Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #29 … Playing Golf!

Trip to Estonia 224Last summer, after retiring from teaching karate, I decided to take up golf again. It has been challenging! Not only am I that much older, I have some physical challenges to manage… loss of balance, trembling, freezing and loss of dexterity [particularly on the left side]. I have also lost a lot of strength, so I don’t hit the ball nearly as far as I used to. On the flipside, I tend to hit the ball much straighter!

Perhaps my biggest challenge, though, has been multitasking. That is to say, remembering to do all the things I need to do in order to have a consistent swing: slow take way on the back swing, shift my weight from the left foot to the right foot on the back swing, keep the left arm straight throughout the swing, keep my head down throughout the swing, shift my weight from my right foot to my left foot on the down swing and have a full follow-through with the club finishing around at my back. All this while keeping my back straight, shoulders square and knees bent.

Because of the chemical imbalance in my brain, it seems to have forgotten how to multitask, so I have to consciously think about performing each of these tasks each time I take a swing. More often than not, I leave something out, my swing breaks down and I duff the shot.

But I figure playing golf has to be good for me. Not only is it good exercise for my body, it is also good exercise for my brain. And with more practice, I will get better at it!

At the end of the day, how I hit the ball doesn’t matter! What does matter is that I enjoy myself because this will help take my mind and body out of the fight-or flight-state and put it in the happy, dopamine and serotonin producing state!



37 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #29 … Playing Golf!

  1. Rebecca, is Howard’s manual more informative or different from his website instructions?
    He is having some coaching special and I am thinking about it .

  2. Hi Bratzo, Howards manual is more comprehensive and informative than the website instructions, and includes more content.
    I have the results of my hair analysis test back, and its showing a high mercury result. When I researched mercury toxicity, it is astounding how poisonous it is, and very neurotoxic. Of course I have a mouth full of amalgam fillings, so I’ve made the decision to begin their removal, using a holistic dentist, who is especially trained to remove them without causing further harm. After which there will be a long detox protocol.
    The cost will be between $200 – $450 per tooth. But what price can one put on health ?
    How is the mouth guard going ? Any improvement, ? I’ m going to buy a regular one and chop it down and experiment with it..
    How is winter in Australia going . . . .

    • Thank you Rebecca. I am so happy to see that you are so proactive. Money invested in health is well invested. I am sure that you will experience positive results. Eat apple and some chlorela before and after procedure. I should replace my 5 amalgams too.
      Mouth guard is in a box on the table – ( too many excuses). I will do it today . It looks like that I am getting lazy. Probably due to worries about my balance.

      Howard is not selling manual separately but as a package – $350 unlimited emails and 4x1hour sessions on skype. I figured out that he is the only person who claims to help others to recover ( except Prof Thom Borody- who didn’t) and is worth it to communicate with someone so positive. We will see.
      After six days on hormone therapy- no results yet . Apparently minimum 2 weeks for first results and 2 months for the real results/ start .
      Winter in Sydney- I can’t walk in T shirt after 5pm .

      I will repeat again – I am so happy that you are so proactive .

  3. Hi Bratzo, nice to hear back from you so promptly, I’m thinking if you dont want to pay for Howard’s whole package, I could get my manual photocopied and post it to you, Let me know if you’re interested and some contact details.
    Saw my new holistic Dr today, he’s added several more nutrients and supplements to my daily intake, starting the detox program to address the heavy metals in my system before the amalgam removal. I have along with mercury, also aluminium, lead and silver which need to be detoxed from. How on earth did they get there ? . . .
    He also reccommended Qi Gong, using a Sauna and exercise.
    I sympathasize with your balance issues, that is one of my main problems.
    Winter in the South Island of New Zealand, is definitely not T shirt weather, but a fire most days, and several layers of warm clothes.
    Thanks for the encouragement concerning the proactivity – appreciated !

    • Rebecca, thank you for your offer but you forgot about the copyright . In any case, I am excited about communication with him and manual is secondary.

      I just used mouth guard . This one is not the right one . It only adjusts to the lower jaw and upper one is flat . Second thing is that doesn’t rich my wisdom teeth. I will receive a simple one within an hour . However, I feel like it’s helping ( I assume it’s placebo). I will test it durning my night walk . Feeling is – easier walk , less back pain , slightly better balance- VERY possible placebo . We will see .

      It sounds like that you have excellent doctor . Mercury and silver are from amalgams . Aluminium from deodorant- my guess.
      What is your detox procedure?

  4. Bratzo, that sounds promising concerning the mouthguard, I must get one. Glad you are contacting Howard, he is a very special person I believe.
    I have around 14 supplements and digestive aids to take, to help detoxify and strengthen my immune system. They’re fairly specific to the individual and exactly what my body lacks, from the hair test I had done, which cost me $410 .
    (I could have taken a world trip with all the money PD has cost me since diagnosis) Grrr
    Onward an upward I hope.

    • Back from night walk and except scarring few people with my shuffling no other speed record was broken. I will continue one more day but results are not promising. Feeling that balance is slightly better but it is most likely placebo. Different mouth guard even worse. All of them get adjusted only to upper or lower jaw and other surface is flat.
      Must be professionally made .
      I believe that people on YouTube were not fake .

      I don’t think about money any longer . I gave myself three years to find a solution and one has already gone .

  5. I mentioned the TMJ device to my new young dentist who is also a Brit, he was interested and intrigued, I sent him a couple of links to Youtube clips, he researched it over the weekend, but felt a bit frustrated that no explanation or help in making the actual device was given, he said, “I guess they want business to go through them”. Anyway he has contacted a friend in the UK for help in finding more about it. We live in hope.
    You are doing very well to be going on night walks, while I’m tucked up in front of the fire.

    • This was reply from USA

      I recommend that you see Dr. Nischal Singh in Australia for your TMJ needs.

      Maybe he will talk to your dentist. You can search him on Internet .

  6. Indeed, the whole thing is a mystery, with the answer always lying tantalizingly out of reach. Ive been doing a lot more research on amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity, it is able to cross the blood brain barrier and take up residence in our brain. Scandalous that this toxic substance was put into our mouths.

    • If you are shocked by that then don’t read about fluor from toothpaste or water. It accumulates in our body same as radiation. It is also used in pesticides ( pesticide Rhotenon is used to induce PD in animals and possibly some humans).

  7. Ive never used fluoride toothpaste, or lived anywhere with it in the water supply, however the town I live in, are now talking about doing just that. CRAZY ! I shall be moving if they do.

  8. Ive been sent a very interesting ebook by email, called Curing All Disease using electrical frequencies, I can only forward it to an email address. Any suggestions ?

  9. Hello Fred; I do not have Parkinson’s but I do own a golf course and a nice story about programs we developed 3 years ago especially to teach people with Parkinsons.
    Our programs are not about skill but more about balance and co-ordination and encouragement.
    Are you familiar with The Steve Ludzik Rehabilitation Centre at Shaver Hospital in Niagara Region?
    I’ll tell you my story.
    Steve Ludzik (#29 Chicago Black Hawks) found out he had Parkinson’s at 39 years old. He retired here in Niagara about 8 years ago and built the rehab centre through The Steve Ludzik Foundation. 3 major fundraisers a year are held to keep the rehab centre operating and free to all Niagara Residents with Parkinson’s.
    Anyway; I didn’t even know who Steve was but everyday I saw him on the driving range and he intrigued me with his determination so I approached him and long story short together we developed golf programs that were non intimidating and encouraging to those who wanted to continue playing the sport. (see the link for the programs)
    Fred; we got men who had sat on the couch for 2 years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s back out golfing again with their buddies every week just like they did before they found out. We had wives in tears claiming they got their husbands back. We got smiles where frowns used to be and courage where fear once took hold. We took away the shame and introduced laughter. Steve himself is amazingly inspiring and we are very lucky to have him here in Niagara.
    Along with you my goal is to get to the bottom of this disease. Golf is only one of the secrets, bowen therapy is a huge benefit but its hard to get those who haven’t got the persistence to try it, pay for it and believe in it to discover the benefits.
    At this point I should bring my note/comments to a close for I wanted to introduce myself and also tell you you’re doing a great job.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Délia Iafrate
    Eagle Valley Golf Club & Golf Academy
    Niagara Falls, Canada
    905-374.2110 or eaglevalley@bellnet.ca

    • Hi Delia! Thank you so much for your message and the work you are doing. It is so very important! I’m familiar with Steve Ludzik, although I didn’t know he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Please assure him it is possible to fully recover and there are documented cases of people who have. I have written about them on my blog!

      What do you know about Bowen therapy?

      Wishing you all the best!

      PS are you connected to Al Iafrate?

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