Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #32 … A new perspective on fear!

pauseI am presently in the midst of an intense healing period. I’m grateful to say that a few blog readers are doing the same protocol and we are sharing our experience. I’m so happy not to be doing this alone. The healing we’re doing is based on a protocol developed by Janice Walton-Hadlock of pdrecovery.org. Walton-Hadlock believes that Parkinson’s disease is not the result of being in a chronic fight-or-flight state of fear, but rather, it is from being in a chronic “pause” state of fear or from being in a chronic “disassociative” state of fear.

The pause state of fear occurs when you are in a perpetual state of believing that your life is in danger, that you are not safe and that you are on the verge of death. This is common among people who have had severe head trauma including concussions [I have had two concussions and severe whiplash from a car accident].

The disassociative state of fear occurs when you’ve had a very traumatic experience that you have chosen to disassociate from, usually one that you don’t remember [I have had at least one such experience].

Walton-Hadlock goes on to say that we actually develop “pause” and “blocker” personalities, [the role of the blocker personality is to protect the pause personality].

When I first started following her protocol, I felt great. There was a significant improvement in all of my symptoms. But then I had a dramatic regression, which apparently is common, as the blocker personality fights to stay alive. Eckhart Tolle talks about a similar phenomenon involving the ego and the pain body.

I really resonate with Walton-Hadlock’s theory, as it explains so much of my experience and so many of my unanswered questions. So I’m going to stick with it and I will keep you posted on my progress!

In the meantime, I ask you to consider this. We are not identified by whatever health condition we are experiencing and this goes for Parkinson’s disease. Please don’t say my Parkinson’s disease. Don’t take ownership of it. First, it is not a disease [It is simply an indicator that your body is not in homeostasis] and secondly, we don’t own it. It is just an experience and it is temporary.

Similarly, there is more to us than what we can see and feel. We are more than just the body we inhabit. We are more than the thoughts we think and we are more than the emotions we feel. We are divine spiritual beings having a human experience, living in oneness with the universal-energetic-intelligence [god] and all that is. We are the conscious observer of our experiences. We are pure beings of light and love!

And as for this health condition we are experiencing, it too shall pass!

26 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #32 … A new perspective on fear!

  1. Beautiful Fred! I’ve thought this morning about how the blocker has radar that spots anything that could be going wrong, identifies it, then amplifies it attempts to keep us in the pause state.

    I had an aunt who passed away after a prolonged episode of Parkinson’s. I knew her only at the end of her life, wheelchair bound and dosing heavily on meds. I didn’t know her when she was younger. Recently I asked my oldest brother what my Aunt Rhea was like when she was younger. He said, “Always worried about something. Terrified.” On pause? Maybe. I wish she had known there was a way out for her, a path to healing.

    Fred, you’ve got tons of healing energy. Thanks for sharing the spirit!

    • Thank you so much Jeff! The blocker personality seems to be a very powerful one!

      I am very sorry to hear about your aunt. I’m grateful for the increased awareness as it relates to alternatives.


  3. Thank you! I’ve had such a hard time even summing up the experiences with Janice’s work. I’m so excited that we are on this path together Fred and Jeff and can share experiences. When I do some of my fear release work I can feel the presence of you both with me, thank you! I met someone yesterday who’s husband was actually treated by Janice and it made me feel even more certain this is the right direction. I feel like the changes and shifts are fast and scary sometimes but it does feel right. I woke up with dystonic storm activity this morning (luckily I can move with mine – my left body just rolls in and out of conscious seizure like activity) which was building for a couple days. I highly dislike this state but I also know it means a big piece of something is releasing and usually it will pass in about 8-12 hours if I just accept that I’m going to be debilitated today and try not to control or stop it.

    • I completely share your sentiments Lena!

      I urge everyone to watch this YouTube video. I really resonated with it, particularly the woman who overcame a brain tumor through acceptance! Sending you all loving energy!

  4. Excellent video Fred gives us much hope and above all much more knowledge about our body ..

    There is a field around each of us that is completely and totally multidimensional. That field is generated by about one hundred billion chemical pieces called DNA. Scientists still do not know how they communicate with each other and can not see the multidimensional properties they contain. They do not yet fully appreciate the quantum attributes of DNA.
    DNA “knows” who we are. In our body there are a hundred billion double-stranded DNA molecules and they are all identical. They form a field around us that is approximately eight meters wide and has a Hebrew name: La Merkaba. That is, DNA represents the sacred element in us ……… DNA is spiritually intelligent, but it is not unless we are vibrating to a high level that allows it to function fully …… …

    Now this is old information. Perhaps the ancients did not know specifically about DNA, but they knew that there were spiritual principles that could achieve healing. Modern medicine sees it as an old tradition of ignorance.
    What is acupuncture or other similar systems that address these meridians? They are energy information transfers to the intelligent multidimensional DNA parts. They help let the body heal itself with its own set of instructions for its own chemistry, instead of bombarding it with external chemicals, as if the body were ignorant.
    We have a sacred conscience in the field of DNA. Awareness can speak to the cellular structure of our own body on a daily basis. It can strengthen your immune system and ward off disease, since the energy of human consciousness is really only “information” energy. Send instructions for our body to change

  5. Thanks Fred .and Jeff.. I have actually read the book …….. I know the work of Bruce H Lipton, it is fascinating and revolutionary …. new ideas bring fresh knowledge
         … I am in resonance with the epigenetic subject. I am passionate about this subject, .because I am also a graduate in Molecular Biology at the university of my country …. I know there is a divine purpose in my path …. guys for Add more knowledge about this topic during our recovery path, I highly recommend the book THE GOD CODE,

    Click to access Gregg%20Braden%20-%20The%20God%20Code%20-%20The%20Secret%20of%20our%20Past,%20the%20Promise%20of%20our%20Future.pdf

  6. This resonates with my experience too. I worked with parts if self like this. I also love the part about not owning this temporary experience. It is still shocking to look back and see just how much the experience of anorexia disappeared. I learned not to make physical symptoms more “dense and stuck.” I found these parts if me we’re actually trying to help me…but they seemed not to realize they didn’t have to do it alone with their creative survival techniques. I think it was finding my higher/ healer self that helped. This feels hopeful:)

  7. Hi Fred and everyone. My name (on this board at least) is Elliot Greene. I’m a 44 year old male and self-diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I have reached a point where it has passed “beyond a reasonable doubt” and today said to myself, “I think it is also beyond a shadow of a doubt”. There are just too many symptoms.

    Anyway, I’ve found Janice Walton-Hadlock’s work, and I’ve started getting into it. I also started my initial Qi Gong practice today (thanks Fred for your suggestions on that).

    And… pertinent to this post, I do recognize the “dissociative” state, the “pause” personality, and the “blocker” personality. Wow. What a challenging and wonderful journey this is going to be!

    Does anyone else face a fear of boredom related to Qi Gong and the other work? I find myself wishing for a more instantaneous cure. But I’m praying to be Open, Honest, and Willing.

    • Hi Elliot! Thank you for your message and welcome!

      I wish there was an easy solution and perhaps there is … Complete surrender to the experience … Acceptance and trust that this is a necessary part of the journey.

      Otherwise, it is about returning the body to homeostasis through diet, detoxification, exercise, bodywork, minimizing stress, addressing fear and unresolved emotional pain, remapping the brain and spiritual practice. It is about understanding that this experience has a purpose: to guide us to spiritual consciousness and divine self love.

      This has become a group journey which I am very grateful for. Welcome to the team!

      • Hi Fred,
        I read the first 28 pages of Stuck on Pause on Saturday. It was a really good day. Yesterday, not so much. I basically got lost on the internet with diversions and didn’t do any of my basic self care, or my program. Working to get back on track again today.

      • But anyway, thanks for the welcome and thanks again for the good info and sharing. This is the kind of community I was looking for–people clued in to information coming from Janice Walton Hadlock (JWH)/PDRecovery and other sources, plus their own experience and efforts.

      • You may have already noticed this Elliot but we kind of weave our experiences as Fred writes new posts. I love reading the new posts and the comment trails that follow. Janice’s work is amazing and difficult. My own journey also involves the work of Joaquin Farias who is a movement specialist and brain researcher at the University of Toronto that I had the privilage to travel to work with in May. For me this work and Janice’s are similar but he has more of a physical approach to it. It is easier when I feel stuck to do some of this work which than pushes me back into the spiritual as my channels open. I highly recommend his book Limitless http://www.fariastechnique.com/focal-dystonia-ebooks/limitless-how-your-movements-can-change-your-brain-an-essay-on-the-neurodynamics-of-dystonia . His focus is dystonia which I also have but dystonia and PD are very closely related and he firmly believes you can retrain the brain to make dopamine again.

    • Welcome Elliot, I am also 44. Boredom I would say no, frustrating as all get out sometimes definitely! Kind of like a wild roller coaster ride, sometimes slow, sometimes way too fast, that takes you to different realms and where the route isn’t visible until you are upon it. Lots of trust and faith needed:-)

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