Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration # 9 … 4 common factors leading to recovery!

recovery2Dr. Joe Dispenza, chiropractor, neuroscientist and author of ‘you are the placebo,’ often talks about a study that demonstrated that people who have recovered their health [from a variety of health conditions] shared four common factors.

First, they all believed that there is a higher intelligence at work. In other words, they all believed in the universal energetic-intelligence we call god and that tapping into this intelligence would help them recover. A part of them understood that the power that created the body had the power to heal the body… and that power was within them.

Second, they all believed that their thoughts create feelings which create their state of being. In other words, they believed that detrimental thoughts created detrimental feelings which led to their health condition. They didn’t believe that their situation came about randomly. They believed it had a purpose.

Third, they believed that they could reinvent themselves and recover their health through their thoughts. They realized that in order to change their experience they needed to change their thoughts and behaviors, and they inherently knew that they had to focus on what they wanted [good health] rather than what they didn’t want [a lifetime of poor health]. What is more, they knew their thoughts had to be greater than their current reality.

Fourth, they made healing their priority. They totally immersed themselves in protocols intended to help them recover.

These people all chose to redefine themselves and their lives! They believed recovery was possible!

Wishing you a new life!


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