My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 240 … It’s What You Believe!

empowermentBaseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical! These are the immortal words of legendary New York Yankees catcher, Yogi Berra! While Yogi’s math was a little off, his sentiment was right on!  And the same holds true for those of us recovering from a chronic health condition. Our mental attitude is paramount! More to the point, what we believe is the key our recovery!

If you believe what the medical community, the Michael J Fox Foundation and all the various Parkinson’s societies around the world are espousing, that this condition is degenerative, progressive and incurable, then your chances of recovery are almost nil. If, on the other hand, you believe that this condition is curable and that you will recover, then you will!

You may have seen the video of the fellow who has been using dance to neutralize his symptoms. When he received his diagnosis, he was told that he could expect to live normally for about five years, after which his condition would get progressively worse and he would eventually end up in a wheelchair. Can you imagine hearing this!? Perhaps you did!

What a thing to tell someone! First, it’s simply not true [I started experiencing symptoms 13 years ago and I’m not in a wheelchair. I’m doing just fine. I’m still driving and I don’t take medication!]. Second, what a way to dash someone’s hopes. To tell them, essentially, they have no chance. Fortunately, the fellow didn’t listen to his neurologist. Nor should you! Too many people have recovered their health for us to believe that our condition is incurable.

What if, instead, we had been told by our neurologist that we were experiencing an adverse neurological condition. Our neurotransmitter’s are out of balance from being in a chronic state of stress due to the thoughts we have been thinking [because this is in fact, what is going on in our bodies], and in order to recover our health we need to change our thoughts, remap our brain and retrain our body. It is conceivable our experience would be entirely different.

It is conceivable that rather than throwing our welfare into the hands of our neurologist, taking medication and hoping for the best, we would have taken the bull by the horns and gotten down to the serious business of recovering our health. Change my thoughts? I can do that! Eat healthy foods? I can do that! Get plenty of exercise? I can do that! Meditate? I can do that! Laugh a lot? I can do that! Etc!

Not only is it important that you believe you can recover, it is also critical that you believe in your protocol, whatever that protocol is. Bianca Molle’s protocol of choice was a 3 hour a day qigong practice. John Gray focused on supplements. David Thompson emphasized detoxification. Howard Shifke focused on diet, qigong and meditation. John Coleman used a combination of modalities. All recovered their health! Whatever your protocol, if you believe it will work, it will!

I believe I will recover my health! I have believed this since day one!  If the body can heal from a cut or broken bone, it can heal from anything! I also believe [based on my experience] that I have some things to learn [perhaps, to teach others] and once I’ve learned what I need to, I will recover!

Have an awesomely believable day!


23 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 240 … It’s What You Believe!

  1. i love this post ……….full of positiive energy inspiring and true
    I read it again and again
    I also I have been over 10 years since the first symptoms, I have 51 years old, not taking medication.

  2. yes fred i have read him i love Eckhart Tolle……..I learned a lot his wisdom and also love DAVID R HAWKINS
    something I can tell you that we will emerge victorious in this journey of more day more with parkinson is one day less without parkinson

  3. Hi Fred, Hi Jimmy, Hi Everybody,

    Fred, I’m always surprised that you do not mention Dr Janice Walton-Hadlock’s work. Even though I do not agree with most of her affirmations – not scientific enough in my opinion – pages 207 onward of her main book is at least food for thought. And she claims a lot of cures…

    The book is published but also available for free on her site.

  4. Hi Richard, I read all the books. Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock. she studied biological sciences … her books, studies as well as their work is based on traditional Chinese medicine, from my point of view, her studies have scientific merit.
      a general idea she holds in conclusion that chronic fear is the main cause of parkinson’s disease….. something we already know, this causes blocking the release of dopammina (fight-flight response).
    she says dopamine cells do not die instead remain dormant until a new call, this dopamine activation will happen when the patient is able to open the heart and live life from the emotions that allow life (happiness joy peace, love etc.),
    in her book she describes the way she heal herself from this neurological condition (parkinson) she includes photographs before and after

  5. hi Fred,
    I completely agree with you! We should never stop trying to find the right way for us back to health!
    I believe we can get well!
    Fred,i remember in your writings that you talk about a ketogenic diet. Are you on that diet? How does it work for you? What do you eat?
    Have you done a gene test – ie 23 and me to see if you have a methylation defect?
    Thank you for your writing! I love it! I look forward to receiving them!

    • Hi Barbara. Yes, I’m on a high fat diet. I can’t say that it is strictly ketogenic [at least 75% fat], but I am close. I eat a lot of coconut oil, avocados and pork fat. I eat almost no sugar or fruit. For carbohydrates, I eat mostly green vegetables, buckwheat and quinoa. I have felt much better since going on this diet. I’ve not done a gene test for methylation defect. What does this involve? Wishing you many blessings on your day! Cheers! Fred

  6. Hi Fred,
    The best test is It can tell you a lot!
    I hope you look at the website and see if it interests you. Knowing that I have a methylation disorder has helped a lot.
    Also … Yes we have to get rid of fear! But how?!

    • Hi Barbara. Did you use 23andme? If so, how was your experience?

      How to dissolve fear is indeed the million dollar question! It has challenged me for the past two years. The approach I’m taking now is to train myself to live fearlessly [because somewhere along the line, I learned to live in fear]. So I maintain a frequent dialogue with myself, as if I’m teaching and talking to a young child [because it really is the wounded inner child inside of us who is feeling fearful. It’s not the logical adult us]. I remind myself of all of the things I spoke about in a recent blog I posted. I remind myself that I’m doing my best and that whatever the situation is that I have to deal with, there is always, always a solution. I am also a teaching myself that the fear I’m feeling is because I believe I have a problem but in this moment, I have no problem on all. And when the moment comes that I have to deal with this problem I will understand that it is not a problem at all, but rather, simply a situation I have to deal with.

      I hope this is been helpful!

      Wishing you many blessings on your day!

      • HI Fred
        I did 23andme 2 years ago. They did it for me for free because I have Parkinsons. I dont know if they still do that. You could ask them.
        Taking the test helped me alot. It told me that I have gene abnormalities and what they are. I am working with a doctor who has been trained to understand this and it helps to understand what has gone wrong in my body.
        Methylation is important. It is basically how our body detoxes. My genes are a problem and i am working on trying to help my body detox.
        thank you for your blog!

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