Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #23 … Refined Walking Technique!

clappingA few years ago I discovered that I could overcome shuffle-walking by counting my steps. I had to count continuously, but as long as I did, my walking improved. I also figured out that when I found myself shuffle-walking, if I stopped, reset my stride, relaxed my hands and told myself to take a big step, I could walk normally; even if only for a few strides. I still do this!

Then two years ago I learned about John Pepper and his conscious walking technique. The intent is the same but Pepper focuses on the physical process… lengthening the stride, placing the foot down heel-to-toe, and so on.

In my experience, both techniques are effective, but my challenge is maintaining my focus. You see, one of the symptoms I experience is brain fog. I lose concentration very easily and have, since years before I began developing the classic symptoms of parkinson’s.

Recently, I discovered that when I clap my hands periodically while counting my steps my walking improves enormously! So every tenth step, I clap my hands! The first time I tried it, I took over 3200 steps without breaking stride. And it has helped enormously the last couple of days when it was quite windy and I didn’t feel very good [I was in an intense fight or flight state!].

The benefits of this counting/clapping technique are threefold: it improves my walking, it improves my focus and it helps keep me from clenching my hands.

A friend once said to me, “Every day is a school day!” And that is how I feel with this health experience. Quite frequently, a challenge I’m facing leads me to an insight; a new understanding, a new technique!  It makes this experience far more interesting and far more bearable!

Wishing you a tranquil day!


6 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #23 … Refined Walking Technique!

  1. I know you write about healing Parkinson’s but it honestly helps each of us with our own challenges. When you said every day is a school day I thought about the “Teach” and maybe you are a Professor of Life. When you get to be my age you are thankful you can get up and stand vertically. I liked the thought of clapping your hands to help walk, focus and to keep from clenching your hands. I am going try that when the muscles tighten up in my neck and I experience vertigo. I guess what I am trying to say is your gift of writing and sharing touches wider and deeper than Parkinson’s.

  2. Hi Fred,

    Wonderful post! I agree, every day is a school day, and, I would add, a work day. After retirement about eight months ago, I started exercising and made it my new job. I take rasagaline and supplements only, trying not to increase medication. Now participating in the BIG program which counteracts tendencies to take small steps and hunch over. Any way you look at it, I agree with you; we have to reprogram ourselves to counteract those tendencies. I’m at stage one and hope to progress very slowly or not at all, but dystopia makes my toes on one foot curl. I chant “toes up” when I walk and exercise the toes by stretching them up before I put on my shoes. I have to remind myself to swing the arm on that side and stretch out the fingers which want to cling together.

    You are truly an inspiration! Thanks so much for your updates.

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