Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #28 … Fly–in fishing trip!

fishingLast week, I went on a fly-in fishing trip in northern Ontario, Canada. Aside from the swarms of mosquitoes and flies and the considerable back [and butt] discomfort from sitting in a boat for several hours a day, it was an awesome trip! Good for what ails you, as the saying goes!

The trip included four of my brothers and three friends from Muskoka. All had long distances to drive to make the trip up to the outfitters in Wawa, which is about two and half hours north of Sault Ste. Marie. Most of the drive from the Sault up to Wawa is along the northern shores of Lake Superior and I dare say it is as spectacular as any drive you will encounter!

From Wawa, we had a half hour flight in to camp followed by six days of pickerel fishing. On the flight in, we were treated to the site of a passing bald eagle! In fact, we saw bald eagles every day!

For me, the trip wasn’t so much about fishing as a was about spending time with my brothers and my friends. I love my brothers enormously! More importantly, it gave me an opportunity to experience genuine kindness, understanding, generosity and compassion!

I wasn’t able to do the hour and a half drive up to Espanola to meet my brothers and I didn’t want them coming to pick me up because it would have added three hours to their thirteen hour drive. So I was going to arrange for a taxi to drive me there, but my neighbours from down the road would have none of that and insisted that they take me. Not only did they drive me up to Espanola, they also picked me up on the way back. Two three-hour roundtrips! Amazing kindness! At camp, everyone recognized my limitations and so I was excluded from most tasks and my older brother Al looked after me in the boat. Their understanding and compassion helped make it a wonderful trip!

It hasn’t been easy knowing that I am more of a liability than an asset because I am so used to being a doer and taking charge, but learning to accept this appears to be part of my journey.

All in all, it was an awesome week! We caught some fish, had lots of laughs and enjoyed great friendship. The bald eagles alone were worth the trip! I didn’t experience any great insights or epiphanies relating to my health condition, but I did get to experience some incredible kindness! Perhaps that’s all that matters!



32 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #28 … Fly–in fishing trip!

  1. Your trip sounds wonderful, Fred! Healing! I agree with what you say about kindness. When asked on his death bed for his parting advice to us all, the brilliant Aldous Huxley replied, “Be kinder to each other.”

  2. Thank you for that quote Jeff, it’s so very true…
    Welcome back Fred, we kept the fire burning in your absence 😉

  3. Reading the E Book, with great interest, now I somehow have to get myself out of Pause mode. . . . easier said than done. !

  4. I read it straight through yesterday and felt like I was having a spiritual experience just reading it. It tied together everything I’ve been doing, had researched and believe in. Chinese medicine, neuroscience and god – my favorites. I cried at the beginning and end. Felt a bit like Dorothy when she discovers she has had the ruby slippers and her way home on her feet the whole time. The closest comparison I think was when I read the tao of physics, and this is more profound. I think I might actually be out of pause, can I stay there? I hope so! Will be PD heal? I hope so. However I’m not idiopathic so I’m not sure. Anyway it can only help right. The last two weeks I have felt like I have been in what she calls partial recovery which is horrible. This is better. Fingers crossed – I’m sure there is much more to this journey. This feels like a big piece though. If I continue to stay out of pause I will try to explain what I did – it involves her exercises but also involves some shamanic work, emotional release, and help from my guides. So happy to have found this great resource!

    • I agree Lena! I have been reading it and it really resonates! It’s the missing piece! The reason I’m in a constant state of fear [fight or flight] despite having nothing to fear! I’ve had two concussions and a number of other physical and emotional traumas.

      I’ve also been doing a lot of clearing lately relating to dark energies, which now makes more sense to me [dark energies being attracted to someone in an intense state of fear who believes that they are about to die]

  5. Hi, Fred… I loved reading about your journey with your brothers and friends and what a journey it was. Just getting there. I so admire you for challenging yourself to do so. I think it probably takes some courage but you were with those who love and care for you. I loved reading about the kindness that was gifted you and I am sure you gifted back. Your life journey, that you share, is uplifting. I want to add a site here.that you might find interest in. My uncle is a retired Astro geophysicists and is doing research on healing at the cellular level. He spoke of the importance of ATP production, etc. I did a search on ATP and Parkinson’s Disease and chose this one, of many…http://www.neurology.org/content/42/12/2241.short Also the following has many articles: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=ATP+production+and+Parkinson%27s+disease&btnG=&hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C27 I share this because “we are all just walking each other home.” Thank you for sharing the heart and soul of your journey. It touches us at many different levels. Have an awesome day.

    • Thank you for this cloud! And thank you so much for your kind words!

      The key element researchers are missing is the role of fear, which in my experience, is at the root of the condition and the reason for all the physical malfunction.

  6. The part of the book which resonated with me , (and I havent finished reading it yet), was PD sufferers ‘never feel safe’ how true that is in my case. But I never knew why. . . .

  7. So I have so far been able to stay out of pause. 95% of the time I am in normal mode over the last couple days, with about 5% or less of the time being in partial recovery. I know where my blocker is and am conscious of it, my spiritual connection has always been stronger. I have to do her safety exercises about 20-40x a day to stay out of partial recovery. Today I had periods where I had no PD symptoms except my function paralysis in my left arm. My gait completely normalized and it took no effect to walk or move (I hadn’t really realized how much I focus on moving to move with PD). When I pop back into moving like I have PD I can do her exercises and move back to normal most of the time. When I went to a restaurant with a coworker I went into mild partial recovery again. As soon as I walked back into my clinic (safe) my gait normalized again. Two days ago my left toes that have been almost fully paralyzed for over two years started working again. Along with her exercises and opening channels I’ve been doing a lot of trauma clearing in the shamanic way I was taught. In addition to continuing all the exercises from the movement doc I saw in Toronto, Joaquin Farias. I am still on a small amount of Sinemet (while Sinemet helps me a little it has never made me normal). Feeling hopeful!! I never realized how much my body considered any stress a matter of life and death. If my body can find normal for some of the time, it should be able to learn to stay in normal – nothing is lost. Still expecting ups and downs:-)

      • So completely out of pause for three days. I’ve been able to fall asleep completely relaxed at night with muscles not tense and no tremor and sit without moving. I forgot what it felt like to completely relax without rigidity and tremor. My gait is still abnormal with no drugs and my functional paralysis is still there (I think that is not part of PD) – I’ve been taking about 1/3 of a Sinemet once or twice a day. I think the largest difference is that I feel relaxed and calm and good even when I’m on no drugs (except the small nicotine patch I use). I forgot what it felt like to be in parasympathetic. Lots of emotional clearing, running energy in my own body, Janice’s exercises, and talking to God and my normal 2 hours of exercises a day. Janice is definitely on to something. We will see 🙂

      • That’s so good to hear Lena! I’m continuing to read the book and finding it very beneficial! I am combining Janice’s healing technique with my own process and starting to see some benefits! The fear I had been feeling is not as intense! I am very encouraged by this! It makes so much sense!

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