The Perils of ‘I Think!’

chihuahuaWhile reviewing the manuscript for my second novel, I realized that I was using, ‘I think,’ a lot! In this moment of realization, it occurred to me that this is not a good thing!

I think, doesn’t exactly instill an air of confidence or assurance in what you’re saying. Case in point. You’re having a problem with your car, so you take it to your mechanic. He checks it over. You ask him, “What’s the problem?” His response, “I think it’s the transmission!” “You THINK it’s the transmission?!” I have a six hour drive ahead of me this weekend! What exactly do you THINK it’s going to cost me to fix this problem?” “Oh, I don’t have to think about that! I KNOW what its going to cost you!” “I see!”

Other situations where I think could be a problem. “Hey Private, is the pin in that hand grenade?” “I think so Sarg!”

Or how about … “Honey, is our pet boa constrictor back in its tank?” “I think so!” “Oh good, the neighbors are coming over and they’re bringing their chihuahua, Bubbles!”

If you are providing somebody with important information or giving them an assessment of a situation, you don’t have to precede with, I think.  If you are saying it, you must think it, so saying, I think, is redundant.

Back to my novel. Although it is a novel, it has a message. A very important message [feeling good about yourself]! And I don’t want its significance to be missed due to the use of, I think! I want readers to know that I believe in what I’m saying. Hence, a lot of editing, or should I say, deleting! No more, I think!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I think I’m going to have breakfast!

Have an awesomely certain day!


6 comments on “The Perils of ‘I Think!’

  1. I think it’s going to be a good novel….. no, I know it’s going to be a good novel.
    You are so right with the “I think”. If I get that as an answer I usually ask – well yes or no! I want definite answers.
    And I am going to have breakfast now… have been thinking about that. 🙂

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