The Story Behind My Books

the-history-teacher-2-0People have asked me what prompted me to write The History Teacher books. It’s actually an interesting story [I think], so here goes!

In the winter of 2006, I was still working in the corporate world. I hadn’t yet made the transition to teaching martial arts full-time. One morning I woke up with an idea for a book in my head! I had no idea when the idea came from. I wasn’t thinking about writing a book. Divine guidance? More than likely!

The book would be about a high school history teacher, who, while in the midst of his own spiritual awakening, would encounter a group of students who were interested in learning more about life than what they were being taught in school. Before I got out of bed that morning, I had an idea for a trilogy.

Over the next two weeks, I wrote about fifty pages, before hitting a roadblock. So I walked away from the computer and didn’t return for a year and a half. In the meantime, I had left the corporate world and my own spiritual journey had advanced considerably. It took me another three years to write, edit and publish the first book. All along the process, ideas would continually pop into my head. What is more, before I completed the project, I started getting ideas [lots of them actually] for the second book. So I started writing it as well. And long before I finished writing the second book, I started getting ideas for the third one. Quite frankly, it was a challenge keeping up with all the ideas that kept popping into my head!

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this experience happened back in 2006. Shortly after I started writing the first book, I also started developing the first noticeable symptoms of what was eventually diagnosed as parkinson’s disease. My high school history teacher had parkinson’s disease! Very freaky! Talk about synchronistic!

Clearly [at least in my mind, anyway] I was meant to write these books! Actually, more like be the conduit for their creation! All along the process divine guidance showed me the way! And what I learned has helped immensely in dealing with my health challenges!

And there you have it! The History Teacher trilogy! Divine guidance in action!

I hope to have the third installment published by the end of this year. In the meantime, please check out The History Teacher 2.0!


16 comments on “The Story Behind My Books

  1. I have no doubt your writing is prompted by divine guidance after reading The History Teacher 2.1. It is of heart and soul. The “Teach” is universal and timeless in that he moves the students to discover their truth, their value. It is raw and real. What is interesting is I am 73 and your words are guidance for me too. We never know how our lives will impact others. It is part of the joy of the journey. I also want to add that I found your site by doing a google search for natural healing of Parkinson’s. I have shared much with my friend whose husband has Parkinson’s. What is amazing to me is he will soon be 82 and is driving logs to the mill. (Logger by profession) He, during the spring months, is driving a fertilizer truck to farmers in the area. My friend says he doing good. I remember when he could barely walk. Amazing grace and thank you for your site.Keep on writing.

  2. So sorry that you fell but glad no surgery. Wondering how is Mannitol helping you? I looked it up and it said it reduces pressure in the eyes and brain.

    Hope recovery goes smoothly for you

    • Hi junebuglori !

      Thanks for caring. It’s very painful at the moment but it should heal with no consequences. Stuck in front of my computer in the meantime…

      I am taking mannitol for over 3 month now. Bloating and gas are over. I do not feel decisively better, but I am very optimistic about it. My friends say I look really better : facial expressions to begin with. Better sleep maybe. Less cramps, less pain in the arms. Hard to be more precise. I think one should not expect spectacular results, unless for placebo effect.

      Mannitol at the recommended doses (5 to 20 g/day taken “per os”, depending on your weight) is very different from mannitol given through IV and used for reducing pressure in the eyes and brain. Have a look at the CliniCrowd web pages.

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