Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #27 … Medical Marijuana – Update!

marijuanaI started using medical marijuana a few months ago [which I wrote about in an earlier post] and I would have to say that my experience thus far has been … interesting.

First, I discovered that using marijuana for medical purposes is not an exact science. You have to figure out for yourself the appropriate formula [THC:CBD ratio] and ideal daily dosage. I have yet to figure this out!

I sourced my marijuana oil from a Health Canada approved dispensary. I started with 1.0 ml of a 1:20 THC:CBD formula then switched to 0.5 ml of a 10:10 formula. I took this amount once during the day and again at bedtime. Then I switched the daytime dosage to 1.0 ml of a 4:8: ratio.

So far, there has been no noticeable change in any of my symptoms. I have, however, experienced a considerable amount of anxiety and panic, especially at bedtime and in the middle of the night. Based on comments from others, this appears to be a common reaction. My assumption on this, is that marijuana brings to the surface the fear that is at the root of this health condition … which, as unpleasant as the experience is, makes it a good thing because it allows us to acknowledge the fear and dissolve it!

I’m taking a temporary break from using marijuana because I’m going on a fishing trip. When I return I plan to continue with it because I truly believe in it’s healing potential. I’m only going to use the 4:8: formula and I’m going to start with a much smaller dosage in order to build up a tolerance and minimize the intensity of the anxiety and fear. I will keep you updated on my progress.



65 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #27 … Medical Marijuana – Update!

  1. I am a physician and I suffer from early PD. I am taking no prescription medications and am at this stage managing my health with exercise (15+ hours per week) and good nutrition (natural food, not too much, mostly plants). I researched the scientific literature on cannabinoids for the Rx of PD and found no convincing benefits and some adverse effects. As a retired addiction medicine specialist I’ve spent my career studying the neurobiological effects of mood altering drugs including MJ. In my opinion, granted without a great deal of scientific definitive evidence, cannabinoids in their present crude form are more likely to harm than help in symptom control and disease progression of PD. There are simply too many potential adverse effects.

    • Hi Ray, thank you for the input. You decided not to take any prescription med. Do you use any “alternative” or “natural” medication ?

    • Thank you for your message Ray! I decided to try marijuana because my research told me it could be helpful and there are documented cases of people whose symptoms have improved after using it. I kind of liken it to diet… Ask 10 different experts what is the best diet, and you will get 10 different answers, all backed by research! It can be confusing which is why it is important for me to try it for myself.

  2. The only time I experience fear, is if I try and drive my car, before my meds have fully kicked in and my reaction times are too slow.

  3. Hi Fred, I couldn’t do even just hemp CBD oil because it increased my shaking too much to work. I’m wondering if you have ever used TRE (trauma release exercises) to help release the fear in your body. I know my own disease has a huge fear component from living over ten years with someone with severe PTSD who would strike out while dissociating and then not remember that it had happen. TRE has really helps bring this to the surface to clear it from my body and is part of my treatment for myself. Thanks as always for sharing your journey!

  4. Fred, have a nice time fishing 🙂

    Never tried MJ myself, but isn’t it supposed to soothe anxiety ?

    For some (or for many?) cases of PD, myself included, anxiety has a central role.
    I even suspect that it is causal.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Mannitol ? I will be on the precise recommended dose since 5 months tomorrow.

      For the time being, It’s as if the progression of the disease have been stopped. This is my feeling. It could be sheer wishful thinking – I am a very skeptic minded person.

      I hope CliniCrowd will be scrupulously followed by as many persons as possible, in order to gather statistically valuable information.

      By the way, I also take NAC and do Intermittent Fasting (I only eat from 12 AM to 8 PM).

    • Remarkable, Jimmy. We definitely need Doctors with that kind of thinking. In the meantime, I will try to apply what your video points at…

    • Very interesting. A lot of this resonates with me. After living in a state of fear for about 10 years, I am no longer in that situation, feel safe, and trust in life again and I am healing and joyful and smiling again. And I do talk to guides and spirits in my daily work (although not usually out loud 🙂

    • Hi Bratzo, Hi Everybody,

      I will read her new publication, have read the previous one many times over. Not the medication one – too disturbing.

      I was flabbergasted : she’s a genius, but a genius without any idea of what the word “Science” means. She has tremendous insight and sensitivity.

      My profound conviction is that there is truth in the psychological etiology of Parkinson’s : it definitely may be the physical consequence of an unconscious yet very active “complex” as S. Freud would have named it.

      I would love to develop on that, but my english is too weak to express the more subtle analysis Janice Walton-Hadlock’s work indeed deserves.

    • With me it was the case of not expressing my feelings . Even after my wife’s sudden death I was holding a “brave” face and no tears . Few months later I was experiencing PD symptoms. Now I am living in a fear of PD and holding my my brave face because of kids .

      Where are all these people that recovered? Not a one name ?! She would be crazy to do all that work for free and not telling the truth.
      There is something there .

  5. “Where are all these people that recovered? Not a one name ?!”

    See page 215 of “Recovery from Parkinson’s” (The book is downloadable for free).

    • Thank you Richard. I will have a look again. If I remember , when I was reading it a first time, I could only see explanations why there are no any names but I will check it .

      Regarding your previous comment- recently I was listening a lecture from psychoanalyst who made remark that in his opinion ( and others from USA) up to 90% of diseases are psychosomatic by nature . He was advising people to pray / ask for forgiveness due to strong psychological effect . He was working for many years in Switzerland, Germany and France .

      • You are welcome Bratzo.

        For the psychoanalyst do you mean Carl-Gustav Jung ?

        Too bad I cannot buy into all of J W-H writings… I’m reading extracts of the (unfinished) 2017 version. For example : there are *no* electrical currents in the human body…

        Time for a dose of mannitol.

      • @Bratzo – See chapter 16 – Where are all the recovered people ?

        If it’s an acceptable answer or not is up to each reader…


    • Hi Jimmy,
      She tries now – in the 2017 version to come – to link what she calls her techniques to the biochemistry of the brain…

      • It’s in Santa Cruz, North of L.A.
        She stopped in 2013. It’s all (?) explained here :


        You have to take into consideration that she was, even at the time, not accepting patients having even looked at psychoactive medications, let alone LDopa…

        Her description of the medication’s effect on the brain is outright chilling to say the least.

        Wrote them when I was diagnosed a year ago, still holding my breath..

      • Thank you Richard. I think that reading her book made me also to avoid medication. I did try cinemet for a week or two and definitely didn’t like. It made my mouth dry and I was in a panic for not being able to swallow.

        I don’t know how long I will last ! It is getting harder . Hopefully her new book will bring some practical solutions.

  7. I just returned from MD . Blood test has returned normal hormon levels but he agreed to try testing testosterone and DHEA for 6 weeks.
    We will see what will happen.

    • I am 56 . Miss diagnosed in 2009 as essential tremor and was fine until 2015 when diagnosed as PD .

      Just to add to my previous post. My cortisol ( stress hormone ) is at the top level ( since 2009 ) and DHEA on the bottom level.

    • I always used to feel 10 years younger but now I feel 70 + 🐌

      Regarding the key – there is always the key but where ?
      I would rather die looking for it and trying then waiting for slow death.
      Some time ago I’ve sent a link with scientific opinion about testosterone and DHEA. Because I had to say goodbye to gut theory ( for the time being) I am putting my effort into hormone theory . We will see .
      There are many ways for body to get out of balance. Each person has to find its own. Keys are similar but each one opens only one lock .

      • Hi Bratso. I have been away for a week and just catching up on my messages. I truly believe the key to recovery is getting the body out of the fight or flight state. This is why your cortisol levels are so high! Each of us having this experience need to focus on living in solitude and happiness [which I know is a challenge given what we are dealing with]. Diet and exercise are very important, but eliminating stress is the key to recovery!

    • Jimmy , regarding that hypothesis, end part about Rhotenon ( pesticide) is the most interesting and important.

      I am wondering how many people on this blog measured their hormones?’
      Another thing about hormones is that their level could be within the margins but still too low / high for you .

      I will start tomorrow. Cannot wait.

  8. I am extremely high DHEA which I guess is rare for PD and even rarely being female. Yay one good thing! Although I’m YOPD so that might be a factor. There definitely does seem to be a hormone issue in a lot of PD folks. Part of the puzzle. Getting into parasympathetic and away from fear also seems to be key – agree with Fred. Louise Hayes says PD is extreme fear and desire to control everything and everyone. I really think that PD is a combo of multiple factors that come together and the pieces of the puzzle are a little different for us all. So it’s like a massive scavenger hunt to our own cures. For me Sinemet had no side effects and helped me heal. Now that I stuck in (hopefully moving through) as Janice calls it partial recovery, Sinemet now causes me to have extreme nausea and dyskinesis. Almost wish I could go back to “stable PD” but I know this is part of my healing journey. My symptoms have shifted to being more dystonia with even my tremor now being dystonic and not a PD tremor anymore, which is how my disease started. Back through the layers of onion! I so appreciate the hope and drive to heal from you all here. And I appreciate the link to Janice’s website Richard! It was just what I needed when I went from three weeks of the best I’ve ever been to my body being all over the place, shifting from great one minute to completely out of control the next and back again.

    • Thank you Lena . It is good to know that DHEA can be high too .
      This blog is becoming kind of psychotherapy to me . Learning a lot about fear . I can see now that through my life I was in fear of not being in control ( physically or psychologically) . Being young and when body was functioning properly that was not such a problem but once when I started to experience first signs of ageing panic of not being in control has appeared. My personality and my job contributed a lot . My wife occasionally used to say ” yes Hitler “.. Recently I’ve learned that Hitler had PD.

      Now when I know that about myself question is how to snap out of it ? Million dollar question.

      Thank you once again. Made me think about myself a little bit deeper.

    • I agree with you Lena that this experience is caused by a multiple of factors and there is no one cure that fits all… much like cancer, autoimmune diseases and other conditions. I truly believe there is a higher purpose for this phenomenon because curing the disease is the secondary objective. Becoming spiritually conscious is the primary objective. This myriad of health conditions with its myriad of causes, myriad of symptoms and myriad of cures is meant to eventually guide us to this.

      I’m sorry to hear that your condition has worsened, please stay the course! It is definitely possible to recover!

      • I agree with you, Fred — and others — getting rid of stress/fear is key to healing. Janice Walton-Hadlock asserts that within her paradigm rooted in Asian medicine, Parkinson’s people are in an intense state of being beyond fight-or-flight called dissociation. This is different than the state of dissociation therapists refer to. Janice uses the word to describe a state in which a mortal wound has been inflicted upon the body or we face an imminent threat of death. She uses an Asian-medicine paradigm for explaining why this leads to PD symptoms. To heal she claims we have to get out of this mode of existing. She recommends general approaches to do this but ultimately the way out for each of us is different . . . a spiritual journey. She promises to articulate more in her new book. Her work resonates with me.

  9. The practitioner I just saw in Toronto said that part of healing is accepting where you are at in the moment. I do consider this a spiritual journey for sure! It’s making me a better healer for my own patients and I have too take care of myself and not put everyone else first. It also makes me appreciate every moment and everything I can do still! I’m able to trust most of the time. Today was hard because I had to cancel half my clients and go home early because my tremor was so intense – better now.

    I don’t think of myself as being very controlling but lived with someone extremely controlling for 10 years with severe PTSD. I wonder sometimes if I took on his disease from living in that energy. Part of my journey has been giving up on someone I love to save myself. Hard stuff.

    Bratzo and Fred – thank you so much for all your support in healing. I’m never giving up! You don’t know how much it means to be able to talk to people who believe in healing!

    BTW since we are giving ages, I’m 44, my disease came on over an hour as full blown motor symptoms when I was 41. I was completely normal that morning. By the afternoon I couldn’t move my left toes, could barely move my left fingers and had extreme constant tremors in my left side and spasm/rigidity in my muscles on that side. I actually have been wondering if I had just hemidystonia first, then my body developed the PD to control the dystonia (just like in many illnesses our bodies lower our thyroid level to slow things down). Now that the PD is better, the dystonia is keying up again. I always think healing is going backwards through your disease journey. I see it in my animal clients. So if I’m going backwards I’m in the right place:-)

    • Lena that’s the most amazing story ever. Never new that PD can start like that . Almost like allergic reaction. Long time ago I heard on tv about something like that happened to some man after pest control spraying his property.
      My second thought would be atlas .

      I don’t believe much into PD theory.

      You sound like very brave woman.
      You will snap out of it . Continue searching.
      When my internal shaking started in 2009 I had a dream that some voice is telling me “you are doing that to yourself ” . That dream stayed with me until today.
      God bless you

    • An amazing story indeed, Lena.
      Usually, PD begins extremely slowly, with hardly noticeable symptoms for at least a year.

      I don’t know what to tell you.

      It could be a purely psychological disease, called Parkinsonism in the literature.

      Or something linked to a displaced vertebrae ? BTW, Do not go to a chiropractor blindly : some of their manipulations can lead to Parkinsonism. There are documented cases.

      Just my 2 cents….

    • There are a few cases of sudden onset Parkinson’s (my neurologist had hear of one or two) and I am l-dopa responsive when my PD symptoms are up and only have about 65% of my dopaminergic cells working according to my dat scan. However since I’m LRRK2 mutation positive that alone would lead to an abnormal dat scan as all of use are low in our dopaminergic cells. However all LRRK2 people have non-motor signs of some sort so are we all early PD? 50% of LRRK2 will develop PD but usually with no cognitive component. So in the end I think I have hemidystonia and my own flavor of PD (possibly very early). Dystonia is often sudden onset. Treating PD and my mutation has helped me. The dystonia is more about rehab.

      I’ve been to two chiros I very much trust since symptoms happen, helped a bit but not a lot.

      • Atlasprofilax is not manipulative, otherwise upper cervical chiropractor ( I wouldn’t).

        If pressure on the spine can cause symptoms then releasing it could help.

        MDs know nothing about the brain and PD . They are coming to this blog for solutions . That is the fact .

      • I don’t have a negative response to sugar although rarely eat it but your other three Fred I’m totally with you on. They all make my body almost incapacitated. Staying in the moment and jumping into the bathtub if I get cold help:-)

      • One of these days I’ve got to learn some martial art – I love watching people (it’s like an elaborate dance) and I love the fluidness of tai qi and qi gong. Hopefully if I can rehab the functional paralysis part of my disease. Might have to try some modified kicks or punches 🙂

        I’m a DVM, although my practice is acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I specialize in working with hard to treat chronic disease and hard to diagnose illnesses. I work with a lots of cancer and use an integrative approach that often combines the best of eastern and western medicine.

        I am very lucky that in the vet world to do holistic medicine you still need to have a DVM degree so we are very trusted among almost all vets in the community. I often get referrals from many of the specialists (neurologists, oncologists, surgeons,etc) as well as GP vets. They are happy to send me the cases where they have exhausted their options and I love working with difficult cases and helping animals to regain health. When you see the sparkle come back in their eyes it is incredibly rewarding 🙂

  10. Hi there. I have PTSD and anxiety and marijuana helps me tremendously with combating the symptoms of those problems. That being said, I will also say if a marijuana user is in a very negative space mentally and emotionally, I NEVER smoke with them and I recommend they don’t smoke until they release some of the negative thoughts. I’d suggest trying more indica based weed. It will help your physical symptoms a lot, but also relax your mind.

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