Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #5 … The Benefits of Nutraceuticals!

nutraceuticalsThank you so much to Jimmy, who reads the blogs I post, for providing a link to an important article on the benefits of nutraceuticals in treating PD. It was published in the  September 2016 edition of NeuroMolecular  Medicine and contains a lot of medical terminology, but it’s well worth the read.

Nutraceuticals refers to compounds that are derived from natural sources, and these foods or derivatives have been clinically substantiated with reasonable scientific evidence to support their beneficial role in the prevention and/or treatment of a particular disease.

The article has inspired me to drink more green tea, eat more mushrooms and give CoQ10 another try!

In addition to the items listed in the article, I would add fermented foods [including sauerkraut] for their gut healing properties, coconut oil for its brain healing properties, and garlic, for its immune system strengthening properties. I also recommend an adrenal strengthening supplement.

Finally, a reminder to make processed foods elimination and fear/stress elimination an important part of your recovery protocol.

Wishing you many amazing blessings!


13 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #5 … The Benefits of Nutraceuticals!

  1. Fred , thank you for including Susanne’s reply . In my opinion she should be encouraged to go into more details . Everyone would love to know more . It is not very often that we have a storey from someone who is recovering. Susanne , thank you .
    By the way , her reply was written on 4th of January and it was enlisted on 9th of January?!

    Love to all .

      • Minocycline protected dopaminergic neurons and prevented the rotenone-induced cell death – another antibiotic with potential to fight PD

      • Fred , I wish that I could tell you more but I can only repeat what was written in the study . The point that I am making is that there are more and more studies that are leading in direction of useful role of antibiotics in PD fight . Ampicillin- apparently helps with dystonia ( in vitro) ; Mynocycline – helps with rotenone damaged cells . Rotenone is the poison used to induce PD in lab animals ( possibly in farmers too ) . I am on my fourth month of antibiotic cocktail ( I hardly shake- unless excited) . Last point is there are more research in use of vaccines to fight proteins developed in PD .
        All that leads me into direction that PD is caused by bacteria ( or lack of bacteria) in our body . Change of diet can help to alter that balance but is it enough? Does bacteria only start in a gut ? It could arrive from lungs , nose / sinuses etc. and end up in a gut ?!

        At the end there is the question- is it enough to get rid off bacteria to reverse damage ? I personally feel that problems with walk , balance , slow movement , writing , constipation, etc. appeared with my forward bent posture . Prior to that , I only had feelings of electricity running through my left arm ( for 6 years ) . Body’s chemistry is full of cause and effect reactions that run in a circle. Is it possible that certain bacteria producing some chemical or steeling some nutrients and that affects our muscles / nerves , makes them weaker, causing body / spine to bend forward and that due to pressure on neurones causing further snow ball effect?
        Why yoga and Qigong helps ? Is it because we wave our arms through the air or because we are helping our spine to be straight and lower the pressure on the neurones ? Why TMJ , atlas correction and other techniques help ? Definitely it is not because ” apparently dead ” neurones suddenly became alive.

        We are all on the right path – homeostasis through physical, chemical/ food , psychological balance .

        Love you all

      • I think there are several contributing factors [gut health, bacteria, chemical toxicity, inflammation, clogged lymph system, chronic fear/stress, emotional trauma, head/spine injury, destiny] that may or may no apply to everyone. But you are right about homeostasis…it is the key to recovery!

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