Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #12 … The Benefits of Shoveling Snow!

snow-shovelAs I sit here watching snow falling on this tranquil Sunday afternoon [we’ve received over seven feet so far this winter] I am reminded of the trepidation I was feeling last fall about spending my first winter on Manitoulin Island. The source of my uneasiness… among other things, tending to a 150 yard long driveway, mostly by myself [Mari is away two weeks every month] on an island known for lots of snow! Turns out my concerns were mostly unfounded.

Yes, we’ve  received a lot of snow, but it has been more than manageable [thanks in part to a couple of very generous neighbors with snowblowers!] and as anticipated, it has been great exercise!

It also provided an unexpected benefit. The first few times I shoveled, I was quite messed up afterwards. The symptoms I experience, especially loss of balance, freezing, irritability and trembling, were really intense! Initially, I attributed it to fatigue, although I didn’t quite buy this explanation. If anything I would have thought the fresh air and exercise would’ve made me feel better. Then Mari said, “What are you thinking about when you’re out there shoveling?” And I realized, that I was spending a lot of time in negative thought, worrying about getting the job done as quickly as possible and making sure I did a good job. I was likely having other detrimental thoughts, but I don’t recall anything specific.

Sure enough, the next time I was out shoveling I was being consciously aware of my thoughts, focusing on positivity and saying hallelujah a lot and lo and behold, I felt much better afterwards!

This experience brought to bear two things. First, the physical impact of negative thinking, and second, how much time I spend in unconscious detrimental thoughts. Perhaps this is an intended benefit of this condition [parkinson’s]… the physical, mental and emotional impact of excessive negative thoughts. It has helped me to be more diligent in being aware of the thoughts I’m thinking. It has also reinforced my belief that eliminating stress, enacting divine self love and living in spiritual consciousness will help me recover my health.

Wishing you a joyful day!


10 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #12 … The Benefits of Shoveling Snow!

  1. Thanks for this insight, Fred. Positive perspective is key to healing! That’s why some people refer to the placebo effect as the perception effect.

  2. Thank you Fred. It is hot as Hades here. 31 degrees. I can handle it by embracing the heat and enjoying it. Infact I’m smiling as I write this. A swi is definietly coming up this evening.

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