My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 254 … What has sustained me during this experience!

doveI recently received an email from a blog reader and friend who I have been corresponding with for the past year. He has been having a very difficult time, particularly because, until recently, he did not know what he was dealing with. He has now been diagnosed with dystonia, but he continues to struggle.

Even though the challenges of dystonia are closely related to PD it is not always easy to know what to tell someone who is having difficulty, particularly when it is long distance through a computer. So I thought it best to share with him what has helped me.

This is what I told him has sustained me through my experience:

  1. The unwavering belief that it is possible to recover from this condition [which it is] and that I will recover. I just have to return my body to homeostasis!
  2. The assertion that this condition the medical community calls parkinson’s disease is just an experience. It is neither good nor bad. I do not have a disease per se, nor do I consider myself a victim.
  3. Understanding that this experience has a purpose: to guide me to understanding how to achieve homeostasis, spiritual consciousness and self love.
  4. My constant focus on the things I need to do to return my body to homeostasis: eat healthy foods,detoxify, exercise, bodywork, eliminate stress, dissolve emotional pain and fear, remap my brain by retraining my mind and body, and spiritual practice.
  5. Constantly expressing gratitude for everything I have gained from this experience.
  6. Knowing that I am helping others by sharing my experience through my blog.

We will all be given challenges. This is the inescapable reality of life! If we do our best, accept the situation and continually ask ourselves what we can learn from the experience, we will be okay!

Have an awesomely accepting day!

10 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 254 … What has sustained me during this experience!

  1. Please tell this person that there is a man who reverses dystonia by devising a personalised choreography of movements for each individual case that works on neuroplasticity. His technique can be used for PD but is mainly known for its success with all types of dystonia. Please tell your friend to look at Dr Farias’s website at He is working with me in June 2017! He has a long waiting list!

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