My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 243 … The key to recovery: Remap the brain by retraining the mind and body!

neural pathwaysRemapping the brain! It’s what the book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, by Norman Doidge, is all about. Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses it at length in his book, You are the Placebo. Both authors take the position that any neurological condition can be overcome by creating new synapses and neural pathways in the brain.

A year ago, I discovered that when I count while walking, my walking improved immensely. Then a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I could retrain my body to walk normally all the time by resetting my gait any time I found myself shuffle-walking. I’ve been doing so ever since and my walking has improved significantly.

Shortly after that, I theorized that I could stand normally [with proper balance] by correcting the communication pathways between the balance detection centers [in the eyes, inner ears and soles of the feet], and the muscles in my back and legs that are responsible for balance. So I started retraining my mind and body by constantly reminding myself to keep my back street, shoulders square, chin up, eyes up and feet shoulder-width apart, the essentials of good balance. I also remind myself to take big steps when I move. Since beginning this retraining process, my balance has improved considerably.

Then I theorized that I could retrain myself to live fearlessly by retraining my mind through an inner dialogue. In essence, I would teach myself what I would have wanted to learn as a child. So I have begun the retraining process where I ask myself [my inner child] a series of questions [I will explain this in detail in my next blog] intended to demonstrate that I actually have nothing to fear.

Next up, trembling! I considered how I could retrain myself to stop trembling. But how do you teach yourself to do this? Then I remembered a few things. First, my body doesn’t tremble when I’m sleeping. Nor does it tremble just before bedtime or when first I wake up in the morning. It also doesn’t tremble when I’m in or around water, laughing, exercising or playing golf. I experience trembling when I’m in a worrying/fearful/stressed/agitated state, but I am fine when I’m in a restful/relaxed/happy/doing state.

Hence, the solution! In order to stop trembling I need to remap my brain by retraining my mind and body to be in a joyful/tranquil state…all the time. And I can do this through meditation, sitting in silent solitude, laughing, involving myself in joyful activities, spending time in nature and doing what I love. [Perhaps this is the whole point of this condition…to guide us to this way of living.]

In essence, what I’m intending to do, is train my mind and body to be in a loving/tranquil/joyful state all of the time in order to first, eliminate symptoms, and second, completely recover. I’m going to accomplish this by creating new synapses and neural pathways, and thus, remap my brain!

If this retraining/remapping process sounds rather simple, it is, but what I have learned so far, is that it is a full-time endeavour. It requires constant diligence and ongoing dialogue. However, I know it is possible because I already figured out a long time ago that I could offset slowness of movement by doing speed exercises and I could overcome voice softening by yelling. I just didn’t think of it in terms remapping the brain.

Add brain remapping to a healthy diet, detoxification, joyful exercise and bodywork, and I now have my recovery protocol πŸ™‚

What an adventure this is!

Have an awesomely adventurous day!

5 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 243 … The key to recovery: Remap the brain by retraining the mind and body!

  1. I did something similar. What I found for me that helped everything was to find an effortless loving place to begin…or to find a bit of rest in. I don’t think I could have trained my mind fully enough to heal itself. It was interesting for me with the illness being in the mind. I found the heart does this without training. I was happy to discover a place of rest…just in case some part of that is helpful. πŸ’›

  2. After I write my comment, I realized of course you have that space of rest. I offer my prayers to your process. Seems more people are trusting their own perfect path. I honor yours. I never want to sound otherwise.

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