Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #3 … I am a better person!

happy-new-yearIn his book, Lucky Man, Michael J Fox calls himself a lucky man! He credits experiencing a health condition with making him a better person! I feel the same way!

I spent much of my life in the pursuit of wealth, success and accomplishments! I was obsessed with accumulating as much money as possible! I was hell bent on success and accomplishing everything in sight! But all that has changed!

Now I measure my wealth by the amount of time I spend each day in peace, love, joy, abundance and bliss!

I measure my success by how accepting I am of my present situation. By how much I trust that my life is unfolding the way it is meant to. And by how much faith I have that no matter what happens I will be okay!

I measure my accomplishments by how much love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness I offer the world!

Oh, I still have my challenges…keeping my thoughts positive, releasing a lifetime of unresolved emotional pain and dissolving anger and fear. But at least now I do so with an understanding of spiritual consciousness, divine love and the purpose of life!

I feel very blessed!

Wishing you a happy New Year and a 2017 filled with peace, love and joy!


22 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #3 … I am a better person!

  1. Right on Jimmy and all the ppl on this site, a year ago I was confined to a bed, today I am walking pretty good and have periods where my hand doesn’t shake at all. I am blessed to not only stop the progression + . Happy New Years !

    • Hi Susanne!
      What are you doing for exercise to
      receive this. Calming your mind?
      Diet? Open your heart?

      Have a nice day!
      MÃ¥rthen from Sweden

      • Hi Marthen,
        I have done a lot to alleviate my symptoms, I started out with homeopathy to help with my metabolism because I was weak like a kitten and couldn’t stand, lost 1/2 of my body weight. Once I gained some strength/weight I started doing Qi Gong, its done in a chair so I didn’t have to worry about falling. Now that I can stand strong, I do yoga almost everyday because I know its more Neurogenic. I take a lot of supplements, but started doing Chlorella because I had heavy metals checked and mine were extremely high, Naturopaths chelated me with IVs but I only got worse. I went through extreme detox periods, but suffered through it knowing that they would get a little bit better each time. That was 3 yrs. ago, now I’m in the rehab part of my recovery and hope to get back to work later this year. I am a retired RN-Acupuncturist, and I am grateful because the knowledge and research I did from bed really is working for me. I don’t know how common my toxicity is with other PD patients, but the Homeopath that I worked with is convinced that PD is 10% genetic, 90% heavy metals toxicity. I don’t know if this is true, but I happen to be grinding my teeth and swallowed an amalgam 3-4 weeks before the first tremor. Something said to me that this isn’t right because I don’t have PD in my family. I should say that I am still on a small amount of Rytary, a medication for PD that is similar to Sinemet, but less side effects, I had such bad dyskinesia with it.
        I hope you find this useful, and I am happy to help anyone with PD if they think they could use my experience to help themselves. As far as the heart goes, the Qi Gong I used was Shen Zheng, that is meant to open the heart, and I have my own brand of spiritually where I talk to Jesus and listen, I prayed and prayed and then prayed some more…..My diet was horrible, I could only eat bread, but now am eating a clean, mostly organic heavy fruits and veges with turkey, chicken but no fish.
        There is so much to what I tried I could write a book, but I will try not to do that here, :.
        Best wishes and Happy New Year, Susanne

    • Thank you so much for your answer.
      Its inspiring to read and hear you
      experience with pd.
      I am happy that you have coming
      so long in your recovery.

      It should be great to have contact
      with you and hear all things you
      are doing.

      You can have my mail from Fred!


  2. happy new year Richard Fred and all people here……………Susanne great ………tell us more about yourr first steps of your recovery….whatt are you doing ?

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