Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #25 … Dissolving Fear – Yahoo, Ride ’em Cowboy!

doveYippeeyiyokiyea motherbleeper!

— Bruce Willis, Diehard

I’m riding a bucking bronco! Bobbing on a stormy sea! Being tossed about on the Salt & Pepper Shaker ride at the fair! For the last three months I have been on a heck of a ride on my journey to recovery! Triggered by medical marijuana, I have been processing and purging fear and other long buried emotional stuff that has left me feeling panicky, anxious, frustrated and experiencing very intense symptoms! It has been a challenge!

Simply put, I have been in a constant and protracted state of fight-flight-freeze that feels like it is reaching it’s apex! I have felt all along that my experience would continue to intensify until I learned everything I needed to learn. I don’t know if I’m there yet, but man, I gotta be close!

In February, I started doing medical marijuana to see if it would help ease any of my symptoms. It didn’t help with the symptoms, but it brought up lots of fear and emotional stuff. I began waking up in the middle of the night in a state of panic. Several times I had to get out of bed and go sit in the living room, talking myself through it until the panic subsided. I also started feeling more intense anxiety in situations where I wouldn’t normally feel this way. And every day I would experience intense parkinson’s-related symptoms, triggered by a thought that put me in a state of fear [fight-flight-freeze].

Although I was disappointed that the cannabis didn’t help my symptoms, I knew that the fear and emotional stuff it was bringing up was important! It didn’t feel very good. In fact, it felt incredibly scary, but I knew I had to let it run its course! It’s still running!

In the meantime, I have learned a great deal! To begin, I learned that an effective way to dissolve fear is being compassionate… especially towards myself. This means being totally accepting of the experience… allowing the fear to be… without judgment, without anger, without victimhood and without needing it to go away. This awareness came to me through an article  [Well worth reading] posted by Paul Davis on the Facebook group, Spirituality and Our Higher Self. Fear is an emotional response to a detrimental thought and it is important for me to be compassionate towards the thoughts that are putting me in the fear-state. “Hey Fred, whatcha been thinking? Yes, I’ve had those thoughts myself! Come and sit down and we’ll talk about it!”

Secondly, I was reminded [by Mari] to approach fear from a place of love! I realized I could do this by being grateful, truly appreciative, for what I’ve learned through my experience with fear. Fear guided me to an understanding of spiritual consciousness, being the conscious observer and divine self love! It also guided me to an understanding of the root cause of this health condition I’m experiencing… which is chronic fear/stress!

Thirdly, I was reminded [by my chiropractor] that you can’t intellectualize with fear. You can’t rationalize with it. Fear is irrational. It is guttural. When in a state of fear [fight or flight] it is important to bring it back to the physical level by placing your attention on your breath and calming the body.

Fourthly, I reminded myself that one of the best ways to overcome fear is to approach life as one big adventure! Although my fearful outlook may be imbedded in my DNA and it may also be due to the culture I was raised in, I have a choice now to take a different approach. Fear vs. adventure… it really is an easy choice! A damn-the-torpedoes, Indiana Jones, adventurous attitude promotes the release of endorphins which fosters healing!

Another aspect of this experience that I’m trying to understand is this… when I developed the fears I’m now in the process of purging, I wasn’t spiritually conscious, didn’t feel good about myself and didn’t know divine self love. In essence, these fears were developed under false pretenses because if I had been spiritually conscious, if I had felt good about myself and if I had been in a state of divine self love, in all likelihood, I would not have held onto them. I may have experienced fear in the moment, but I would have let it go! This awareness could help me let go of the fear now! Time will tell!

To sum it all up, understanding the falsehood of these fears, treating my fearful self with compassion, approaching fear from a place of loving-gratitude, bringing it back to the physical level by focusing on my breath, and taking an adventurous attitude is a great formula for dissolving fear and advancing recovery!

As Bruce Willis said, “Yippeeyiyokiyea… ” well, you know the rest!


33 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #25 … Dissolving Fear – Yahoo, Ride ’em Cowboy!

  1. First – wonderful what you have learned, but I am unsure what type of medical you did.

    It does not sound like THC Oil, which is what I would hope. One MUST make it the way the way Rick Simpson recommends; and Indica (not Sativa CBD). Starting at only 1 drop a day with coconut oil and increase with no symptoms until 1 gram a day. One must make it on their own 100% of the time as many make it wrong. It healed my Mom’s cancer and I followed his directions exactly and no one else’s. It practically healed her cancer over night at 85 years old. He has documented results for over 20 years; written books; and provides directions. The most amazing are people with Glio Brain Tumors with only a few weeks to live. One is Kristina diagnosed back in 2012 and she had it covering half her brain with 1 mo to live. Everyone stresses how important to use Indica and make your own oil as she shares this too. Even Parkinson’s have shared their stories.

    Did you do this method? I don’t think so?

      • Yes not THC, which is what brings the healing made with Indica Type. I know very little too but researched Rick Simpson and others for years because of my love of holistic healing. Now legal in Arizona, Colorado and other states so many travel and bring children even. Big network to help people with serious cancer. Rick Simpson use to live in Canada where he gave it away freely, but he no longer makes it nor grows it there and travels now telling people how to make it. They gave him such a hard time in Canada for 20 years he left.

        But happy for your victories and maybe someday you might be where it is legal as it is miraculous.

    • @junebuglori – Thank you so much for the info. Never heard about Rick Simpson oil curing Parkinson’s before. I will do my homework, but do you have more info? This seems groundbreaking…

      @fred : Thank you for sharing your experience. Could anxiety be the root cause of Parkinson’s ?

      • Here are a few links. Many try to create websites and oils claiming it is his site in order to sell oil but this is his ONLY site; and he will refer you to his book, etc. Many people refer to him when healing many diseases but cancer is the most often claimed.

        If you go to You Tube and search on Parkinson’s and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or even other conditions like the baby’s grand mal seizures – it is the RSO Oil. Leukemia with children – RSO reverses it. Yes it is ground breaking, revolutionary and the government, greed to sell just CBD Hemp and block everyone from knowing the truth about this for over 30 years is obvious the more you listen to the claims and 1,000’s of testimonies.

        There are many interviews on You Tube about “The Rick Simpson Story”.

        I could not stop researching hence when Mom got black cancer and oozing sores all over the front of her legs – we got the cancer diagnosis but chose the oil.

        Yes it would completely destroy the pharmaceutical industry so Rick Simpson is very hard to find 🙂 but still keeps talking 🙂 and others keep sharing.

        His Site

        Someone sharing 65 of his videos

        Parkinsons and RSO
        Keep in mind most of these people are in bad shape and have done the medical route; and the impact is HUGE.

        Here is the Cancer one that just blew my mind. She didn’t change her diet..she did nothing but RSO. She had a Glio brain tumor and shares her scans – 2 mos to live – seizures almost every hour. Seizures stopped w/in a month, etc and now since 2011 she is fine. Catch is that it is still there but she leads a normal life – got married – now is changing her diet and ways and continues to share. She does 2 grams a day of RSO. She is very clear it is RSO and no other recipe but that. She had some seizures but got rid of them by up’ing the oil; she has had headaches, but got rid of those too.

        If you research most are dead w/in weeks or mos. She had 2 mos to live in 2011.


        Includes her MRI at the end


        How to make it one year ago from Rick; and another person who shared how she does her oil. We did her her way with Everclear and not his solvent and it is legal here in AZ so we both got medical cards to do this.

        Yes amazing, miraculous and it’s amazing he is still alive as a good 50-70 holistic and licensed doctors here in the U.S. have mysteriously died in last 2 years. All curing cancer, etc. I am sure he is not here and everyone protects him.


    • Thank you – junebuglori . I will try and have a talk with them . Government probably prohibits THC ( or they keep it for long parliament sessions ).

    • Thank you so much for this Lori! I’m familiar with Rick Sampson although not intimately familiar with his protocol. I started taking a CBD strain then switched to the variety with equal THC and CBD. There was no change in my symptoms with either variety.

  2. Fred , did you try B1 ( benfotiamin ) and B3 vitamins? You wilł experience more energy and no anxiety/ fear but it takes 2-3 months ( this is not medical advice).

  3. Jus to inform everyone that I have finalised 6 months of antibiotics , two colonoscopies, five days of FMT and six weeks of crapsules.
    First two months on antibiotics were promising ( less tremors ) but slower turns and bad balance.
    In conclusion- it did not improve PD symptoms ( not yet ) but constipation has been resolved with one movement per day but slightly harder initiation then when on antibiotics.
    Second PD patient had to discontinue due to unrelated health issues.

    • Thank you for sharing, Bratzo. It’s precious to have this first-hand info about a leading edge technique. I hope – for you and for all of us – that your condition will dramatically improve in the near future.
      Were you treated by Tom Borody?

      • Yes Richard, I was treated by Prof Tom Borody. I am due to see him soon and find out about his next move / opinion. I must say that my enthusiasm dropped a little but they have told me that sometimes takes up to six months for bacteria to establish itself. We will see 🙏

      • I forgot to say two things:
        1. First colonoscopy was performed at the beginning and second at the end of treatment with antibiotics. During that process they took few histology samples for the purpose of counting Alfa synuclein but Syd Uni was lazy and samples were sent to New Zeland – no results yet .
        2. I must mention that I have paid only for the first colonoscopy and antibiotics and everything else was free of charge . That just tells you how great man is Prof Borody and how much interest and enthusiasm to find the cure he has. He is not working only on PD but MS and few other projects. I hope that man like that gets more funding and support. His hospital is very small but extremely busy and welll organised .
        ( M J Fox are you listening? )

      • Thank you again, Bratzo. I will follow what you share closely.

        I do not live that far from Australia, see…

  4. Hello to all FRED ……… Richard …….. Brazo ………. there is a new natural therapy, called “aminoacid therapy”. Of the neurologist Marrty Hinz …… only natural substances are used ……… some neurologists in the world are already using it successfully.
    there have been some amazing findings published in the last several years in regards to managing the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s disease using natural methods. Most of these papers have been written or co-written by Marty Hinz, MD. What Dr. Hinz has shown is that it is possible in many cases to manage the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease while eliminating the potentially devastating side effects of the drugs used in the medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease using amino acid therapy.
    Dr. Mary Hinz and Parkinson’s Therapy
    I began working with Dr. Hinz back in 2001. At that time, much of his focus was on managing appetite in order to facilitate long-term weight loss. Over time, however, it became apparent that amino acid therapy had a much larger application.
    The first paper published by Dr. Hinz in relation to Parkinson’s disease was a case study in 2011. This paper provided insight into a novel approach using the most effective therapy for Parkinson’s disease (L-dopa) which had the potential to help millions of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.
    However, it was a couple landmark papers published in 2014 that really brought Dr. Hinz’s approach to Parkinson’s disease into the national spotlight. The first paper showed that the most popular medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease (carbidopa and benserazide) could potentially cause a “nutritional catastrophe” in the body. This was shown to happen because of the adverse effect these drugs have on vitamin B6 and all the functions that vitamin B6 and B6-dependent enzymes have in the human body. The end result, according to this research, was that carbidopa may contribute to the worsening of Parkinson’s disease and the increase in the Parkinson’s disease death rate seen since the introduction of these medications.
    This paper was followed by a second paper showing that carbidopa and/or benserazide may by be the causative agent of the irreversible dyskinesias associated with the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Again, the mechanism of action was found to be the “irreversible binding and inactivation of vitamin B6 throughout the body”.
    A More Effective and Safer Approach to Parkinson’s disease
    Based on the research of Dr. Mary Hinz, a safer and more effective approach to Parkinson’s therapy exists. The successful implementation of Dr. Hinz’s Parkinson’s Therapy requires a thorough understanding of the underlying factors that cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and many years of practice, but the results can be amazing. Learn more about the causes and implementation of this therapy and if you are ready to get started, please contact us.

    • Thank you jimmy – I cannot understand but as far as I can see they support coconut oil and B3 vitamin. I did experience benefits from B3 but I am worried to start with coconut oil because of my heart palpitations ( they stopped due to antibiotics? or more likely due to B3 and B1 ).
      Please translate important points or summarise.

    • Proteins are made of amino acids . That leads to conclusions that we need more vegetable protein plus few meat proteins = ketogenic diet . Further, that sounds like diet for diabetes and all that sounds like liver problem .
      I suspect that my PD symptoms started after gallbladder operation in 2002 ( liver ) and months of diarrhoea. It was proven that inflamed liver due to alcohol or fat ( fatty liver ) can cause brain inflammation and PD symptoms. Previously I was sending some links how RIFAXIMIN can get rid off PD symptoms caused by inflamed liver . RIFAXIMIN kills bacteria in small intestine. Is it unreasonable to think that during gallbladder surgery bacteria from small intestine infects liver ? Recently I was listening interview with man who developed PD symptoms after surgery for colon cancer . Gallbladder surgeries are are on the increase and usually are performed after 40 y . Is that why older people are getting PD ? In any case , bacteria is the culprit. That is why some people benefit from garlic, turmeric or healthy bacteria. Until they find some magic antibiotic we will continue to guess and suffer ( they probably already have it but greed ….……)

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