Donald Trump … The catalyst for change!

trumpTime will tell, but it appears that Donald Trump is here to serve a divine purpose. He is here to be the catalyst that will polarize humanity in order to bring about change on the planet.

One could say that humanity is currently characterized by negativity and spiritual unconsciousness: corruption, greed, war, crime, discrimination, poverty, abuse … all aspects of fear. We are heading down a very slippery slope at our own collective peril. Something had to come along to jolt us out of our complacency and that something is Donald Trump!

It’s already happening! There was a huge march on Washington on the weekend! The entire planet is on edge! To say that people are scared is an understatement, but if this fear inspires us to change … if it inspires us to become more kind, compassionate, grateful, forgiving and generous … if it guides us to spiritual consciousness … then this is a good thing!

As Gandhi once said, “be the change you want the world to be.” This is a time to focus on peace, love and joy! If Donald Trump scares us in this direction, then this is a good thing and he has served his purpose!


23 comments on “Donald Trump … The catalyst for change!

  1. I am so humbled reading this and uplifted. Amazing things have been happening in the sense of how the light shines light on what seems so dark. My daughter and I were having a conversation about the very things you are speaking of just before I opened FB, Your words of heart and soul are like a punctuation mark. Thank you.

  2. A catalyst for change is a good take away of Trump. Rather you
    like Him or not one thing seems sure He will be stirring the Pot.
    One positive thing that has come out of it already in my opinion is
    that people have become more aware of how controlled Main stream
    Media is. I think that is a huge and important first step. I just hope He
    is not as crazy as so many people think He is.

  3. Hey, Fred. I just came across your blog via searching Google for information on natural/holistic lifestyle choices to support Parkinson’s recovery, and have been orienting myself to your writing on the topic. I was already going to reach out, then I saw your thoughts here on Donald Trump and have yet another thing to chat with you about!

    First, you have really excellent and refreshing perspective—thank you for creating this website and for sharing your writing. Second, are you familiar with the work of David R. Hawkins, and/or have you had any experience with muscle testing like what’s used in Applied Kinesiology?

    I am also navigating the supremely challenging domain of Parkinson’s recovery, and am doing so naturally. I’ve been working with a brilliant energetic health practitioner for the last 9 years, and while I’m still not out of the woods yet, I’ve made progress that is on the edge of miraculous. I mention Applied Kinesiology because it’s a method that allows extremely accurate and specific feedback from one’s own body on precisely what will best support it in healing and restoring balance. It’s an incredible diagnostic tool, and one that allopathic medicine is seriously hampered by not recognizing (which is why they’re limited to addressing the symptoms they can see and miss the factors contributing to a disorders expression, which are frequently invisible).

    I mention David R. Hawkins because he was a pioneer in realizing that the muscle testing can be used in a way that enables research into consciousness itself. The implications of this are massive. He spent the last ~30 years of his life writing numerous books about his research and findings. Truly brilliant man.

    And, this is pertinent to the Donald Trump thing because Hawkins developed a logarithmic scale delineating the spectrum of consciousness that’s possible to express within the human experience. So, using a version of the muscle testing (which is called “Coherence Verification” when applied to consciousness research) you can calibrate the level of consciousness that people are operating at.

    Remarkably fascinating stuff. I wrote a four part series on my blog that looks at Hawkins’ work, describes the muscle testing mechanism at its core (in part two), and looks in depth at the level of consciousness being expressed in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race (in part three).

    You can find the series here:

    Thank you again for your writing and sharing your refreshing perspectives. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your message Ryan! I’m not familiar with Hawkins, but I’m quite familiar with applied kinesiology and muscle testing. I have been muscle testing for 25 years. I clicked on the link and read your first article. It was very informative. Thank you! I’m curious though. How has Hawkins work, applied kinesiology and muscle testing helped you in your efforts to recover your health? Cheers! Fred

      • Great question! When I first started experiencing symptoms back in 2006 I kind of took a dual approach to dealing with it. I started down a more conventional medical path initially, but also began to educate myself about different “alternative” modalities.

        In the allopathic domain I saw specialist after specialist after specialist, and was put through a really intense series of tests, but everything they did became increasingly invasive and produced more questions than answers. After about six months of this it started to occur to me that what I was dealing with was outside the scope of allopathic medicine’s understanding. At that point I started seeing different chiropractors—a few of whom used AK—and finally some questions started to be answered.

        Fast forward another twelve months or so and I was introduced to a man named Eric Burlingame. Eric was an energetic health advisor and human behavior expert who in many ways was expanding Hawkins’ work and incorporating the resulting understanding and discoveries into his own practice. He really shot the specificity available in identifying what was going on with me into another dimension. Serious “whoa” territory.

        So in my work with him (which has been ongoing for about 8 years now) I’ve been able to take everything out of the domain of educated guessing and create an incredibly detailed understanding of what’s going on in my (what he calls) “entire energetic domain.” That’s my physical body, what’s going on in my consciousness (which in many ways has referenced Hawkins’ work and his Map of Consciousness), basically everything else that contributes to the energetic event that is “Ryan.”

        With Eric we’ve been able to ongoingly identify—with laser precision—precisely the modality or nutritional support my body has needed to address the foundational issues underlying the neurological SNAFU. When I first moved to Portland, OR back in 2008 I could barely walk, and now I’m in the last stretch of recovery. Virtually all of the physiological contributors have been resolved, and now it’s primarily about retraining my body/brain to get out of learned and conditioned responses.

        It’s been a very not-fun experience, but boy has it taught me a lot. Recently it seems like things are really turning a corner conceptually, and I’m starting to see how I can create constructive meaning out of this extremely unpleasant and difficult experience of the last ten years. Life is certainly anything but boring. 🙂

      • Thank you so much for sharing your story Ryan! My present focus is on minimizing fear/stress which I believe is what is keeping me in this [PD] experience. Please keep us posted on your progress. Cheers! Fred

      • Hey, Fred. Are you aware of Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock’s work on Parkinson’s recovery? It’s blowing my mind.

        She’s a doctor and acupuncturist who is part of a non-profit that’s devoted to providing free information to people with Parkinson’s on the discoveries coming thought the scores of successful recoveries that she’s been involved in and researched first hand.

        Their main website can be found here: Right now I’m reading her “Recovery from Parkinson’s” book, and it’s reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally making a lot of sense and giving me a radically increased awareness of the underpinnings of this disorder. It’s available as a free download and can be found here:

  4. If you haven’t read “Recovery from Parkinson’s” I think it’ll give lots of valuable insight into the fear/stress thing you’re mentioning. 😉

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