My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 252 … Compassion!

edisonYou’ve probably heard the story of Thomas Edison’s quest to create the light bulb. I’m paraphrasing here, but supposedly Edison tried many, many times unsuccessfully to create the light bulb before he finally did it. When asked if he ever felt like a failure, Edison responded by saying, “No, I just discovered 1000 different ways not to make a light bulb.”

To have tried so many times, regardless of the exact number, I can only imagine that Edison must have been a very doggedly persistent person. He must also have been an incredibly patient, understanding and compassionate man. He couldn’t have been too hard on himself.

I could certainly use some of this compassion right now because I tend to be a little hard on myself particularly as it relates to three things. First, for my daily struggles [which I surely do] with this health condition I am experiencing. Yes, from time to time I get to the point when I’ve had enough and get terribly frustrated, yelling at myself and the universe like a kid being scolded by their parent. Second, for all the inappropriate things I did in my life before I became spiritually conscious. It’s a long list and I’ve felt a lot of shame and regret. Third, for my inability to accomplish all of the things I set out to accomplish in my life. I’ve missed the mark on so many things and experienced considerable disappointment.

But then it occurred to me that perhaps, all of these struggles, regrets and disappointments are my thousand light bulbs. They are the experiences I needed to guide me to the life I now live…one that is spiritually conscious, divinely loving and unconditionally compassionate towards others.

Compassion, simply put, is the desire to want someone to feel better. And so, I am now being guided towards self-compassion. To give myself and my life the same empathy, understanding, patience, acceptance and trust that I give to others. To do this I simply remind myself that I’m doing my best [and always have] with what I’ve learned and no matter what happens, I’ll be okay! I also remind myself that what I am experiencing has a purpose, which is to guide me to everything I have, and will, learn!

Have an awesomely compassionate day!

PS … When the laboratory Thomas Edison was building caught fire, he reportedly said, “Tell everyone to get out here! This is the best fire they’re ever going to see!” I guess a sense of humor also helps!


10 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 252 … Compassion!

  1. I would call what you share a ‘Heroes Journey’ as Joseph Campbell writes about…and also what you share is a reminder we are all ‘Walking Each Other Home.’ We are gifted through the heart and soul of your writings about your journey with Parkinson’s. I love the line in this one, “perhaps all of these struggles, regrets, and disappointments are my thousand light bulbs.” The light that shines feels of hope and promise for all whether they suffer physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Cloud! That is so kind of you to say! Indeed, we are all in this together, and eventually, we will be in it consciously! Wishing you many blessings on your day!

  2. Thanks for another wonderful article! You are such a great writer and it is a great thing you do writing about your experience. I truly relate to your frustrations and yet I know in a strange way it has broadened our outlook on life. Please be kinder to yourself and don’t put a blame on your condition.

  3. Great post, Fred, I think Edison had loads of patience and did not want to give up. He is a great model for people who want to give up after even the first attempt.

  4. Hi Fred,

    Since i do not know your mail adress i had to post this comment.

    Please share this earthshaking development with your follwers. Two french proffors had come up with an enormously great finding about the real cause of parkinsons, which is the deficiency of 3 hormones in slwep wake system. They also find the way how to cure it, which means stopping at least the progress of the disease. According to the videos on their web site, they are preparing to launch these hormone drugs by 2017.


    Merve from Istanbul, Turkey

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