Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #31 … Moments of Normal!

ice lake sunsetRecently I was walking from the house down to the lake to enjoy the view and the serenity. About halfway down the steps, it suddenly occurred to me that in that moment, I felt normal! My balance was fine [it usually is when I’m walking], there was no freezing, no trembling and no clenching in my hands. My gait was normal as well!

This was a euphoric moment!

My euphoria came with a bit of a disclaimer, in that I am cautious about using the word “normal” because as per my last post, I prefer to think of the condition I’m experiencing as just that, experience, rather than a disease. Using the word normal, implies the opposite to be abnormal or bad, which is not the healthiest of perspectives.

Having said that, it was great in that moment to experience no symptoms. There are other times when I am symptom free: lying in bed in the morning and just before bedtime, sitting on the dock with my legs dangling in the water and laying in the sun on the front lawn. These are magic moments [not to mention very healthy] and I cherish them!

I try to maximize these moments because I know that my mind and body are in a state of relaxation which means my brain is producing dopamine and serotonin.

I hope that you too are able to find such occasions! Not only are they important for recovery, they are essential for peace of mind!

Wishing you a euphoric day!


91 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #31 … Moments of Normal!

  1. I always think if we can have moments of “normal” our bodies totally know how to be normal still. I have the same moments. For me it is often when I am connected to the universal energy of the world, either in nature (like you mentioned) or when I’m channeling energy in my work or life. It’s when I feel in complete flow with the world. It seems like the key is not clinging to them and allowing them to naturally expand into longer and longer normal periods. Our brain still remembers!

    When I do acupuncture or energy work on the animals I work with I am helping them to remember where their most healthy state is and then their body has to figure out how to do the healing to stay in flow with that state.

  2. Well, if everything rejuvenates, does not it seem strange to you that a disease can begin to change the way a Human thinks, and the scientist tells us that our brain cells are beginning to die, or to move, or to change, or to poison themselves, And that the Human loses even the memory of love? Where is the rejuvenation? Where is the repair? DNA is not designed like that, dear ones. The cells are designed to go back to the original plan and create a new, fresh cell. That’s how it was designed!
    Therefore, our DNA is a much more grandiose system than any medical authority ever thought it to be. It is an interdimensional system that has the ability to modify itself at any time. This explains spontaneous remission. The spontaneous remission is the Human Being who decides that he has already finished with the disease, and that then he retakes the energy of life he never had the disease. Many humans have got rid of the most virulent diseases known to man. Suddenly they appear clean, without any trace of it: spontaneous remission. The dreaded disease simply disappears. .

  3. Instead of normal or diseased I’m going to start using in flow with health – the flow applying that everything is always in constant change, not stuck in any one state good or bad. Completely agree with you Jimmy!

  4. I have moments like you describe, Fred … as Lena sees as “in the flow with health”. I think it’s important to acknowledge these to connect them with other similar moments we experience now and in the future, other healthier states we’ve experienced in the past, and healthy moments sensed by others experiencing what we’ve labelled ‘PD’. All in a process intended to lengthen them in duration and build euphoria and healing! I too agree with Jimmy’s beautiful expression.

    • I actually started with injections (IV) once a week and then started the intranasal twice a day while I was getting the injections . The first injection really reduced my tremor and made my rigidity better – by the time the needle came out I felt about 50% better and the whole staff could notice a difference from how I walked in and how I walked out.. It only lasted about a day at first, then lasted longer with each injection. As I started the intranasal twice a day I no longer needed the injections to continue to feel good. I switched to the oral at Laurie Mischley’s advice and have found that works just as well. I have not stopped it and don’t plan to – her studies also show that the three things that slow progression are oral glutathione, fish oil, and CoQ10. My score on her test from when I was diagnosed was 800 and is now usually between 40-50 (up to 500 excellent quality of life, 500-1000 good, 1000-1500 fair, 1500-2000 poor).
      I have no non-motor signs any more.
      I do take a lot of supplements and do 2-3 hours of rehab/exercise a day and a lot of emotional clearing! But I am progressively getting better since my diagnosis with some ups and downs.
      I consider myself in recovery

  5. awesome Lena ..i will try glutathion…………thank yyou and cconngrattulations…….when did you start to use it ?

      • Thank you Lena! I was about to ask the same question as Jimmy about glutathione and specific symptoms. I’ve heard great things about Dr. Mischely and am about to start glutathione. Congratulations on your recovery status. Great to hear!

        If I recall correctly you are doing a small dose of sinemet. Is that true? I think you said it contributed to your healing. How so? Forgive me if I’m mistaken.

      • I do still take a small dose of Sinemet – currently usually 1/3 of a pill 3x a day. This shifts a bit with sometimes me not taking it and sometimes needing a little more. I was on 1 pill 3x a day for about 6 months. Laurie Mischley really believes that all people with PD should be started on Sinemet right away. She believes the receptors need it to stay alive. Only when you no longer need it should it be reduced. From her experience people progress slower on it and the people she knows who have been cured in her practice took it. I have never had side effects from it if I take the right amount which in Chinese medicine means our body needs or benefits from the medication.

      • I am super sensitive and most drugs make me very ill but with that also comes an ability to feel what something does in my body. I have never felt Sinemet to be harmful except when I took too much. I however believe it is an individual decision and we each need to decide what is right.

    • I can’t link to my blog without Fred approving the comment, which he does but sometimes it takes a few days. If you click on my name you will end up on my blog – I have an article about 2/3 of the way down the first page about using supplements to treat PD. Lately my blog has been mostly PD articles with a few animal ones thrown in:-)

      • Mischley’s perspective on Sinemet is news to me. That and your experience with taking it are good to know. Like you, I’m very sensitive to drugs. Also I’ve heard so many negative stories of PD people being placed on an ever-increasing dose of pharmaceuticals until the meds totally lose their effectiveness. Until your recent revelation (to me) that people have been cured while on a decreasing dose of sinemet, I’d never heard that before. The recovery stories I’ve heard include some people who have taken sinemet, but the ones who were did stop — and none that I’ve read or heard gave any credit to sinemet for their recovery. So thanks for shedding more light on the topic, even if is confusing to me!

        Further confusing matters (for me!) is that Janice believes the receptors don’t die, they’re dormant and can be revived with her protocol … and she won’t work with folks who have been on PD meds for more than 3 weeks. Still I respect your perspective and Mischley’s work so i’m contemplating it all! No easy choices!!

      • The people who I am aware of who have recovered their health, all got off their meds prior to full recovery. I agree, I think each of us has to do what we feel is right for ourselves!

      • It is super confusing Jeff. I totally resonate with Janice’s work and opening up my du channel has been amazingly helpful in addition to her head bobble/safety work and talking to God. Her views on Sinemet don’t resonate with what I feel in my body. Maybe it’s because I’ve never taken enough to cause side effects or because being LRRK2 I am deficient in dopamine and have less dopaminergic neurons than a normal person so I don’t have the dopamine overload from Sinemet she talks about. I think this is the importance of us taking the parts of others journeys that resonate but in the end trusting our own intuition and bodies.

      • Janice’s program really resonates with me as well. Last week, when I started doing her healing and talking to God exercises there was an immediate improvement in the symptoms I experience. But this week, I slipped back to where I was and I don’t know why, unless it is the blocker personality. What has your experience been like?

      • I could write a whole book on the last three weeks. I had the same as you Fred – the first week immediate improvement, than my blocker came in (I’m conscious of my blocker and it’s a tricky bugger) and the second week a lot of fear and disfunction again. Then after about a week of that I had five days of improvement that was about 20X the first improvement and with each passing day I improved another two fold, I actually felt like if I continued to improve at that rate my disease would be gone completely in two weeks. I saw my intuitive cranial sacral healer and she was amazed about how much my energy had changed and how strong my body was. I felt like I had no fear and was protected, calm, and was completely in tune with the universal energy.

        I had a very stressful event on Monday – I’m in the middle of a divorce and we had a mediation season which brought up a ton of fear about moving, keeping my business and what would happen if my disease got worse. For two days I was horrible again until I realized yesterday I had gone into identifying with my disease again. I fell into the poor me I have PD and you are trying to take away everything I need to survive place – not good. I need to stay strong just for who I am and not identify with the PD as being my reality. Instead stay with I am recovering from PD. Today I am improving again but not back to the improved place yet. Seeing my healer again tomorrow morning so hopefully will be on track again. I have a ton of emotional release when I do the head bobble. Do you have the same? And my du channel being open feels amazing but I still need to work to keep it open fully. So those are kind of the cliff notes so far 🙂

      • Your testimony about Janice’s protocol is powerful, Lena. You should write that book. Janice would love it because you shed useful light on it’s implementation.

        I think some write off Janice’s methods because they are rooted in energy work rather than a pill, drug or other form of matter — and rooted in an ancient framework for thinking about the body and health. Yet as you’ve pointed out the latest physics shows even matter — including our bodies and brains — is just space and energy. So why shouldn’t a bodily imbalance be treatable with energy?

        That’s not to say it’s easy! What Janice suggests is deep work. It takes much focus and can take a long time. That’s what your testimony helps reveal.

      • Your experience is very encouraging Lena! I’m in the midst of phase 2, dealing with a tenacious blocker personality! I will definitely persist, and yes, I feel much better after the head wobble and shiver.

        I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through divorce. It’s a very challenging journey you are on, but you are well grounded for it. I wish you well!

      • I completely expect that I will get off of Sinemet before full recovery. I already find in my best periods that I need very little. I expect as I recover more that will change to needing none even before all my symptoms are gone. At this point I am just trying to listen to what my body tells me it needs and it still needs a little most of the time. Interestedly enough when my du channel is fully open the smallest amount of Sinemet makes me almost normal – much better than even a larger amount when it’s closed or open just a little. I do believe the key is in the du channel, connection to God (or whatever equivalent) which helps with fear, and emotional clearing. All else just supports the brain so it is healthy enough and it can get to recovery.

      • Thank you Jeff and Fred! I will definitely try to blog about my experience, things have been moving so fast I’m having a hard time figuring out where to began. It may turn into my second book – my first was on holistic treatment of cancer in animals. Fred I am excited you are persisting – I look forward to hearing your experiences! Having this positive place to come and encouragement from you all means the world the me!

      • Fred and Lena — I too am persisting with Janice’s road map to healing. Like you I experience gains then feel blocked or have setbacks, but generally sense I’m moving in the right direction. I work with the head bobble and creating a constant conversation with God, which has to be more healing than the ones I’ve had with myself which I’ve learned over the years veer toward worst case scenarios. I’ve been subconsciously programmed with fear! Turning that dynamic around isn’t easy, yet switching it ‘off’ feels like a worthy endeavor.

        As Wayne Dyer wrote ‘”God never fails!” To me that’s very close to saying what you truly believe will happen — will happen. Thus the placebo effect . . .

        Don’t know how this fits with Janice’s thinking but that fear-based version of me may be my blocker personality. That’s the one who got me into this space that needs healing. I feel like I’m doing it not only for me but for my family, past present and future, and to contribute something positive for the world. The buck stops here, so to speak.

      • Jeff and Lena … Something that has been helping me to counter this doggedly persistent blocker personality is a mantra that I intuited several years ago. It goes like this …

        Thank you spirit and thank you higher self for immersing me in love and light! Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance and patience and trust. Thank you for hovering over me and protecting me. And thank you for bringing me a joyfully awesome day!, Namaste!

        This mantra actually helped me overcome panic attacks years ago!

      • This is beautiful, Fred! Sometimes when I feel fear and catch my internal conversation in a downward spiral, I start singing the song you wrote and put up on your blog. “Thank you God for bringing the world peace and love and joy . . .” That helps bridge me back into positive territory!

      • Jeff I’m so glad you are on this path also and good to hear that ups and downs seem to be the norm! I hope we all end up with more ups! Fred I love your manta – am going to copy it down!

        May we all get to the point where we are in flow with health!

        My blocker is the part that says God isn’t real, magic isn’t real and that I am delusional to think I can get better or that I am getting better. It also likes to tell me that I will die on the streets alone from this disease. I KNOW none of that is true. I do magic for a living and 100s of animals have benefited from it, plus quantum physics! God has always been there for me and shown me that is true when I have doubted. I have an amazing community of people who support and love me and my family would never let me die on the streets. It doesn’t been that there are not moments I believe every word of what my blocker tells me but luckily those moments pass fairly quickly.

      • We are there for you Lena and I echo your sentiments! I am so grateful for everyone’s support!

        Having said that, the blocker personality has been incredibly intense the last three days! What a fascinating journey!

      • I resonate with healing the family fear Jeff. I carry two mutations that cause PD and are carried by jews. I am half Jewish. It’s like the fear of my ancestries actually changed the DNA. I believe the mutations are trapped fear. I feel like if I heal myself I am healing this karma for my ancestors and my son.

      • Right on, Lena. The emerging science of epigenetics shows us we are not locked into genetic expression. Yes we have genetic predispositions that impact the likelihood of acquiring a condition like parkinsons, but environmental influences including our minds and emotions ultimately determine how our genes are expressed. People like Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza teach we can control our ultimate genetic expression so we have good health. We activate different genes with our deeply held beliefs and attitudes. Let’s get rid of that blocker and be in the flow of health!

      • Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about the collective pain body, be it familial or cultural or all of humanity. It’s an important phenomenon to be aware of.

      • I don’t know if either of you have had this experience with your blocker but mine likes to take out my safe people I do Janice’s exercises with. It has been giving me nightmares with them in the nightmares so when I call them up to ask if I’m safe I instead call up the fear from the nightmare. And of course when I’m asleep I have no control over this. It even took out my most zen cat last night by giving me a nightmare with him in it.

        The last few days have been weird. My tremor is much more intense with movement then normal even though my fine motor control is better. However if I lay still and sink into the ground absolutely no tremor or spasm at all and my muscles all relax. So resting tremor is gone – more like essential tremor. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but glad to actually relax – it feels so good to have this underlying calm at rest and to be still.

      • I haven’t had a similar experience Lena, but I have now had four days of intense fear and exacerbated symptoms. It’s like the more healing I do around the belief that my life is in danger, the more active the Blocker personality gets. I don’t know where and be without the mantra that I intuited. Speaking of which, I’ve modified it:

        Thank you spirit and thank you higher self for immersing me in love and light. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance, patience and trust, acceptance and faith and inner tranquility. Thank you for helping me to dissolve the pause and Blocker personalities that I created in response to the belief that my life is in danger. Thank you for hovering over me and protecting me and thank you for bringing me a day filled with divine joy! Hallelujah!

        I’ve also been yelling hallelujah a lot! This really helps!

      • Blockers are tricky devils. They seem to originate in the subconscious and they’re tough to re-wire. Mine hasn’t employed the technique you describe. He just always tries to convince me I’ve had a bad day, that I should always be fearful and sense impending danger. For instance when I’ve had a good day in most ways but perhaps my walk wasn’t great, or i felt low for an hour or two, I’ll give thanks to God for the goodness and generate a feeling of peace, but my blocker voice pipes up, “Your walk wasn’t that strong” or focuses on another complaint, dampening my joy and gratitude and shifting my thinking toward “maybe I’m getting worse” and feeling anxious about it.

        When I share these stories with my wife, who is an ebullient upbeat person, she says “focus on what’s improving” or “focus on what went well today”. My blocker wants to refute her but my higher instincts say “you’re right. Why don’t I just automatically do that?” Then my blocker might even pout and want to say “can’t you see you’re getting worse” before I catch him, recognize he’s up to his tricks again. Now maybe I’ll even chuckle at him. The clearer I get about how he works, the less power he has over me. Maybe you’ll have the same experience with yours.

      • Mine wants me to feel powerless and angry and very scared. In fact, I’m feeling and right now. I’m being interviewed tomorrow by Robert Rodgers on his blog radio program and the anxiety I’m feeling is going through the roof. I’m putting my mantra on overdrive today!

      • I’ve been in and out of that space Fred. Sending you calm, peace and grace. Your words inspire so many and you are clearly on this journey! One thing that helps me is to call up all those who I have loved who have passed over to the other side – for me it’s many animal friends also. I ask them to walk beside me and protect me. Often times it brings up a lot of grief but also a lot of love and protection. I don’t know if you are a Harry Potter fan, but in the last book and movie he is able to do exactly that with a magical stone and able to walk into a place of almost certain death with calmness, love, and clarity. I’ll be super excited to listen to you on the radio!

      • I can’t help but sense we are on the verge of a breakthrough, Lena! Between this new protocol and our loving support for each other it feels like we are ready!

      • You’ll be great Fred in your interview with Robert Rogers! He’s a gracious and forgiving host. You’re on an amazing healing journey and possess a treasure trove of unique experience that others need to hear. Share from your heart and you’ll be captivating for listeners. I’ll be one of them!

  6. I just learned that the amazing movement disorder specialist I worked with in May, Dr. Joaquin Farias is doing a workshop for people with PD in January in Toronto. I can’t say enough about how magical this man is. I got off drugs completely for two weeks and still do 2-3 hours of his exercises a day which pushed me into partial recovery and now is part of what is pushing me into recovery. Even though he does not talk about his work like Janice, much of her work is similar to his. He is a medical qi gong practitioner so does a lot of channel opening work. He is extremely hard to get in with, I waited nine months and I don’t think he is even doing individual sessions for PD anymore.
    I highly recommend looking into his workshop!
    I’m going back in November to see him again.

    • According to Nancy Walton-Hadlock, from pdrecovery.org, a blocker personality is a personality we create for ourselves essentially to keep us in a perpetual state of fear, believing that our life is in danger and that we are not safe. She believes that this intense state of fear [believing that our life is in danger] which she calls the “pause” state, is the root cause of Parkinson’s disease. A few of us can definitely relate to this theory and are following her healing protocol.

  7. It appears that according to the info at pdrecovery.org, I am unable to recover, having used antiPD medications, albeit very reluctantly and sparingly. Seems a very rigid point of view, in my opinion. I resent being written off.

    • Rebecca,
      I also have issue with Janice’s belief about PD meds. All of what she talked about except that resonated with me deeply but I firmly feel (at least for myself) that the small dose of Sinemet I take does not harm me, and my naturopath has backed that up by finding in her own research that those on Sinemet had slower progression and greater chance of recovery. I expect to continue it as needed until I don’t need it. I also am planning to follow the parts of Janice’s guide that do help me.

      I think that it is possible for both Janice’s and my belief to be true depending on the individual. If I’ve learned one thing about this disease it’s that we need to trust our own guidance above anyone else so reject any pieces that don’t resonate!

      • Rebecca, I too totally agree with Lena, Jimmy and Jeff.

        First : It has been proven, and that’s Science, that not only L-Dopa does NOT speed up the loss of dopaminergic neurons, but that, when administered early in the course of the disease, it has a protective effect.

        Second : J. W-H must be a person of extreme sensitivity and intelligence – I really mean it – but she also definitely has no idea of what science is. Do not forget : Reason is not natural to human thinking. It was brought up by the Ancient Greeks.

        I use Janice’s writings as an invaluable source of inspiration in search of the truth – about myself, to begin with.

  8. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and reassurance to go on persevering. Never give up ! Despite what Janice thinks.

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