My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 245 … Chiropractic Update…I can sing again!

choirI went for my second chiropractic treatment on Monday and I’m thrilled to tell you that the results so far have been phenomenal!

After my first treatment, my jaw was moving more freely, my posture was better, my balance was better and I was trembling less. Β The second treatment was even more profound. While I was laying face down on the table, I was having difficulty swallowing, but didn’t say anything. Then the chiropractor made an adjustment and instantaneously, I was swallowing better. The next morning when I woke up I discovered that I had regained my singing voice! By opening up my throat I recovered my voice. Words cannot possibly describe the feeling of being able to sing again! [I need to tell Linda Ronstadt!]

At the end of the session, the chiropractor gave me a couple more exercises to do. The first one involves lying face down on the bed, arms at the side, palms up, elbows touching the bed. Then lift the right leg up as high as possible [leg straight]. Hold for 5 seconds, then lower and raise the left leg. Repeat 2-4 more times. This routine is meant to strengthen the back muscles.

The next exercise is more of stretch. Go on your knees on the bed, feet hanging over the side, butt resting on your knees, chest resting on your thighs, stretching your arms out as far as you can.

The chiropractor also encouraged me to do a breathing exercise. Take a deep abdominal breath in, hold for 5 seconds , then slowly exhale. At the end of the exhale do 3 short abdominal exhale bursts to clear out any remaining stale air from the lungs. Repeat.

Those of us experiencing a neurological condition tend to become more hunched and stooped over time. Also, because we are in a constant Β state of fight-or-flight our necks and throats tend to tighten up. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With bodywork, technique, practice and diligence, we can retrain ourselves to stand proud! And then listen to us sing!

Have an awesomely melodic day!


17 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 245 … Chiropractic Update…I can sing again!

  1. Wow how wonderful you found your singing voice again. I liked the back exercises. I’m going to try this. I don’t know if I have visited or shared since I broke my L3 but I did and I’m still recovering. One of my main problems is the soft tissue damage and I started to get back into swimming laps but once I got into the pool getting out what hard so I think I’ll start slow. I love that you were able to regain muscle use of your jaw. That is really amazing and wonderful I’m happy for you Fred! Blessings and hugs to you! Michelle

    • It’s so nice to hear from you, Michelle, and I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you are well. I’m doing great! Every day is truly an adventure! Sending you healing energy! Fred

  2. Hi Fred
    How awesome to have such great success! Congratulations πŸ˜„
    Are you going back? What kind of adjustments does he do?


  3. Hi Fred, Sitting here @ Rama. Won $70 πŸ’° what will I spend it on ? Read your blog re:chiropractor I feel like singing with you. I’m so, so Happy you are experiencing good results from this. … Big hugs …Polly

    • That’s awesome, Polly! You just brought a huge smile to my day! I’m gonna take a wild guess and suggest life is treating you well…as you so much deserve! Hugs back at you! Fred

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