Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #30 … ‘Experience’ rather than ‘disease’!

dyerI am rereading Wayne Dyer’s book, change your thoughts change your life, living the wisdom of the Tao. Verse 2 addresses the concept of contrast…Long is defined by short, the high by the low.

While contrasts help us understand differences, for example, up verses down, Dyer suggests that the Tao is asking us to simply experience without defining it as one or the other.

This can be helpful, particularly when it comes to having an adverse health condition, because the real detriment of looking at things in contrast is when we judge one side of the spectrum as being better than the other. We think tall is better than short, or warm is better than cold, and when we are experiencing the nonpreferred side of the contrast, such as poor health, we are unhappy. This viewpoint puts us in a state of stress, which is detrimental to our recovery efforts. It contributes to poor gut health, a weakened immune system, inflammation and acidity, which prevents us from returning our body to homeostasis.

The ideal, then, is to experience without judgment or labelling; to acknowledge and accept that our state of health has changed while focusing on the things we need to do to achieve optimum health.

This takes us out of victimhood and empowers us, because it says, we are in charge of our attitude, which puts us in the proper frame of mind to produce the feel-good neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin.

Homeostasis, here we come!


59 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #30 … ‘Experience’ rather than ‘disease’!

  1. This is what Howard Shifke says, in his ‘Recipe for Recovery’ practice acceptance !
    The theory is great, but often difficult to do.

    • I agree that it seems the specifics seem to differ for individual journeys. One if my mentors said “Exactly what needs to happen for each person is different for everyone. That’s what makes it so interesting. I get that more being on the other side of my own recovery journey. The challenge becomes how to share knowing this. I support what’s going on here. Looking for pieces that resonate… It worked for me. I continue to live like this even after the illness. Blessings and strength and hope always —

  2. Your posts are always so timely! I was realizing today that I have moved into attachment to being cured and living in the future of “when I’m cured.” I do so much better than I just appreciate the good of exactly where I am in the moment. I think if we live and enjoy ever day there are no regrets. It is challenging – I fully agree! Acceptance makes it so we don’t need to be cured or different and out of that true healing arises. Thank you !

    • Hi Lena – I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Joe Dispenza suggests total acceptance of our current state of health while keeping a clear image in mind of where we want to be. A tricky balance, indeed! Like Fred, I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery!


  4. Thanks for another window into healing, Fred. You’re a healing maestro!

    Wayne Dyer embodies a lot of healing energy. I’ve enjoyed and benefited from his work. Yet I find it’s a worthy challenge to blend what feels right from each healing teacher we resonate with into our own healing journeys. Just to name a few teachers (besides you!) who have appeared in your blog: Tolle, Swan, Lipton, Dyer, Walton-Hadlock, others. Seems to me the task is not to see the teachings as contradictory but as synergistic, and to adopt from each of them what feels right and blend that practice into our daily routine. That daily routine differs for each of us. It’s a daunting but exhilarating journey!

    I received an email from Robert Rogers of the Parkinson’s Recovery Network on the 4th of July with the heading “Declare Your Independence Today”. For 10 years, Rogers has worked exclusively with people using natural healing methods to find relief from PD. Here’s some of what he wrote in that email:

    “It would be so sweet if there were one ‘formula’ that helps everyone get well or one magical formula that will reverse all symptoms. I have been researching what causes Parkinson’s symptoms and the therapies that help reverse it for 10 years. I have never discovered such a magical ‘solution.’ The approach that succeeds is different for each person.”

    Happy healing everybody! May this trying journey we find ourselves on – in the end – be profoundly sweet for each of us. To love, ease, and homeostasis!

    • Roberts statement totally resonates with me. It’s like those with PD are offered a quest to our own healing. We can get as much help as we need along the way but in the end it has to be our own journey, which is different for everyone. I always thought if I could heal myself I would have something valuable to offer to others, and maybe I will, but I realize I will never be able to hand over a complete recipe for cure. That being said, being here on Fred’s blog has helped me so much, I don’t know if I would have found Janice’s work otherwise and just having a group of people who believe in the ability to cure this disease is SO important. We mirror those we surround ourselves with:-)

      • I agree Lena in that there is no one size fits all. And thank you so much for your kind words! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re benefiting from this blog 🙂

    • I agree Jeff that there is no one solution for everyone, but I think there is a purpose for this and that is to make it very difficult for humanity and to inspire us to search deeper for answers and eventually guide us to spiritual consciousness.

      Speaking of synergistic, Robert Rodgers has asked me to be a guest on his radio program. Have you read his book, the Road to recovery from Parkinson’s disease? It’s an excellent book!

      • I have Robert Rodgers’ book and have read most of it. I’ve also listened to about a dozen of his podcasts. He does great work.

        Like you Fred, I sense the central cause for my symptoms is fear. So my healing quest is focused on eliminating or redirecting fear, rooted in the fundamental belief that if I succeed at that task my body will be in the flow of health and will heal. Not an easy process to undo a habit probably originating in my subconscious, placed there by circumstances I don’t clearly understand.

  5. Just emailed the link to my Dr, see what the reaction is.
    How do you know pills dont work, at least it would be a start.

    • It said in the research that I’ve sent plus I am using them for the last year 250mg per day – just a little bit more energy but pd progressing nicely.
      Almost like if there is something in a gut that is stealing or not delivering B1.
      I will definitely talk to my MD on Monday. He is happy to inject me with b vitamin ( already he is injecting b12 and folic acid ).
      Very interested to read what your doctor willl comment

  6. Yes that is concerning, I am being treated for Candida, maybe that could be inhibiting the absorption of nutrients.

    • Who knows?! I’ve recently found some empty bottle for some fungal treatment dated 2009 when my shaking started and I don’t recall using it but my name is on it .

      • B vits are water soluable so should be safe at high dose. In my job I even use fat soluable vits at super high doses in animals with cancer but with extreme caution (use kidney protecting herbs with high doses of D) and monitoring.

      • Another failure?
        How that compares with your first finding of almost 50% reduction of symptoms on average?
        Is it possible that all 50 random selected people were low in B1 ?

      • In report that I’ve sent was reported that plasmatic level of B1 of three patients was within the healthy reference range.

        Something is not adding up?!

      • I have been wanting to weigh in on this vitamin B1 discussion but I have no experience with it. I suspect it is much like diet in general… Ask 10 different experts and you will get 10 different opinions on which is the best, backed by studies and research.

        Joe Dispenza talks a lot about the placebo effect in his book, “you are the placebo.” It is definitely a factor that can’t be ignored.

      • There’s travel advertising here in Australia -” you will never, never know if you never, never go “.

      • “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”
        Phillip K. Dick

        Part, of our disease not real ?

      • According to quantum physics reality is a lot stranger than you think. We after all are 99.99% empty space, forces make us think things are solid. Anything has a potential to be different and we influence how things line up – particle as soon as you fix it in place but wave of potential before.

        Multiple personality studies come to mind. The same person in one personally can be diabetic and not in another. Lumps come and go when personalities are changed, eyesight changes. Reality is not fixed.

        So everything is real or it isn’t. And anything is possible, although we still have not found why we can’t move backwards on the arrow of time.

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