Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #7 … Qigong Breaks!

qigong2I love practicing qigong! Is an essential component of my recovery program. It was the primary component of Bianca Molle’s recovery strategy and an important element of Howard Shifke’s and David Thompson’s recovery protocols.

Qigong exercises help to strengthen organs and glands, energetically! The gentle movements stimulate energy meridian’s in and around the body to promote healing. It is very much a spiritual practice!

What I have discovered, through practice, is that frequent qigong breaks really work well for me. That is to say, I take a specific movement, such as ‘bear swimming in the ocean’ or ‘chi from the universe, chi from the earth,’ and I do it 3 to 9 times, many times throughout the day.

Whether I’m sitting at the computer, shoveling dirt, shoveling snow or doing any other activity, incorporating frequent qigong breaks really energizes me and helps to make me feel great. I also find it really beneficial to alternate qigong techniques with other exercises, such as karate exercises, stretches, core exercises, balance exercises, speed exercises, yoga techniques and insanity exercises. This makes for an excellent all around exercise program.

For examples of different qigong techniques, please check out an earlier blog I posted.



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