Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #15 … The Purpose of Our Journey!

synchronicityOur journeys, diverse

Our challenges, varied

For me, a neurological condition

For another, cancer

Yet another, diabetes

There may be financial struggles

Career setbacks

Relationship endings

Abandonment, abuse, discrimination, loss

All possibilities

Regardless of the mountain to climb

The purpose is universal

A guiding light to awakening


Spiritual consciousness and divine love

Our reason for being

Understanding our true nature

Spiritual consciousness…awareness of the Universal-Energetic-Intelligence [God]

Awareness of the present moment

Awareness of our thoughts [mostly negative]

Awareness that we are not our bodies, thoughts or feelings

Awareness of our true essence

Divine love…our true essence

Oneness with the Universal-Energetic-Intelligence

Fear not your circumstances

This is your gift

Your doorway to awareness

Cherish the experience

And you will heal!


10 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #15 … The Purpose of Our Journey!

  1. beautiful post Fred
    parkinson have a purrpose
    is part of the inner transformation that we are experiencing, everything is expressed inside ….. life is born in our hearts, life is happening inside and that can not teach anyone to you, just your life has the resources to show you ,, but to see it, you have to open yourself to look in there, and when you open it, you realize that everything that happens in your life, is designed to help you look right there in the center, so you can see the origin of life, so you can see the meaning of your life, so you can see beyond your suffering.
    because we are always trying to understand what is trust in life from one aspect of mistrust, distrust of my life and can not be understood from there, is like trying to understand the underwater world, looking at it from the surface, you can believe you know it because you take many years watching, but really do not know anything, until you do not get in there and find out what it means to be there in there ,, you can not appreciate what you know and what you do not know, hence, when many people start doing this process, he believes he is not doing well or do not go out or that are very green in the process, it’s a lie they are findings themselves ,, if you stop to ask life. Hey life where I am? .In What time in my life I find myself ?. Be surprised by the answer that would give you life, because life is always at its best, life is always giving herself completely.
    And you realize how we fool ourselves, as we believe we are wrong one day maybe and not true something is moving in us, something is opening, any suffering, any pain that this hatching, which is coming to the surface and that it is beautiful but we do not trust it, we believe that something wrong is happening because we are afraid of life………….Why we’re afraid of life?
    We believe it is a threat that can happen something that makes us suffer, and this is not a threat is only a transformation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a beautiful caterpillar -crisalida – Butterfly is happening.
    When the pure love of God penetrates your being, all your cells will vibrate with your integrity. You will see
    Things differently. You will treat others in a different way. You will have a discernment
    powerful. It is the essence of all creation

  2. Fred – your prose poem is a soulful expression that resonated with me. Particularly the last 2 lines “Cherish the experience and you will heal!” Lately I’ve thought if we can view each challenge we face like gait issues, rigidity while doing the dishes, overcoming negative thoughts, etc. — even making adjustments like dietary changes, adding qi gong and meditation to our lives — not so much as consequences of an “illness” but as next moves to embrace on an exciting mountain climb or similarly enthralling journey, we will cherish the experience and heal!

    I learned this by going out with my mountain climbing friends who embraced next moves on a difficult climb that evoked intense anxiety in me. It’s time to shift perspective and let go of that fear. Let it be swept away by clarity of purpose and constantly being inspired by the enthralling view we’ll have from the top and carry forward with us the rest of our lives! Keep climbing, Fred. Keep climbing, everybody!

    • I very much agree with you Jeff! Embracing the journey is far more beneficial and less stressful, although it is a challenge when faced with the day to day challenges of the experience!

      • So true, Fred. Dealing with the symptoms every day is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. Maybe the process is less like a mountain climb and more like a practice. The other day I heard a very high level concert pianist say, “I eat, sleep and practice.” That resembles what we do, though the symptoms can be challenging even when we eat, or sleep. But I think it’s important to feel the ecstasy of the mountain climb in order to heal, via exercise, singing, yelling “hallelujah” while thrusting your hands above your head, visualizing healing, meditating, resting, etc. …. whatever gets you through that doorway!

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