Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #26 … Another Parkinson’s Success Story!

reliefI have told you in previous posts about David Thompson, Bianca Molle, Howard Shifke and John Coleman, all of whom have completely recovered from Parkinson’s Disease. I have also written about John Pepper, the South African who has used a conscious walking program to completely neutralize his symptoms. Thanks to blog reader, Jimmy, I would like to share with you another success story, Colin Potter, who has used a combination of a ketogenic [high fat] diet, supplementation, detoxification and exercise to get off medication and completely neutralize the symptoms he was experiencing. He claims that he hasn’t fully recovered, but he no longer experiences any symptoms. His interview is well worth watching.


150 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #26 … Another Parkinson’s Success Story!

  1. I stumbled across Colin Potter earlier in the week, have been on the Keto diet + supplements 5 days now, and my painful lower back rigidity has completely gone. Encouraging !

  2. After seeing the protocols of people who have recovered their health there are many similarities ………… it is clear that it is a methodology

  3. I’ve just found important link but firstly I have to explain or tell a story.
    Shortly after my wife’s death in 2009 my hair started to fall out in chunks due to stress ( came back after six months) , my finger started to shake , experienced first anxiety and my libido disappeared. Doctors diagnosed me with high cortisol ( stress hormon ) essential tremor and later on with frozen shoulder. They’ve send me home and told me that time will fix it . Then I went to other doctor ( expensive one ) who told me the same but he measured my testosterone and told me that is low ( very low ). It didn’t worry me at the time because I had more important things to deal with. Hoever , he prescribed testosterone gel and I was taking it but not happily.
    After a few months to a year frozen shoulder disappeared, libido was normal, sugar level normalised and my beck pain disappeared . Then I’ve stopped testosterone due to high prostate readings . Few months later my testosterone was ok and everything else too except feeling of electricity in my left arm.
    Few years later , sugar higher , prostate ok , diagnosed with PD , week abdominal muscles and left shoulder muscles , weak left leg and low libido and weak and painful beck muscles.
    I was only concentrating on PD and one day found about research regarding new PD drug Nilotinib. Then by accident found comment of one scientist that was commenting in comments section that he is not surprised because PD has lot to do with balance of testosterone and DHEA ( hormon) and Nilotinib provides that . Nilotinib is approved drug for cancer. That was the time when some lights started to switch on .
    Year later I was communicating with a person who recovered from PD and how in the late stages of recovery use of testosterone made huge difference. I was eager to go into more details but without success but he told me that he has discovered that testosterone is also neurotransmitter. Few more lights switched on .

    Then today I’ve found this link . Amazing.

    I know who I am going to call tomorrow .

    Love to everyone.

  4. Thanks Bratso, you have uncovered some really good helpful information, now my mission is to find a Dr iin New Zealand, who will prescribe me Bio Identical Testosterone.

    • Do you know Dr full name? Dr Lin …… ? My son will go to New Zealand in a few weeks and maybe he can get more information.
      Otherwise if you find contact info please don’t forget to share . Good luck !!!
      I definitely did benefit from testosterone but at the time was scared to continue and I don’t think that dopamine neurones are dead . Some things just need more time to recover . It takes three months to kick on – from memory .

      • Rebecca -you can get bio identical hormones from any compounding chemist . Just ask your doctor.

      • Bratso, I meant Dr in NZ, not Dr Lin, it was my typing error.
        I had a scheduled visit with my Neurologist today, and mentioned the Testosterone idea, expecting her to dismiss it, but she encouraged me to try it, saying if nothing else, it would help with muscle strength. So I intend to track some down. Ive just started Amino Acid Therapy today, so I’ll see what that brings. I have also bought Nicotine Patches to try, very low dose to start, but dont want to try too much at once. So thoroughly sick of having PD ! !

  5. Dr Lin – that was funny. I definitely need glasses. ” If nothing else, it would help with muscle strength ” – that’s a huge help. Muscle strength will increase gut movements , make body more straight and possibly improve balance. Increased gut movements will change microbiom and possibly improve liver health and liver could possibly start cleaning the blood and unlock free testosterone. Is it funny that ketogenic diet increases testosterone? Same with physical activity and lowering stress ( less cortisol which transfers testosterone into estrogen and stores into belly fat ). Same with fasting ( David Thompson was fasting ).
    I have to wait for my appointment and I am very excited about that ( I get like that ) and cannot wait to start ( but slightly worried about prostate – however, today I red that low testosterone is more dangerous for prostate ). My plan is to start with GP and switch to endocrinologist ( waiting for specialist is too long ).

    What else was left – we are getting rid of constipation and possibly muscle weakness and bad balance ?! Almost there 🙏
    Good luck with Amino Acid therapy . Please keep us informed.

    Imagine when one day we get rid of PD . We will be so happy and full of life wisdom.

    Love to everyone

  6. Hi Bratzo, I hope we havent highjacked Fred Phillip’s blog ! I love your energy and excitement in your quest to uncover the key to reverse PD. You are correct, in that low Testosterone is a danger for the Prostate . I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some to try. The whole hormone thing makes sense actually, because it was when I stopped taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) that PD symptoms began to appear. Sorry to learn you lost your wife, life is tougher on one’s own, as I’ve discovered.
    I was ‘off loaded’ by my new spouse of 2 yrs, reasonably soon after my diagnosis.
    I have sent away for some magnetic shoe inserts which Ive heard may help with balance, because that is one of my most irritating symptoms.
    I love the fact that you don’t give up, and are keeping hope alive. Me Too.

    • Excitement or desperation ? There are many sad stories with PD and other diseases- stress is the main contributor and we can really feel it.
      Now when I got rid of constipation, balance becoming important issue. I feel like a ball in pin ball machine. Usually gets better when people adjust atlas ( first vertebrae) or hopefully with testosterone ( as they mentioned).
      Thank you for trying different things and keeping us informed . I hope that everyone will try something. That is the only way . I believe that pharma already have solution but …… greed . http://p.dw.com/p/1Jt5C?em
      It is shame that neurologists are supporting them . Why they don’t check someone’s liver or testosterone but immediately go for Sinemet?
      Good luck with magnetic shoe inserts and yes keep hope alive.

      Love to all

  7. The best example of cover up – invite the people who are not part of ongoing research to talk about research and safety ( danger). Drug Nilotinib ( Tasigna ) has already passed research and is accepted as cancer drug in much higher dosage.

  8. The person with PD scores 14 points less on UPDRS test after receiving 8 blood transfusions from young male donors ( age 18-25 ) – part of Stanford research .
    Why males between 18-25 age ? Could it be because testosterone and DHEA is the highest at that age group?

  9. That sounds like the test to determine the level of decrepitude and deterioation. I try and avoid this test. !

  10. Thats very interesting, I am convinced that a cure is available in the alternate field of treatment, rather than conventional medicine. Its been around 200 years since Mr Parkinsons outlined this disease and still they’re no nearer a cure.

    • I believe recovery is possible by returning the body to homeostasis through diet, detoxification, bodywork, exercise, emotional healing, stress/fear elimination and spiritual practice.

  11. Two years ago I had a chance to talk with lady that went to China for a stem cell implant into spinal fluid. She told me that she had serious balance problems. Two years after she looked very good but since then there is no reply . ( $30000 approximately)

  12. 2 years ago, I seriously considered stem cell therapy, but couldn’t find enough testimonial evidence to justify spending what was for me, a great deal of money. This lady looks awesome and seems very happy, I wonder if it lasts ?

    • Same here but she is not answering. Must be inundated with calls .
      Mine PD rapidly increasing ( harder to turn and balance is completely off ). She told me in 2015 that she was not able to cross the room without falling. They were using fetal stem cells – four infusions in four weeks. They were very organised ( from airport till end )
      Pricey and no guarantee.

    • If you see her picture on hospital site you would not believe it . Regularly she imports medication from China.
      Good thing about that type of transplant is that you can repeat it ( if you have money and if it works)

  13. I would definitely Not be comfortable with fetal stem cells, harvested from aborted babies no doubt. Barbaric.

  14. My balance is very bad now, feel like I’m drunk, all the time, its very tiresome, plus turning over in bed takes me ages..But no constipation and I sleep really well. I guess it could be worse.

      • Dont apologize Bratzo, no worries. I reluctantly take Sinamet 1/100 2 or 3 times in the day, but not at night. I try and use relaxation techniques for sleeping.

      • Thank you Rebecca. I miss that strong sleep. To fall a sleep I have to be really tired and before it was enough just to see the bed .
        I will have to visit Chinese herbalist. Back in 2009 he prescribed me some tea and I could fall a sleep quickly and strongly. Tea had million herbs and it was pain to cook but it helped me to get rid off of shaky feeling . Yes , taste was “unpleasant “.

        My GP ( MD ) was not happy to put me on hormones ( I have to do blood tests first ) and he was dismissive of arguments regarding testosterone and DHEA – saying ” that is just a theory “. I strongly feel that there is something there especially when I know that testosterone lowered my sugar level and I just learned today that insulin is carrier of amino acids precursor for dopamine . Doctors really like to be on a high horse . His theory is that PD is because of luck of dopamine- hello!!!

      • Drs seem trained to trot out the same familiar refrain and close their minds to other possibilities. I guess there is no financial profit in making people well.

    • Jimmy, congratulations and thank you . This is the right way to go . Natural recovery without destroying parts of the brain . This doctor is excellent. I am wandering if he is talking with neurologists?
      Pharma will kill him .

    • Thabks Jimmy, the TMS treatment looks very encouraging, but its probably only available in the USA, and I’m guessing the cost would be high. I’d like to be wrong.

      • Rebeca , Brazo……..TMS is avaliable in manny countriies in the world…….besides is not so expensive more or less in MEXICO 100 usd for session……..i can’t use this techonology becaus i have one metallic implant in my neck.

  15. Hi all. I feel like I am hijacking also but I so appreciate Fred’s faith in our ability to heal ourselves. I also believe this is a treatable disease and that I can become asymptomatic. I am not there yet but have gone from a 800 to a 120-50 (on 3 Sinamet a day) on the scale I use to measure symptoms https://redcap.bastyr.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=ts6Eh7 in eight months through supplements and exercise. I recently went to do four days with Dr. Joaquin Farias in Toronto http://www.fariastechnique.com and am now between a 25-35 consistently on either 1/2 a Sinamet a day or off all Sinamet. I’ll let you know if I get all the way there but am hopeful! Here’s what I use plus the smallest Nicotine patch and 2-3 hours of rehab/exercise a day
    I am LRRK2 and GBA positive and have a abnormal dat scan.
    Don’t stop believing! Healing fuels healing!
    best wishes,

  16. Wow ! Very impressive, I wonder if this is available in Australia/New Zealand ? I would be willing to travel to get this treatment.

  17. What is this Bratzo ? You must admit this sounds too good to be true ! Thank you anyway… Instant cure of Parkinson’s !? Do you have any more information ? I would jump on a plane…

  18. Yes Richard, I admit that sounds fake in comparison with produced results but in my opinion it is not . Why ?
    When I’ve joined this blog I’ve explained lots of things but no reaction?! I was talking about me studying dentistry ( never finished ) and I am qualified dental technician ( from Sydney TAFE COLLEGE at Randwick) but never worked as such . Life ……
    I was talking about my cousin from Germany ( dentist). She confirmed everything in that wideo and what happened again , she is working for dentist that practices that procedure ( or similar?) but in cooperation with osteopath. Her boss has problems to be trusted by other dentist because they don’t believe in that but they have great success with number of different diseases. I know , sounds unbelievable. I’ve checked technicians in Sydney and they don’t know that procedure. They are not trained to know . I will send this know because of problems with this page or my iPad.

  19. It has everything to do with vagus nerve which also innervates almost all organs , gut and part of the face and nose ( loss of smell, shaky lips and jaw ???) with its branches. PD is signalling problem ( electrical) and major connection of the nerves is behind upper and lower joint . Pressure on nerves in that region can produce large problems with main vagus nerve ( or luck of blood flow). This mouthpiece releases that pressure. Similarly free testosterone supplies more blood into the brain or adjusting first vertebrae atlas or some other cranial procedures ( Fred used something like that ).
    My cousin ( dentist) told me that when they adjust mouthpiece I should go to osteopath immediately ( they cooperate) and he is working on the spine. It took her six months to correct her scoliosis. It does not work for everything and everyone due to different causes.
    My opinion is that procedure in USA is more developed but to find a right person is the problem. It used to be really good dentist but he sold his practice and person who purchased it does not have good opinion rating in the comments section..person from above video would be my best choice but to go to USA for me at this moment is like going to the moon .

  20. I just lost major part of reply .
    I emailed above technician from above video and he supplied name of the person in Australia who can possibly do that too but at the time I was involved with bacterial transfer and didn’t do anything plus I don’t believe that that person knows the same ( I am mostly suspiciously negative due to overthinking). I would recommend to call the guy from the video – if you’re in that situation.

  21. As I mentioned, adjusting the atlas is also important and in my opinion procedure called ATLASPROFILAX is the best because it is type of the massage .

  22. Just type in you tube ATLASPROFILAX Canada – it originated from Switzerland.

    Love to everyone and sorry for taking over the blog .

  23. Thanks Bratzo for all that information, very interesting and informative. I could definitely get myself to Australia for treatment if we could uncover the correct person who knows what they’re doing, but getting to the USA is a big ask for me.

  24. The comments on this blog, are becoming bloated, perhaps its time for a new post Fred ? Just a suggestion.

  25. Bratzo, where in Germany does your cousin work ? that would be a much more attractive destination for me, having lived there previously.

  26. This is making so much sense, I was thrown from a car at age 18 landed on my head, with concussion and memory loss, thinking back, I’ve had jaw & neck problems since then. Keep us posted with what you uncover please. Melbourne or Munich maybe. Exciting. !

    • There are so many stories regarding atlasprofilax . Genuine people. Helped with numerous diseases . It improves blood circulation to the brain and the rest is unbelievable. Some changes take Year or two- better vision, balance , strength, movements of arms and legs, no arthritis. Too numerous to be true but also too numerous to be fake . Personally I don’t think that procedure moves atlas but causes some kind of effect . They are using same apparatus for instantly unblocking frozen shoulder in Scandinavian countries.

    • This thread reminds me that a few weeks before my first symptom (loss of sense of smell) I had a severe blockade of the TMJ. After a few month, they had to treat me in a hospital with botox injected in some muscle in the cheek.
      Food for thought…

  27. I have ordered mouth guard that weight lifters are using and helps them to lift up more weight .,It can be adjusted with hot water . Experiment 😜

    Thank you Lena – excellent information. Any special diet ? I wish you luck . Your team is spot on .

    Love everyone

    • Good thinking outside of the square Bratzo, I might look for one also. Well done. Big Love to all you pro active folk on here.

    • I was already no dairy or gluten and low carb (mostly organic) before being diagnosed so I have kept that and just increased carbs a little as I have a hard time keeping weight on especially when my tremor was so intense at first.

      • Thank you Lena . I really wish you succeed ( because of you and because of all of us ). It sounds like you are on the right path. I am excited to learn about that “remembering / reprogramming ” procedure. Definitely right way to go . Brain creates a wrong loops / connections and the rest is hystory . Usually you cannot unlearn how to ride a bicycle unless you trick your brain. Would you tell us more about benefits that you are experiencing and about that technique? My problem is negative overthinking and it sticks to my brain much faster then positive – causing fear and paralysing thoughts ( that is why I thank you for B3 link ).

  28. I really appreciate that you all are so positive about reversing this disease! I believe it is possible to be asymptomatic again and it’s so nice to see so many of you searching for answers and sharing information!

  29. Brazo My first symptoms were 10 years ago, my right arm weakened and paralyzed ……. later medical visits with a misdiagnosis the doctors thought that the paralysis in my arm was due to a cervical discopathy and I was scheduled for surgery ago 5 years ………….. I think you could be right I have the ATLAS misaligned

    • Jimmy , I am not a doctor but to me it looks obvious as atlas problem and maybe all other symptoms just followed up . I remember a story from atlasprofilax , some army person had similar problem but instead of operation he chose atlasprofilax and he recovered . Another one from lady conductor, she could raise her arm and after few months she recovered. I know they are genuine people.
      Does PD medication helps you in regards to your arm ? Paralysed arm is not PD symptom but fuck up from surgery could cause mimicking symptoms. Talk to different doctor and sorry for language ( I hate stupid doctors and there are plenty of them).

      • I have what is called function paralysis (mine is partial) in my left side – PD meds do nothing for that but after less than 2 weeks doing what my Toronto movement doc calls forced walking to music with a 120 bpm for 40 minutes synchronized with the beat (hard when your body wants to be slow) I’m getting some arm swing back and shoulder movement I haven’t had in over two years. About half my muscles on that side of my body were extremely hypotonic and had lost the frontal brain connection, I couldn’t find them in my brain. Music helps you bypass the frontal brain to rewire and somehow 120bpm seems to be the best for inducing neuroplasticity. I’m wondering if this is similar to the walking program Fred references. I’m trying to write this up as a blog post and will link it when I do. BTW I’m a doc and believe me we come in all types, I prefer to be a think way outside the box one:-)
        Link to TED talk by one of my Toronto movement specialist’s patients

  30. I am currently experiencing all the symptoms of Parkinson ………. trembling in the body, slow movement … fatigue …. shuffling …… bent body …. .weakness … I was diagnosed 4 years ago ……. the most surprising there is no genetic background in my family with parkinson ,,,, and MRI nnot shows,lack of dopamine ………dopanine ceells aare healty,,,yes youu are right this why I no longer believe in doctors ……. ….. I do not take any medication ………. I’m trying to manage the symptoms in a natural way

  31. My naturopath has an interesting take on meds. She is actually a big believer in taking Sinemet as early as possible because your dopamine receptors actually start dying also if you don’t make enough dopamine. She says big pharm is actually a reason that docs don’t use it to start as they are the ones saying you only get 10 years on it because they want you on the expensive drugs. She doesn’t believe the 10 year thing. Once your symptoms improve than you can start removing it if possible. She does a lot of supplements in addition. And is a firm believer that high dose fish oil will prevent dyskinesis from Sinemet (as will nicotine if you read the pubmed studies).

    • Thank you Lena . Please continue thinking out of the box . Many dr are not even trying to use their brains .
      As far as I can recall all people who recovered from PD were using medication and slowly cut it out .

      I would appreciate if you provide a link to some music with 120 bpm as example .

      In my opinion sound is very important part – Howard , Bianca and David ( chanting) were using it . Must be something about vibration- massage for the brain . It has positive effect on dementia patients and one USA politician (lady) who was shot in the head used singing as recovery. Bianca explained that really well in her book .
      Magnetic waves are frequency.

      “At the beginning it was a sound “

    • Thats interesting Lena, this is what my Neurologist keeps telling me, that people on Sinamet earlier in their diagnosis, do better than those who delay treatment. Up to now I have been unconvinced, perhaps she has a point.

    • Thank you Lena . Your information is worth gold.
      B3 probably saved my life ( and B1) and now this . B3 does exactly everything that was written and more .
      Please , if you don’t feel like using Fred’s blog ( for any reason) don’t forget to provide link to yours . I am sure that everyone will appreciate.

    • I take 1 gram of Niacin (full flush which is safer high dose) 3 x a day for a total of 3g a day. I had severe anxiety and fatigue before, the high dose got rid of it completely. If you take full flush build up slowly and take with plenty of food and water and read about niacin flushes so you know what to expect. 500mg was not enough to help me and even if I cut down to 2g I feel a bit of fatigue.

    • I take 500 mg of niacinamid but was functioning better with more . With 1g – 1.5g my liver enzymes went very high and now I am changing to flush .

  32. Can anyone help with tightening of calf muscles ( and that area ) ? It is only issue when I stop walking and try to initiate movement again. After months / years of twitching now they are tightening and producing feelings of heavy legs stuck to the floor .

    • Mg if you aren’t taking it and stretching them consistantly at least 6 x a day (up to 20 if you can pull it). Nicotine also helped my rigidity but I am very hesitant to suggest something so addictive, I plan on taking it for the rest of my life for a number of very good reasons related to my LRRK2 mutation and pesticide toxicity I had in my 20s. The help with rigidity was kind of an added bonus.

      • Thank you Lena . I am already talking plenty of Mg and I used to smoke in my younger years and don’t find nicotine addictive but addictive behaviour.
        This muscle problem feels more of mental nature or due to posture – they don’t cramp but they tighten like if I am unbalanced or scared to move . I am worried that freezing is the next .
        How did you find about your pesticide exposure?

  33. I had massive imidacloprid (flea product) exposure from 26-29 when I worked at a shelter and we put it on all the animals who came in and it has now been linked to PD. Also all the things that make my symptoms better or worse point to an nicotinic acetylcholine receptor issue which imidacloprid permanently binds to. Through nicotine addiction/tolerance my cells should increase the amount of receptors (probably the only place addiction helps you) making up for my damaged ones – at least that’s my theory 🙂

    I would try the music therapy if you think it might be early freezing.

    • Thank you Lena – in the area where I used to live as a kid ( next to the river ) they used to spray mosquitoes by aeroplanes ( every year ). Fifty years ago that could only be DDT .

      Somehow, I blame everything on the bending spine but what causes it to bend ?

      I will try nicotine patches.

      • I just found solution. First time in my life – didn’t feel high or low but my balance almost instantly improved and I could turn without holding furniture- easily.
        I could rearrange furniture with one hand without losing balance . Lasted app one hour . Packing was not good.

      • Bratzo was that improvement a result of using a Nicotine patch ?, I’ve bought some but am a bit nervous to use them. I’ve never ever smoked, not even once, so dont know my reaction.
        Well today I visited a new Dr who I had reccomended, one who thinks outside the box. He said we’ve got to find out what caused your PD, so I’m getting a hair analysis, testing for Allergens, Heavy metals, Vitamin assay.etc He’s prescribed a whole raft of vitamins and supplements and vit C every 3 hrs. Finally someone who isn’t just pushing drugs down my throat.

      • Rebbeca, that dr sounds really good – please share knowledge.

        My experiment was good too – instantly walking more straight with head more straight and up. Less tension in the back muscles and muscles in general . More calm . Made me crack my jaw few times ( TMJ ???) and I was eating. Easier to get up from chair and more secure in general.
        Answer to your question is NO.

      • Yes , something else . Than second experiment and Large Panic Attack – was not able to walk and swolow .

        Never again

      • If you’re talking about medical marjuana, I had a similar experience. But I think this is a good thing because the MM is bringing to the surface the fear that is at the root of the condition. It’s very unpleasant, but an indicator of healing!

      • Well, that was experience. I don’t understand Fred how you interpret that fear into healing but I hope that you are right.

        I don’t get it , first one was so mild and positive but second and third ( too much?) just fear , negativity and paranoia ?! One positive experience was that my spine was like a rubber and muscles all over were relaxed – too relaxed that I was panicking that I will never walk again 😜
        I can only conclude that PD is deep mental issue ( for me ).
        Thank you Fred and Rebecca for moral support and thank you Jimmy for bringing good news . Howard is the only one who could repeat his success.
        Rebecca, did you join his program ? Did you receive manual from him or you are talking about program that is on the internet?
        Regarding mouth guard- it is expensive but my son and his friends were ordering few and we saved on postage. According to the guy from the gym this one is good . I will inform you about results.

        Just to inform you that FMT is not producing some extraordinary results ( for me ). Just softer stool with occasionally skipping a day . I think that six months of antibiotics made me worse- slower . Who knows?

        Love to everyone

      • Hi Bratzo, to answer your question, yes I sent away to Howard for the manual, and began doing the ‘Recipe’ sense of smell returned briefly, but from then on it was hard slog, its not for the faint hearted, a woman in Queensland Australia, did it for 4 years and recovered also. Manual cost me $50 USD.
        Thanks for your progress report on FMT, its disappointing for you though.
        But never give up, something else might be just around the corner that will work.
        Love to all the battlers.

      • I am convinced that PD is caused by the mind and body being in a chronic state of fear [fight or flight] and once triggered, this becomes the permanent state. That is to say, we are in a permanent state of fight or flight. Marijuana seems to bring that fear to the surface, causing an intense rush of adrenaline and cortisol, which is the feeling of panic.I am convinced that PD is caused by the mind and body being in a chronic state of fear [fight or flight] and once triggered, this becomes the permanent state. That is to say, we are in a permanent state of fight or flight. Marijuana seems to bring that fear to the surface, causing an intense rush of adrenaline and cortisol, which is the feeling of panic.

      • Fred , thank you for your explanation- I agree with that .
        My fear didn’t teach me anything and never does .
        According to psychoanalysis- base of all fears is fear of death .

    • Thankyou Bratzo so much, Ive sent these videos to several people who need to see them also. I Definitely want to get this treatment . ! !

      • Rebecca , I didn’t look for the email with connection contact from Melbourne yet . I am worried about his knowledge/ experience and I am waiting for mouthguard first .
        Dr Bernard from video has sold the business and new person apparently is not the same level. First video about TMJ – that person is good.
        It is hard to believe that people are suffering so much and help is known.
        Even these orthodontist are scared to openly claim success in healing. Medical mafia!!!
        Soon I will start to believe in flat earth 😜

      • One sometimes wonders if there is a conspiracy going on, to keep us on the ‘sickness treadmill’, after all, theres no money to be made in people recovering.

      • Good idea Bratzo, better to wait and try out your mouthguard first, I shall be interested to learn how it goes.

      • Rebecca, I don’t expect that moutguard have much chance to compete with professionaly adjusted mouth peace. I am only looking for something positive. However, experiment will not make me think that video is fake. I always judge by editing . Simple people only know simple editing, without effects, titling et

  34. Richard – do you believe ?
    Lena – did you see that young girl that was not able to nove her arm for years ?

    • Bratzo, what can I say (beside thank you for sharing) ? I am ready to believe, even take a leave of absence, and jump on a plane to try it. Seriously.

      At the same time, this hurts my knowledge about our society and information. The video is 10 years old. This should have spread like fire by word of mouth if it was so efficient. How come there is still people with PD ?

      I do not know what to think.

      • You are ready to believe? That doesn’t exist. You believe or you don’t. If you do , you make inquiries, ask questions and act . If this video looks fake to you , that’s fine , I understand but you must agree that actors are really good ( even young ones).
        I don’t think that’s complete solution for PD but it looks like it helps more than DBS. Must be some chemical component too ( hormones, food bacteria etc ) . Maybe body can find it when we open channels or maybe we should wait for science?
        I don’t want to discuss society. I learned my lesson. For me is enough to know that 2% of population holds 80% of capital.
        I wish you also to understand that PD makes us slow to make a decision.
        Unfortunately for me I was waiting for too long .

        Love , love , love

  35. I think one of the issues with this disease is that it is a combo of different diseases and everyone’s cure is different, there is definitely overlap but it in really a journey of how to heal, hack, and reprogram our brains which is individual to us. In my own work I can see ten animals with the same cancer, say lymphoma, and treat each one differently as they are different and I’m treating the animal not the disease. I can treat them all the same and have some success but when I let their bodies guide me is when I get remissions. I think PD is the same and why there is not one cure, like with cancer.

    • Very true and so well expressed. Our bodies are designed to self heal, and we should be taking more notice of what they’re trying to tell us.

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