Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #26 … Another Parkinson’s Success Story!

reliefI have told you in previous posts about David Thompson, Bianca Molle, Howard Shifke and John Coleman, all of whom have completely recovered from Parkinson’s Disease. I have also written about John Pepper, the South African who has used a conscious walking program to completely neutralize his symptoms. Thanks to blog reader, Jimmy, I would like to share with you another success story, Colin Potter, who has used a combination of a ketogenic [high fat] diet, supplementation, detoxification and exercise to get off medication and completely neutralize the symptoms he was experiencing. He claims that he hasn’t fully recovered, but he no longer experiences any symptoms. His interview is well worth watching.


23 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #26 … Another Parkinson’s Success Story!

  1. I stumbled across Colin Potter earlier in the week, have been on the Keto diet + supplements 5 days now, and my painful lower back rigidity has completely gone. Encouraging !

  2. After seeing the protocols of people who have recovered their health there are many similarities ………… it is clear that it is a methodology

  3. I’ve just found important link but firstly I have to explain or tell a story.
    Shortly after my wife’s death in 2009 my hair started to fall out in chunks due to stress ( came back after six months) , my finger started to shake , experienced first anxiety and my libido disappeared. Doctors diagnosed me with high cortisol ( stress hormon ) essential tremor and later on with frozen shoulder. They’ve send me home and told me that time will fix it . Then I went to other doctor ( expensive one ) who told me the same but he measured my testosterone and told me that is low ( very low ). It didn’t worry me at the time because I had more important things to deal with. Hoever , he prescribed testosterone gel and I was taking it but not happily.
    After a few months to a year frozen shoulder disappeared, libido was normal, sugar level normalised and my beck pain disappeared . Then I’ve stopped testosterone due to high prostate readings . Few months later my testosterone was ok and everything else too except feeling of electricity in my left arm.
    Few years later , sugar higher , prostate ok , diagnosed with PD , week abdominal muscles and left shoulder muscles , weak left leg and low libido and weak and painful beck muscles.
    I was only concentrating on PD and one day found about research regarding new PD drug Nilotinib. Then by accident found comment of one scientist that was commenting in comments section that he is not surprised because PD has lot to do with balance of testosterone and DHEA ( hormon) and Nilotinib provides that . Nilotinib is approved drug for cancer. That was the time when some lights started to switch on .
    Year later I was communicating with a person who recovered from PD and how in the late stages of recovery use of testosterone made huge difference. I was eager to go into more details but without success but he told me that he has discovered that testosterone is also neurotransmitter. Few more lights switched on .

    Then today I’ve found this link . Amazing.

    I know who I am going to call tomorrow .

    Love to everyone.

  4. Thanks Bratso, you have uncovered some really good helpful information, now my mission is to find a Dr iin New Zealand, who will prescribe me Bio Identical Testosterone.

    • Do you know Dr full name? Dr Lin …… ? My son will go to New Zealand in a few weeks and maybe he can get more information.
      Otherwise if you find contact info please don’t forget to share . Good luck !!!
      I definitely did benefit from testosterone but at the time was scared to continue and I don’t think that dopamine neurones are dead . Some things just need more time to recover . It takes three months to kick on – from memory .

      • Rebecca -you can get bio identical hormones from any compounding chemist . Just ask your doctor.

      • Bratso, I meant Dr in NZ, not Dr Lin, it was my typing error.
        I had a scheduled visit with my Neurologist today, and mentioned the Testosterone idea, expecting her to dismiss it, but she encouraged me to try it, saying if nothing else, it would help with muscle strength. So I intend to track some down. Ive just started Amino Acid Therapy today, so I’ll see what that brings. I have also bought Nicotine Patches to try, very low dose to start, but dont want to try too much at once. So thoroughly sick of having PD ! !

  5. Dr Lin – that was funny. I definitely need glasses. ” If nothing else, it would help with muscle strength ” – that’s a huge help. Muscle strength will increase gut movements , make body more straight and possibly improve balance. Increased gut movements will change microbiom and possibly improve liver health and liver could possibly start cleaning the blood and unlock free testosterone. Is it funny that ketogenic diet increases testosterone? Same with physical activity and lowering stress ( less cortisol which transfers testosterone into estrogen and stores into belly fat ). Same with fasting ( David Thompson was fasting ).
    I have to wait for my appointment and I am very excited about that ( I get like that ) and cannot wait to start ( but slightly worried about prostate – however, today I red that low testosterone is more dangerous for prostate ). My plan is to start with GP and switch to endocrinologist ( waiting for specialist is too long ).

    What else was left – we are getting rid of constipation and possibly muscle weakness and bad balance ?! Almost there 🙏
    Good luck with Amino Acid therapy . Please keep us informed.

    Imagine when one day we get rid of PD . We will be so happy and full of life wisdom.

    Love to everyone

  6. Hi Bratzo, I hope we havent highjacked Fred Phillip’s blog ! I love your energy and excitement in your quest to uncover the key to reverse PD. You are correct, in that low Testosterone is a danger for the Prostate . I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some to try. The whole hormone thing makes sense actually, because it was when I stopped taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) that PD symptoms began to appear. Sorry to learn you lost your wife, life is tougher on one’s own, as I’ve discovered.
    I was ‘off loaded’ by my new spouse of 2 yrs, reasonably soon after my diagnosis.
    I have sent away for some magnetic shoe inserts which Ive heard may help with balance, because that is one of my most irritating symptoms.
    I love the fact that you don’t give up, and are keeping hope alive. Me Too.

    • Excitement or desperation ? There are many sad stories with PD and other diseases- stress is the main contributor and we can really feel it.
      Now when I got rid of constipation, balance becoming important issue. I feel like a ball in pin ball machine. Usually gets better when people adjust atlas ( first vertebrae) or hopefully with testosterone ( as they mentioned).
      Thank you for trying different things and keeping us informed . I hope that everyone will try something. That is the only way . I believe that pharma already have solution but …… greed . http://p.dw.com/p/1Jt5C?em
      It is shame that neurologists are supporting them . Why they don’t check someone’s liver or testosterone but immediately go for Sinemet?
      Good luck with magnetic shoe inserts and yes keep hope alive.

      Love to all

  7. The best example of cover up – invite the people who are not part of ongoing research to talk about research and safety ( danger). Drug Nilotinib ( Tasigna ) has already passed research and is accepted as cancer drug in much higher dosage.

  8. The person with PD scores 14 points less on UPDRS test after receiving 8 blood transfusions from young male donors ( age 18-25 ) – part of Stanford research .
    Why males between 18-25 age ? Could it be because testosterone and DHEA is the highest at that age group?

  9. That sounds like the test to determine the level of decrepitude and deterioation. I try and avoid this test. !

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