Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #17 … Medical Marijuana!

marijuanaLast dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain! … Tom Petty

Marijuana! Cannabis! Weed! Pot! Ganja! Mary Jane! Call it what you like, there is mounting anecdotal and scientific evidence supporting the use of marijuana in neutralizing certain symptoms and even recovering from neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s. Lo and behold, as  fate would have it, I recently became, rather reluctantly, a member of the anecdotal advocates!

Yes indeed! Baby steps I told myself! No charging recklessly into the world of medical marijuana… at least not without a seat-belt! You see, all along I have  been focusing on full recovery and I falsely considered cannabis to simply be a symptom masker. Also, I had a really bad experience with pot many years ago, which left me extremely ganja-shy.

But thanks to the dogged persistence of my self appointed spiritual guiding light, passionate gardener and herbal remedy guru who, ironically enough, has never touched weed, I decided to have a crack at it… medically speaking… of course!

First stop, the doctor’s office! [Now the next bit is kinda dry, so everybody grab a martini… non-alcohol]!

In Canada, marijuana is legal for medical use. To buy it, you first have to get approval from your medical doctor. If he or she agrees that you could benefit from it, they send a prescription to one of 24 Health Canada approved medical cannabis dispensaries. At the same time, you submit an application to become a member-client of the dispensary. The dispensary then sends you a confirmation email and access code to make online purchases. The whole process takes about two weeks. During this time, you feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

The next part gets a little tricky… deciding what formula to buy! There is dry [usually for smoking] and oil. There are also various combinations of THC [tetrahydrocannabinol], the psychoactive part of the plant, and CBD [cannabidiol], the therapeutic part. THC gets you high, while CBD gets you well. Because of my dubious history with weed, I decided to go with the 1:20 oil formula [1 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD per ml of oil] offered by the dispensary.

The next part is also quite tricky… deciding how much to take each day… because nobody can tell you with any certainty the proper dosage. My 60 ml prescription came with a 1 ml oral syringe and a recommended daily dosage of 2 ml. The first day I took 1 ml spread over three dosages. There was no change in my symptoms and I woke up the next morning feeling terrible [not quite what I was anticipating!]. So I decided to try a different approach; taking .1 ml just before bedtime to build up my tolerance. I did this for one week with the same results each day, so I stopped for a week to regroup.

In the meantime, at my spiritual angel’s urging, I tried a 1 gram sample of a 1:2 THC to CBD ratio, with much better results. I woke up feeling much better, my walking was improved, and I found it easier to get dressed and stand up from a sitting position.

After some more research, my angel guide suggested I take a more aggressive approach with the 1:20 formula. After muscle testing, I decided to take 2 ml on day one and 3 ml per day thereafter. Again, the results have been very promising! I’m feeling better, walking better and finding it easier to perform tasks!

I have also noticed two other things. First, my bowl movements are much better, so I have been able to reduce my magnesium intake without experiencing constipation. Second, the marijuana seems to be bringing up a lot of emotional stuff, especially fear and anger. I’m not sure what to make of this!

I will continue to monitor my progress and adjust the dosage if needed. I’m also going to order the 10:10 formula from the dispensary. My advisor thinks I will get more benefit from a higher level of THC.

As I am new to using medical marijuana in the treatment of my condition, I would love to hear from anyone doing the same!

Far out, man!


14 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #17 … Medical Marijuana!

  1. I am doing CBG-A without THC sleep better less anxiety. I get it locally and its legally from Hemp.
    I tried THC but didnt like being stoned all the time.
    Be sure to get CBG in a fat based solution for absorption. I tried Co2 derived CBG and it didnt work, plus expensive.
    CBG runs me about 90 per month
    Good luck All

  2. In my experience (non-medical) it does bring up thoughts and feelings that were suppressed. Welcome them Fred and sit with them for a while. You are then paying attention to a part of you that isn’t heard enough. I liked to write when I had strong feelings/thoughts/reactions like that so I spent enough time and attention exploring and honouring those hurts and injuries that needed healing.

  3. I too was recommended by doctor to take it for restless leg syndrome… it stopped it immiediatly and all cured my digestion problems… I cut it up and place in capsules… my husband laughs at me as it always looks like I am running a lab! Haha. I have seen this be a life changing experience for so many people and I am really curious to see how it helps you! It also works great for people wit anxiety… not smoking it to get high, but a capsule or oil. It comes from Mother Earth and it has amazing benefits and my prayer is that it just becomes legalized everywhere to help people. Keep us posted Fred!

  4. Hi Fred.. Illegal Smile..John Prine.
    A friend of mine grew some pot for me.I bought the seeds from Niagara Seed Bank.
    Seeds are not illegal as they don’t contain any THC.The seeds were an Indicia strain
    high in CBD low in THC.I bought..The Capsule Machine size 00 from Amazon and a
    cheap Coffee grinder from Walmart and made an ounce worth of Capsules. I took
    3 a day till they were all gone about six weeks. I have to say I didn’t notice any changes
    in my Symptoms from PD.I’ve made a new batch of Capsules and I’m going to
    double the dose and try that for awhile..Anyway it’s an on going experiment Fred
    I’ll let you know if I discover any benefits.

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