Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #1 … You can recover!

christmas treeYou can recover from PD!

I am baffled by the number of people who believe parkinson’s is incurable! The medical community, PD societies and MJF Foundation are doing everyone a grave injustice by espousing this notion. [And does anyone find it peculiar that these folks are trying to find a cure [with a pill] for something they claim is incurable.]

Actually, Howard Shifke, who recovered his health said it best: “Allopathic medicine has been trying to cure PD for 200 years with pills and they haven’t cured one person, so why would I want to use their approach!”

With an understanding of homeostasis, brain remapping and the ideal that anything is possiblepossible, you know that it is possible to recover.

I urge you to read ‘the road to recovery from parkinson’s disease’ by Robert Rodgers, ‘the brain’s way of healing’ by Norman Doidge, ‘You are the placebo’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and ‘man’s search for meaning’ by Victor Frankl.

I also urge you to read my own book called, The History Teacher 2.0. It is a book all about believing that anything is possible andΒ I really believe it can help anyone who is struggling.

And check out Bianca Molle, David Thompson, Howard Shifke and John Coleman. They, among others, recovered their health. Their stories are inspiring!

Finally, please read my protocol that I posted here on wordpress.

Please ignore anyone who tries to convince you that parkinson’s is incurable. They are misinformed! Believe anything is possible and it is!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


45 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #1 … You can recover!

  1. Hello fred I am very well, i know we can recover from PD i am sure of that…….nothing is incurablle everytthing is posible. i am following your steps to achieve our recovery, with a difference in the diet mine is based on fruits and vegetables.

    I want to ask you about the coq10 supplement … how long have you been taking it and how much do you take daily?
    Merry Christmas!

  2. By the way, Fred – and just for you to know – Friesenpress, your editor, does not work when I try to buy any versions, especially the eBook that should be the easiest, of “The History Teacher 2.0”. Same with Amazon.com.

    It is sure due to my odd country (very small, no street names… that kind of stuff).

  3. Merry Christmas from Sydney. Just to inform you all that I am under antibiotics treatment (3) for Clostridia. Constipation has disappeared next day . Professor who is treating me claims that few Parkinson’s patients have recovered. Waiting period to have appointments was one year . My opinion is that food changes microbiom but it is much faster if you kill bad guys first and then introduce probiotics and FT.
    Regards to everyone and sorry for my English.

    • Thanks a lot for this information, Bratzo. Merry Christmas and Happy New year !

      I remember that the original discovery of the role of antibiotics in PD treatment was discovered serendipitously in Australia by a doctor treating patients for a gut infection by Clostridium Difficile. That was 5 year ago or so. A trial was then conducted with neurologists on 9 new patients, 8 among them were, as far as I know, cured of PD.

      Could you tell us more about your treatment ? About your diet ?

      Frankly, I would happily invest in an airplane ticket to Sydney – I heard it’s a beautiful place, by the way – and a doctor’s appointment.

      Thank you again.

      • Hi everyone from beautiful Sydney . I’ve found about that news at some American site ( science ….. ) . I could not believe that there was a doctor ( Profesor ) who is claiming to help people with PD and MS by using antibiotics and FT. After some research I’ve found that he is few blocks from me . How convenient? After a year waiting for the appointment I’ve met the guy . He is genius , down to earth , funny , smart and service in his hospital was very affordable and extremely professional. It sounds like advertising but that is how it is . First he did colonoscopy and gastroscopy to check for any other causes – all clear . No helicobacter pylori and clostridium cannot be checked in Australia (only in USA – see The Grait Plain Laboratory EXTREMELY informative) . Treatment is 3 to 6 months on antibiotics and then FT ( fecal transfer ) . For FT donor I chose my son because he gives me the shit anyway and half of that will be alcohol ( he is 21) .
        Back to the Profesor – he organised appointment for me with top neurologist ( because I hate neurologists. I tried medication for two weeks and experienced two major anxiety attacks that my son had to restrain me . That was the time when I sad never again . Soon after I’ve found on Wickipedia under neurotoxins that dopamine is neurotoxin- see for yourself . Fred , that was the time that I have found about your blog / site- thank you for quick education. Neurologist was excellent but I feel sorry for him – such a brain and not used . He did his tests – PD 61% affected. Profesor just wanted to confirm that I have PD ( confirmed by two neurologists , one of them Prof ). By the way , neurologist does not believe that Prof can help with PD .
        Profesor believes that food can change microbiom but at the end of the day bacteria idesides what will happen. His idea is to destroy bad guys first ( Helicobacter pylori and Clostridia) and then introduce new healthy microbiom by FT ( that is a guessing part ). There is no enough knowledge regarding the good guys and that is why we need FT .

        Sorry for taking over your blog but I just had to point everyone into the right direction ( my opinion ) . Fred , you can delete whatever you wish . I owe you all that knowledge. Just to add that you guys have all those services in USA and better but getting f… by pharmaceutical industry ( hear too but less ) . Whole procedure cost me app $1500 ( one afternoon in hospital) . Soon some journalists from UK will interview me .

        Regarding my diet – I eat almost everything ( no restrictions but personally I believe in David Thompson approach and trying to adjust to that ).

        One more thing ( did I say that before ) Fred . If you are in Canada you should check on you tube ATLAS PROFILAX , adjustment of the first vertebrae and effect on vagus , muscle strength, gut etc . There is a good practitioner there . It is adjustment by massage and is permanent- in my opinion that is the right thing for everyone . However , research by yourself and ASK YOUR DOCTOR. I can guess what he will tell you . I am planing to do it in Europe ( problem is to get the good one ). While you are there check TMJ and Parkinson’s on you tube .


        Profesor Thomas Borody – Centre for Digestive Disorders ( Sydney – Five Dock ) .

        Medications that I am taking – ( remember, I don’t have Helicobacter pylori)
        Vancomycin 250mg capsules – 2 in the morning and 2 at night
        Metronidazole ( Flagyl 400 mg ) – 1/2 tablet in the morning and 1/2 at night
        Colchicine ( Colgout 500 mccg) – 1 morning and two at night

        After first day plumbing was like never in my life ( 2-3 times ) . Smell in the house was something that stays in your memory forever . I had a high hope that kids will abandon house but no such luck ( joking ) . After almost three months on antibiotics it is like a clockwork ( 2 per day ) . FT will probably start in February if pharma does not offer deal to the Profesor – deal that he cannot refuse . Yes , I can swallow normally and my shaking has reduced .

        If PD didn’t kill you this email will . Sorry to everyone but my intention was to help . One symptom less – after 200 years . If there are any survivors and would like to challenge me for more info – make my day and you Fred , you need your FT from Estonia as someone noticed earlier – you felt better after that trip .


      • Hi Kay . It is hot hear in Sydney , I can imagine how it is in Beautiful Brisbane. My unswerving is already there – Prof Thomas Borody . There are few doctors in the same private hospital and you can get appointment soon . I assume that they all do the same thing but for no reason I have decided to wait . Now , I am happy that I’ve met the genius but every day of constipation is poisoning your body. Hospital is closed until second week in January. Ph 02 97134011


    • Thanks Jimmy, thanks Bratzo,

      @ Bratzo : I guess Prof. Thomas Borody have treated quite a number of PD syndrome sufferer’s with this antibiotics + FT protocol. Did he give you a probability about the expected outcome ?

      This protocol is also advertised by Dr David Perlmutter (USA) – if I’m not mistaking.

      Beginning of this very month, Caltech scientists have published about a proven
      functional link between bacteria in the intestines and PD (Prof. Sarkis Mazmanian et al.)

      Could be groundbreaking news…

      • Hi Richard . I am happy that you replied. Somehow I can sense that you have good investigative brain .
        No . He is not an idiot or snake oil salesman . He just told me that few people recovered and he does not know 100% why but he has his suspicions. He also told me that USA started all that and he cooperates with some USA company in regards to production of FT capsules. It is EXTREMELY important who you are getting your FT from – you can replace your PD with cancer or HIV . Also , age of the donor- should be younger . That is why I have selected my son even that there is a risk of sharing similar microbiom but I usually say that his bacteria is so dumbed from mistreatment that will not know how to produce any disease.Just to mention that he was a part of the Australian research team that received .Nobel Prize for the role of Helicobacter pylori and stomac ulcers. He did not receive prize but he developed treatment for H pylori.
        Sarkis is another genius ( my opinion ).
        What I am thinking is how to reverse damage ? Is new bacteria enough or we need vaccine ( which are in a research phase )?
        I have so much to say but I don’t know how to operate stupid I pad and blog . Does not copy and paste like in emails.
        Like reversing dystonia with ampicillin.
        Another report by some Australian guy – comparing all approaches in regards to vaccines / antibodies activation etc . Fantastic report . Surprisingly- green tea is there .

        To add – I eat more vegetables and psyllium husk, just a little fruit , no milk products .

        Something for Fred – your obsession with fear ( and mine ) is caused by bacteria, like many other psychiatric/ psychological illnesses. Why ? I have developed unreasonable fear from dogs – even that until I had 3 large dogs and Iove them . I had a feeling that they could smell something and they were pouncing at me during my walk . Mmm, that is not happening any longer . Maybe was my walk but somehow I connect that to the report from UK about women who can smell people with Parkinson’s.

        Ok . Now you think that I am lost in a la la land . Who cares , just start clapping your wings in a right direction and maybe we will start the storm . Maybe start by telling your neurologist that he is educated idiot ?

        Love you all

      • Richard , would you be able to send a link in regard to that connection ? I would like to show that to Prof Borody .

  4. I must apologise for my inexplicable rage towards some neurologists , scientists and pharma but in regards to PD they did not deserve to be paid. If they’re normal tradesmen you wouldn’t pay them for such achievements- 200 years of nothing.
    Message to PD – ” NO PASARAN ”

    Love you all

  5. Fred , somehow I’ve missed your question about magnesium oxide . It works most of the time but I prefer to remove the cause if clostridium is the cause plus hopefully receive some additional benefits.
    It is a big difference how gut getting empty now . Somehow it is more complete now .
    In USA you can send your urine to the lab and test for clostridium -app $200 .
    I gave you the name of the lab previously.

    • “Richard , would you be able to send a link in regard to that connection ? I would like to show that to Prof Borody. ”

      My pleasure. I checked.

      But Pr Borody shouldn’t be much surprised… for he is the very gastroenterologist who made that initial discovery, on a 73 years old patient, in Sydney… πŸ™‚

      The initial hypothesis was formulated by Heiko Braak, a professor working in Frankfurt, Germany.

  6. Thank you Richard . You are good . Should work for CIA πŸ˜€ . Profesor Borody told me that Prof Braak from Germany was trying to contact him but Braak only speak German . However , Braak was doing autopsies of hundreds PD patients and found out that Alfa synuclein arrives to the brain from periphery- gut . Recently Braak has received award from MJF FOUNDATION.
    I would like to see what Prof Sarkis has to say . He is extremely knowledgeable and smart .
    We are getting closer every day but question is can damage be reversed – new research with chemical aducanumab ( or something like that confirming that it can ).

  7. There is one other peace of the puzzle . Hormonal influence- testosterone. They are researching cancer medication Nilotinib which apparently regulates testosterone and many PD have experienced benefit. Stronger muscles in the back > straight posture > better balance > better walking > more confidence . Drug was already approved for cancer . It was confirmed to me by one recovered ( almost ) PD that supplementation by testosterone made miraculous change to him . Hormones are mostly made from fat – coconut oil ???
    Ayurveda treats PD as problem with sugar/ fat metabolism.
    Probably some bacteria that stuffs up carbs metabolism and that is why fibre and fat helps .
    Sorry . Went too far .

    Love to all

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