My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 248 … If I Could Talk to Jesus About Fear!

JesusIn my quest to understand and dissolve the fear that led to the neurological condition I am experiencing, I continue to receive new ideas and perspectives that will eventually lead to a breakthrough and recovery.

I’ve already learned a great deal about fear on this journey. I’ve learned that I came in to this life to immerse myself in fear in order to truly understand it. I’ve also learned that fear is just a feeling created by a thought, and in that respect, it’s no different than happiness. Most importantly, I’ve learned that fear serves a higher purpose, which is to guide us to self love and spiritual awakening.

In my last post, I wrote about how non-judgment of our experiences and ourselves can help liberate us from fear. If I could talk to Jesus [or Abraham, Buddha or Mohammad], I am quite confident he would agree. In fact, I’m certain he would expand  on this notion.

Jesus would tell us that it is not our purpose to:

  • Be perfect in any way
  • Avoid our fears
  • Please others, particularly when it compromises our values
  • Dominate or be better than others
  • Tell others how to live their life
  • Compromise ourselves
  • Worry about the future or stay stuck in the past
  • Hold on to emotional pain
  • Win at all costs
  • Be rich, famous and or powerful
  • Be fearless at all times
  • Allow our sense of lovability, worthiness, adequacy and empowerment to be determined by whether we are loved, wanted, accepted or appreciated by others
  • Stay stuck in fear, especially the fear of death

Jesus would tell us fear is not inherit in our nature. It is something we are taught. He would tell us that our true purpose is to experience, learn and evolve. It is to do our best in the present moment. It is to act with integrity. It is to understand and honour our values. It is to forgive and let go of the past. It is to let go of our emotional pain. It is to practice acceptance, trust and faith. It is to be good stewards of the planet and our natural resources. It is to be kind. It is to enact our innate self love. It is to become spiritually conscience.

I believe he would tell us that if we did these things [and quite frankly, it’s not all that difficult] we could live without fear. And how awesome would that be?

The journey continues!

Have an awesomely purposeful day!


9 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 248 … If I Could Talk to Jesus About Fear!

  1. My oldest son, who is a deputy sheriff, is going through a deep challenge right now. I prayed for answers that might help and boom, here I am. I love talking with spirit, through spirit,..Jesus, Great Spirit, Budha, etc, as you said. Your thoughts on what Jesus would tell us are especially powerful. I am thankkful for your guidance and inspiration. I love the way prayers are answered.

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