part of me is freaking out about now that I’m outing myself. Anyway my email is lena at pathwithpaws dot com . True request – a no is fine:-)

      • That is a beautiful offer Lena! I do distance healing as well, through my mantra, and I’ve already started on Bratzo. Perhaps our joint effort will help him get through this.

  2. I hope you continue this blog for as long as possible. It’s very encouraging. Personally I identify a lot with it. Question: Does anyone know how to stop tremors for at lest a couple of hours without putting you to sleep, like Dopamine?

    • Thank you for your message Ivan! Rest assured, I plan to keep this blog going!

      Here are some of the things I do to minimize trembling:

      1. Focus on my breath … Breathe deeply and evenly while relaxing every muscle in my body
      2. Lay or sit in the grass with my feet and hands on the ground
      3. Hug a tree [literally]…When I put my hands on a tree they don’t tremble
      4. Take Valerian root supplement… It’s a natural relaxant
      5. Take Rescue Remedy [Bach flower essence]… Helps create inner calm

      I hope this helps!

    • Ivan – nicotine helps me if my tremors are really bad, however my worse tremors are more dystonic. I use it on a daily basis at 7mg but will up to 14mg if my tremors are bad. 21mg puts me out so the only time I used that much was one night when my tremors were not letting me fall asleep (I use patches). Obviously addictive so use with caution if you don’t want to be on it longterm.

  3. Thank you so much Fred for sharing your journey! I love that you have caring neighbors – your neighbor popping in warmed my heart!! One thing that came to mind when I listened to you talk is that PD is a disease of rigidity of both the mind and body. From the rigidity of disease we move into the “rigidity” of a healing program. Most take these supplements, eat this way, do these exercises. I’m guilty of this as well.How do we have a healing program without rigidity? How do we put our healing above everything else but stay completely in flow and flexibility? It’s a puzzle sometimes.

    • Lena – speaking of healing protocols, I’ve started taking liposomal glutathione. I’m using the brand you linked to that Laura Mischley recommends, taking one packet per day in the morning. Do you take one packet a day or two? Thanks!!

      • I take two a day – one before breakfast and one before dinner. Laurie says they taste horrible. I actually love the taste – maybe because my body needs it 🙂

    • Great point about rigidity Lena. I was with a doc today who mentioned that every time we break out of rigidity and do something positive, we are helping break down parkinsons. Improvise regularly!

  4. Fred – I heard the second half your interview with Robert Rodgers, the live broadcast. You were great! The content was review for me since I’ve read so much of your writing. I’ll go back and listen to the first half sometime soon. It was good to hear your voice.

    Also my body worker is great, very seasoned and wise, but she doesn’t know specifically about the BSR technique you describe that’s been so effective at reducing your tremor. Would your bodyworker be willing to talk to mine about BSR? If so, can you give me your email so I can write you privately for your bodyworker’s name and phone number? Thanks!

  5. I wonder if BSR is the same as the Bowen technique which originated in Australia, and is what John Coleman used to recover from PD.

    • The intention of both therapies the same, to relieve stress and move energy. The technique is slightly however. Bowen therapy is more like massage while body stress relief uses pressure points along the spine

  6. Hate to jinx myself but back to a period again where my symptoms are melting away. My guidance told me to stop Sinemet and Citicoline because my brain was ready to kick into making dopamine again but couldn’t because of the feedback (it needed to see my dopamine was low), within 12 hours my own dopamine kicked in. So I’ve had almost 48 hours now off Sinemet, my gait in normal, almost no tremor except with movement of my left arm, I feel the best since this started 2 1/2 years ago with no prescription drugs. Mostly just functional paralysis symptoms in my left arm, rest of my body is near normal. And interesting enough my blocker seems to be replaced with a new voice that tells me anytime I doubt that I don’t have PD anymore. Go brain!

    Talking like crazy to my higher power, following guidance, doing acupuncture and opening up my meridians and channeling and still doing most of my rehab work. However a lot of being still so my body can reorganize.

    This is coming off of two weeks of extreme tremor, vertigo and headaches (destroying blocker??) and probably the scariest thing I released from my body yet. Ups and downs. Healing the brain and soul is not easy.

    Keep the faith everyone!!

    • This is inspiring news! I’m happy for you, Lena.

      I don’t think you’ll jinx yourself by talking about your progress. I sense that the blocker likes to operate in the dark, rooted in fear which is irrational most of the time. Shedding light on him/her by talking about our progress or feeling well helps our healing.

      You’re right about how much work it takes to heal the brain and soul. We’re unwinding very long-term patterns. I have lots of ups and downs too. Lately it’s been a struggle as I work on reprogramming my blocker, who likes to stay rooted in worst case scenarios provoking fear. Instead I pray to be planted in best case scenarios from which I can plan.

      Yes, keep the faith! We’re all by each other’s side in healing, ridding ourselves of all blockers!

      • Thanks Jeff! I do have faith we will all get there. You are right about staying out of the dark and staying connected:-)

    • That’s so awesome to hear Lena and thank you so much for continuing to share your experience. I am continuing to experience intense symptoms, particularly as it relates to balance, freezing and trembling, although I backed off the pause and blocker healing this week to focus on fully surrendering to the experience. I am back at it today and I am feeling it! I feel like I’m being possessed by an entity that is holding on for dear life, so I am focusing on light and love and connecting with the universal-energetic-intelligence.

      • Your experience sounds very similar to mine last week Fred. I actually vomited three mornings in a row (and I never vomit) trying to release the dark energy, extreme shaking to the point of dystonic storms. It’s like as I heal anything that can’t live in the new light in my body has to go but it isn’t going easily. I’ve actually removed entities from others a couple times in the past. In the end the dark energy I was dealing with came to the surface enough that I could grab ahold of it with my right hand, pull it out of my body and throw it out the window. Did I mention this is a weird journey? I think as your connection to the universal light gets stronger it will release, if you haven’t done it I would also suggest a mantra similar to “I release anything that is not mine, I break all contracts I have made that no longer serve my higher purpose, I am ready to let go of anything that doesn’t support my higher purpose of being here”

      • Weird indeed Lena! I continue to experience the same level of intensity, and I think you’re right, as we vibrate at a higher level of consciousness, the lower-level energies connected to us hang on for dear life. You have to experience this craziness in order to understand it.

        I have a similar “dark” energy clearing mantra: I ask Raphael from the east, Michael from the south, Gabriel from the west, and Ureal from the north, to come to me now and ask you to remove from my body and my being, all lower vibrating energy forms, and I ask you to take them to the healing energy of the universal energetic intelligence where they can be immersed in love where they can reconnect with their true divine spiritual essence. Namaste!

      • Fred and Lena – I too experience intense symptoms as I continue with Janice’s protocol. I agree with Fred it’s as if the added light we bring to our beings makes what has thrived in the darkness fight to maintain the degree of control it has exerted in the past. Lately I’ve taken a lighter approach to it when it tries to body slam me with negativity. Instead of succumbing to it I respond with a shrug, “oh it’s you again.” And I do my best to ignore it like I would an impudent child. And I reward myself when I keep a good attitude, move fluidly, laugh, make a light hearted joke with another person, etc. or other worthy acts.

        We’re shoulder to shoulder on the healing path. Hallelujah! Thanks all of you for the good company!

      • So grateful to have you both on this journey! I think the more tools we share, the more it helps. I love both your approaches to working to release negative and darker energy! This is definitely a journey where having a full bag of tools is helpful 🙂

  7. Marvellous news Lena, and very encouraging ! I’m struggling a bit at the moment, not sure what is happening, but taking loads of supplements and treating candida in my gut, so just plodding on, one day at a time.

    • There are so many ups and downs to this journey Rebecca – it is so hard to make sense of when to change things and when to stay the course.It definitely is one day at a time. It seems like there are two choices, accept this disease and it’s progression or go on the quest of healing which has no set path but some slightly worn paths others have followed. I’ll take choice two even if there are brambles and nettles along the way and patches that feel flat and like there’s no progress. It seems like many times our treks intersect here on Fred’s blog:-)

      I’m not sure if you are younger or not but I’m wondering if you are if you get changes in your symptoms from your cycle? My two low progesterone weeks (menstruation to ovulation) usually my symptoms are mild and then immediately shift to more severe my two weeks with high progesterone. I’m going to my naturopath on Monday to see if she has any suggestions – looks like high dose turmeric may block progesterone a bit. It kinds of makes sense as progesterone has anticholinergic activity (anti-parasympathetic). I guess one thing to look forward to when I hit menopause 🙂

  8. Thankyou everyone for your positive words and kind encouragement, it means a lot, so happy to have found you all and we can walk this difficult journey together. I’m flattered Lena that you think I’m pre menopause, alas my symptoms appeared shortly after menopause began, and I stopped taking HRT, I often wonder if taking bio-identical hormones might help .

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