My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 234 … How to minimize fear!

doveThis morning I realized I have been feeling a lot of apprehension about living here on Manitoulin Island this winter. It’s the same sort of angst I was feeling about moving here in the first place and it seems to have crept up on me unwittingly. Then I was concerned about moving 6 hours away from my family, living in isolation on a lake 15 minutes from town, by myself for two weeks of the month. So far, it has been great!

Now I’m concerned about living here in the winter, in isolation, on my own for two weeks of the month, dealing with the snow and firewood, up and down the stairs, shoveling the driveway and ensuring that the road is sufficiently plowed in order for me to get to town once or twice a week. My goodness, what if there is an emergency or power outage [I am imagining what is going on in the mind of my unconscious mind!].

Like it has been so far, I expect that I will get along just fine. But that is the conclusion of my rational, conscious mind. It seems that my unconscious mind thinks differently. Hence the apprehension/anxiety/fear!

As I have written before, it seems that I’m predisposed to fear due to my upbringing and life experiences. My subconscious mind has been programmed to believe that the future is to be feared rather than treated as an adventure! And so I have to remind myself what I taught my karate students before I retired from teaching about how to deal with fear. This means reminding myself of the few things.

First, fear is a feeling created by a thought, so I need to change my thoughts.

Second, I need to bring my attention into the present moment. Fear is the result of a negative thought about a future event. When we bring our attention fully into the now there is nothing to fear.

Third, I need to focus on doing my best. One of the most common fears, is the fear of failure. When you focus on doing your best you always succeed. I need to remind myself that I will do my best to handle every situation I face, be it shoveling the driveway, dealing with a power outage or whatever!

Fourth, I need to remind myself to make a plan and prepare appropriately. One of the things that causes us to feel fear is the unknown [when we don’t know how things are going to turn out]. When we plan and prepare, we go long way towards eliminating this fear.

Fifth, I need to remind myself that I’m acting with integrity. Something else it causes us to feel fear is the idea being caught for doing something inappropriate. I’m not doing anything inappropriate. I’m following the rules and I’m doing my best.

Sixth, I need to remind myself that fear is meant to guide us to self love and living with acceptance, trust and faith. It has a purpose! It is difficult to feel good about yourself or love yourself when you’re feeling fear. It inspires is to seek change, to find courage. When we live courageously, we feel good about ourselves and we enact self love!

Seventh, I need to speak to that wounded child inside me and let him know that he/I am safe. I know I’ll be okay, but that little boy doesn’t. I need to reassure him!

Eighth, I need to remind myself to act like a kid again and live life like an adventure. I have a choice, I can live fearfully or adventurously. Given the impact on my health, the choice seems rather evident.

Ninth, I need to face my fears. Just like I moved here and discovered that my fears were unfounded, I need to take the same approach with winter living. Yes, it will likely be more challenging, but I will be okay!

Tenth, I need to remind myself that for every difficult situation I face, there’s always, always a solution. No problem is insurmountable. Every fear can be overcome.

Eleventh, I need to remind myself to live in gratitude. The more I express gratitude, the more I become predisposed to it and the less likely I am to fall into fear.

Lastly, in those moments when I’m feeling fear, all I have to do is look skyward, raise my fists, take a deep breath, smile and yell hallelujah! End of fear!

A tranquil, trusting mind is essential for my recovery. I believe that I’ve been placed in this situation in order to find acceptance, trust, faith and tranquility under challenging circumstances; to dissolve all fear in order to live in peace, love, joy and bliss!

Hallelujah indeed!

Have an awesomely fearless day!


28 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 234 … How to minimize fear!

      • Richard, the answer is YES, Fred’s protocol is the key to recovery is very complete, includes meditation, exercise and diet
        I studied Biology and I am familiar with living systems and regarding this ,, i can tell you that everything in the universe is energy, everything in the cosmos moves with energy and living beings also conform to this universal law.
        This energy called “Chi or Qi” according to ancient Chinese wisdom, reaches the body and is mainly distributed THROUGH 12 energy channels distributed throughout the body, called meridians, which are more sensitive to changes and faster than the nervous system, this energy transported to the body at the cellular level is used to perform all the chemical functions of the body, when there is a disruption of this energy in any of the 3 levels of our being(physical , mental spiritual) or when the information is not consistent between 3, comes a imbalance, called “the disease”.

        To better understand this, it is important to explore the relationship between body, mind and spirit
        It is important to know that the body does not have the capacity to experience by it self .. All body sensations to be experienced in something greater, that is the mind. Surprising as it may seem, the mind can not experience itself. the mind is experienced due to the energy field of consciousness itself.
        The principle is that everything is experienced from a field of energy that is less restrictive and less limited; each is always experienced in something that is larger. Because consciousness, we know what is happening in the mind. Because the mind, we know that we receive the body sensations. Therefore, we can see that what we really are is removed from the body in several levels, which makes it quite clear that we are not only the body. We are aware that it is in the infinite field of consciousness.

        A basic principle of the recovery is that we are subject to what we keep in mind. Thought patterns of the mind are belief systems, so all negative feelings then contribute to the disease, including pride, anger, desire, fear, suffering, apathy, and guilt indicate something which it is harmful to life. When I think about this one word comes to my mind “TOXINS” these are “MENTAL POISON” that materialize, invading the body and sickening.
        The mechanics of negativity shock acupuncture system and the autonomic nervous system. This in turn alters and impairs electrical sensitivity and chemical processes occurring in the cells, resulting in pathological changes in anatomy and dysfunction of your body.

        We found then we have to stop criticizing, thoughts of `attack ‘, critical thoughts and the thoughts of judgment. We need to stop ourselves in the position to be right and make the others are wrong. A thought of love cure, and a negative thought generates disease. The choice to become a loving person leads to the release of endorphins in the brain, which have a profound effect on the health and happiness of the body.

      • There’s no doubt we can Richard! Check out the books, ‘you are the placebo,’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and ‘the brain’s way of healing,’ by Norman Doidge. You have both about neuroplasticity in repatterning the brain!


  1. Hello Fred, I would firstly like to thank you for all your amazing blog posts, I have been reading them for some time now. My mum was diagnosed with parkinson’s nearly 3 years ago and since then I have been looking into different things she could do to slow down the progress. I have come to understand that lifestyle, like in many other diseases, is truly the key factor of recovery.

    I have also come across this youtube video and was wondering if I can get your comment on it?

    Thank you very much.

    • Thank you so much Mirjana! Attitude and lifestyle are integral parts of the healing process.

      I don’t know a lot about John Gray [I’ve seen this video before], but I believe, if someone believes they can recover their health through an intensive supplementation program and they take the right supplements, they will recover.

      Please tell your mother I wish her well!

      Wishing you many blessings on your day!

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