Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #16 … The Beauty of Singing!

singingLately I’ve been focusing on topics and techniques meant to make our journey less stressful. Things such as laughter, karate techniques and spiritual practice. They have been very beneficial for me in managing my symptoms and keeping me in a positive frame of mind.Β In this post, I would like to touch on another stress buster … music … and more specifically, singing!

I love music! I love all aspects of music: listening, attending concerts, playing instruments and singing! Music puts me in a state of joy … well, not all music … disco and opera are more likely to make me go running like a scared jack-rabbit! So when I say music, I’m mostly talking about rock and roll!

This neurological condition I’m experiencing is rooted in fear and stress, but I don’t feel so scared and stressed when I’m singing … okay, I admit, even when I’m singing disco and opera [I can actually sing, Time To Say Goodbye, by Andrea Bocelli … seriously!].

Truth be told, somebody told me once that I sing like Bob Dylan, but not as good as Bob. With that in mind, I would like to offer the following suggestions [if you sing like me].

First, if you have a dog, put earmuffs on him! Otherwise, his howling is likely to scare the bejeepers out of the neighbors!

Second, if you have kids send them to play with their friends … on the other side of town! You don’t wanna scar them for life!

Third, ask your neighbors to close their windows! You don’t want them calling the police thinking that screeching they’re hearing is a murder being committed! As an extra precaution, close all of your own windows!

Fourth, give your credit card to your spouse and suggest they go shopping! No point in putting your relationship in jeopardy!

Otherwise, throw on your favorite tunes and start singing!

“Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk …”


17 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #16 … The Beauty of Singing!

  1. Great blog. Couldn’t help but feel the energy. Thanks to you I haven’t stopped smiling since I listened to Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees. “You can tell by the way I use my walk” Great medicine

  2. Great post Fred. Just like you I’m also a musician (one man band) in my other side of life, the other side being an engineer. You’re very correct in saying the music helps a lot to mitigate the symptoms of this neurological imbalance. When I play my keyboards/guitar and or sing, virtually I don’t notice any symptoms and feel almost normal. The only thing I notice is the decrease in the speed and accuracy of my right hand playing on keyboard. Another thing is it takes longer to warm up my voice.
    Thank you once again Fred for your ever encouraging posts.

  3. Sorry for being off topic but I’ve found another peace of information.
    While preparing for next weeks first FMT ( shit transplant) I was worried about possible SIBO and found that antibiotic RIFAXIMIN is successful in resolving that problem. Fallowing that line of thought I came upon information regarding the use of RIFAXIMIN during cirrhosis of the liver ( possibly fatty liver – early symptoms of cirrhosis).
    You will find fallowing link fascinating.


    My digestive problems started in 2001.after removal of the gallbladder- months of constant diarrhoea. Situation somehow stabilised ( change of diet ) and I’ve ended up with diagnosis of fatty liver . Few years later ( 7 ) and after sudden death of my wife I’ve got first sign of PD ( finger movement , frozen shoulder and anxiety ) . Another information was that my cortisol was high and D3 very low adding high mercury and palladium ( old tooth feelings) – I’ve realised that yesterday while attempting to clean my draw .

    While waiting for information about Refaximin ( from Prof Thomas Borody) I am concentrating on detoxification- Chlorella, Milk Thistle,

    Hopefully someone will find this information useful.

      • 21/03
        Second colonoscopy after 6 months on antibiotics
        First FMT infusion
        Gasses and watery stool . Second colonoscopy was to compare Alfa synuclein before and after treatment with antibiotics. After 6 months on antibiotics I feel slower but easy stool twice a day . No other benefits.
        Second FMT . No stool . Discussing Rifaximin with Prof – his opinion is that is not successful as they were talking on the internet . I am not persuaded but …. conversation changed.
        Third FMT – prior to treatment forced small stool by drinking coffee . Very shaky due to coffee and forced stool
        ( left arm and left leg ) . Talking to nurse and further pushing Rifaximin . They were polite and patronising but one is taking it more seriously and sending text to Prof ( on seminar in USA )
        Fourth FMT – less shaking then yesterday but no stool ( no coffee). No improvement. Worried about constipation. Advised to use laxative and start using “crapsules” – oral FMT in capsules over the weekend. Two capsules in the morning and two at night. Talking to nurses and further pushing Rifaximin. They agree but ….. we will see how I am going on crapsules . Crapsules suppose to change bacterial dysbioses in the small intestines – similarly to Rifaximin . Agree not to mix until we finish with crapsules. Informed by nurses that there is another PD person in the study and already on crapsules for a few days – apparently he can get up from the bed without medication ( previously he had to use medication first ). I am not convinced and not excited as FMT didn’t produce any result yet . One more FMT on Monday and then one month on crapsules. At the moment I believe more in crapsules then in FMT as they work in small intestine ( same as Rifaximin) and FMT only in colon .

        Hopefully someone will find it useful

  4. Fred , I must apologise for taking so much space at your blog but I have strong feelings that I am on something major here ( rightly or wrongly) . Gut bacteria must be the leading cause. Common link to all people who recovered was change of diet and that changes procentages of certain bacteria .
    Answering your question- my main problem was constipation ( adding to balance, slow movements , weak muscles etc ) . Constipation was solved while I was on cocktail of antibiotics but as soon as I’ve stopped it has returned with vengeance . I had to stop antibiotics if I wanted to experience benefits of FMT and crapsules ( also, you cannot have antibiotics forever).
    The more I read about liver failure the more connection with gut bacteria and PD symptoms I find .
    Kind regards.

    • Thank you for this Bratzo! I just don’t think antibiotics are the way to go. Antibiotics destroy gut health, whereas fermented foods including sauerkraut promote gut health

      • I definitely agree with you but I am still fascinated by RIFAXIMIN because I’ve never heard of any medication that is able to reverse PD symptoms . Unfortunately my doctor doesn’t agree with that research . Why would they lie ? It does not make sense. They are serious professionals .

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