Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #10 … Recovery through Reinvention – More from Dr Joe Dispenza!

singing in the rainIn my last post, I talked about four common factors amongst people who have recovered from a variety of health conditions, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dispenza goes on to say  that the single most important factor in the recovery of one’s health is to reinvent your personality. He claims that specific personality traits led to the development of disease and that good health cannot be restored as long as the same personality traits exist.

So, for those of us experiencing a neurological condition [aka parkinson’s disease] we need to reinvent our personality, which is a six step process.

Step 1:

Make a list of all of the personality traits you believe contributed to you developing the health condition you now experience. For me, the traits included, fear, anger, impatience, insecurity, self loathing and spiritual unconsciousness, etc.

Step 2:

Make a list of the new personality traits you believe will lead to your recovery. For me, this list includes becoming spiritually conscious, divinely loving, patient, joyful, tranquil, poised, accepting, etc.

Burn the list you created in Step 1.

Step 3:

Every day, immerse yourself in these new personality traits and do so with an enormous sense of joy. Live, eat and breathe them! Think about them constantly! Review the list periodically throughout the day, every day! Put the list under your pillow every night before you go to bed! Put the new personality traits on yellow sticky notes and place them around the house!

Step 4:

Meditate on these new personality traits using your preferred meditation technique. Again, do so with intensely positive feelings. The more positive the feelings, the sooner you will begin to develop these new traits because the body will soon become addicted to these feelings.

Step 5:

Pray on these new personality traits by giving thanks for them [as if you already have them]. I simply say, “Thank you universal energetic intelligence [God] for bringing me spiritual consciousness, divine love, poise, patience, etc. Thank you for helping me to recreate my personality and thus recreate my experience!”

Step 6:

Every day, practice saying “I am,” followed by one of your new personality traits. For example, “I am patient!” “I am divine love!” “I am deserving!” Whatever you say after I am, will come and find you!

According to Dispenza, the  health condition developed in the body of the old personality and it cannot exist in the body of the new personality.  So before getting out of bed each morning, he asks himself the same question, “What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?” He describes it in more detail in this must see video.

Ensure that everything you do every day [your thoughts, words, actions, behaviors and being] are aligned with this new personality. In doing so, you will be creating new synapses and neural pathways in your brain which will change our internal body chemistry by producing more of the feel good neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin. You will be changing your experience; a healthy experience!

This interview with Dispenza is well worth watching!

Wishing you a joyful new life!


57 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #10 … Recovery through Reinvention – More from Dr Joe Dispenza!

  1. I’m finding more and more that I am needing to find little bits of information from different places like you do. That’s how I finally healed my own illness. Continuing on and looking at all that’s going on in the world, I continue to do this. I was just listening to Teal Swan who I hadn’t listened to much before you mentioned her. She was talking about being careful not to push down parts of ourselves. I posted it in my comments on my last post in case there is anything there for you. These are interesting times. Take care. Your journey inspires many, including myself to keep going.

    • Thank you for these videos Bratzo! I eat 6 to 8 tablespoons of coconut oil a day, but still experience symptoms. It is a very important part of a healthy diet, but not a miracle cure!

    • Thank you for that bit of information Jimmy . I am treading carefully because of my heart palpitations . It is hard to know which info from the internet is genuine. There are many opportunists out there and everything is about money.
      My only bet at the moment is that PD is about bacteria/ food / toxins and vitamin B complex . Malnutrition with vitamin B1 and B3 produces results very similar to what I feel ( PD ) and effect of clostridium and helicobacter pyllory on PD has been established.
      There are many smart and genuine people at this blog and I throughly believe that if we continue to exchange information ( and annoy our neurologists by showing how litt they know ) we will get there .

      Love to everyone

  2. I took that video off my comments. I am careful not to add to the too much info overwhelm right now. I know you get a lot of info too. I support us all finding the pieces we need and know they’re not all the same.
    Blessings always,

  3. Dear PD friends, some time ago I have posted a comment in regards to TMJ and PD but no one have been commenting. PLEASE have a look at this video and feel fortunate if you are living in USA . Long time ago I used to study dentistry ( never finished ) and my cousin ( dentist in Germany) has confirmed info in this video to be correct . It could happen that PD is nothing more but result of untreated inflammation . Remember, PD affects mostly older population and they have one thing in common – they lose teeth , bite changes and the rest was explained in the video .

    • I’m so confused by so much information about possible causes of PD like TMJ, root canals, amalgams etc. I have TMJ and a root canal and running out of steam what next to do. I had my amalgams removed 15 years ago by a biological dentist and I don’t know if it was done right. I’ve done chiro, acupuncture, different diets and been vegan for many years and avoided use of household chemicals and regularly exercise and still got this neurological condition. Sorry for my rants I’m just frustrated.

      • Hi James .
        Please don’t be frustrated or even better , use your frustration to find solution . The way how I see it is – every mulfunction of the body is caused by physical, chemical or psychological elements or by different combination of mentioned elements. As Laurie mentioned, you have to find your missing piece. Someone can get allergic reaction by eating certain food and someone can get all the benefits of that .
        I agree with the opinion that PD is just the reaction of the body out of balance . Many diseases produce similar symptoms as PD and neurologist only use physical symptoms as diagnostic measure – that is pathetic. Neurologists are like a parrots, repeating the same old story and story is 200 years old . When you are rich and healthy you are not stimulated to think laterally ( in general). That is the reason why success came from naturopaths, qui gong and other free thinkers.
        We are all here to share our opinions and experience with different treatments. My contribution is experience with high level of antibiotics and shit transplant (FMT )- not very proud of that but that is what I believe in at the moment.
        Use you feeling to find your belief and tell us about that – your contribution.
        Learn from people who have found solution or at least solution to one part of the problem.

        Love you all and sorry for lengthy reply ( and my English)

      • I would love to learn about your TMJ experience. Did you find a good practitioner and did you experience any benefits?


      • There is no one single cause that applies to everyone. There are a variety of factors that affect people differently. Regardless of the cause, the key to recovery is to return the body to homeostasis.

  4. Thanks for the honest and insightful blog, Fred. I agree with Laurie … you’re on the right track. Keep going! Your journey and your depiction of it are of great value. I’ve read Joe Dispenza’s books and listened to some of his talks. Very affirming. One point he makes which is reinforced by Laurie’s poem is that it’s important to NOT try too hard. He says that people who heal via his type of methods often look back at how smoothly the transition to health went once the right elements allowed it to happen. In other words healing doesn’t come about by trying too hard but by enabling it to flow. He also says the best mindset is to totally accept your current condition (a la Tolle) while maintaining a clear vision and intention for perfect health. That vision and intention prescribed by Dispenza makes acceptance easier for me.

  5. Though an increasing number of folks are with us. Have you read “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Liptton? Didn’t see it on your reading list. The book scientifcally and clearly affirms y(our) core beliefs about perception and healing.

  6. Big fan of Joe Dispenza’s work. I’ve been trying to do more meditation of late, and I’m starting to see pockets of positivity sprout up here and there which is encouraging. I highly recommend looking up some of his videos on YouTube… just go to YouTube and type “Joe Dispenza” in the search bar, and a bunch of really good videos should show up.

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