My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 230 … A simple technique to promote recovery!

skyRecovering from this neurological condition [parkinson’s]] is mostly about restoring body chemistry. It’s about ‘convincing’ the neurotransmitters that are produced in our brains [mostly dopamine and serotonin] and the hormones that are produced in our endocrine system [mostly adrenaline and cortisol] to return to normal  levels. We want more dopamine and serotonin and less adrenaline and cortisol. Which the body wants as well by the way. It wants to be in homeostasis.

Now, a few things need to happen for this to occur. First, the gastrointestinal tract, immune system and lymphatic system need to be in good working order, and the body  needs to be in an alkaline state, free of inflammation and toxic chemicals. This can all be accomplished with a healthy diet, detoxification and exercise [and maybe a couple of colon cleanses].

Next, ideally, all of our muscles, bones, cartilage and tendons, especially in the jaw, neck and back, need to be on their proper place. This can be achieved through stretching, yoga, qigong and bodywork [I did four years of Body Stress Relief].

Next, we need to dissolve as much unresolved emotional pain [shame, grief, guilt, bitterness, etc.] as we can through acceptance and forgiveness. Acceptance of the truth that all of our experiences have had a purpose, including the unpleasant ones, and that is to guide us to spiritual awakening. Forgiveness of ourselves and others for the inappropriate things we have done and for the inappropriate things others have done to us through the knowledge that we did these things at a time when we were spiritually unconscious and didn’t feel good about ourselves.

Finally, and most important, we need to get our minds and bodies out of the chronic fear-created fight-or-flight state. This is essential because fear is at the root of this neurological condition. It is fear that puts us in the fight/flight mode.  I’ve written many blogs about it since coming to this understanding three years ago when I had  a series of panic attacks… and I will be writing more.

In order to live fearlessly, we need to dissolve the detrimental beliefs that are at the root of these fears, including the core beliefs that we are unlovable, unworthy, inadequate and powerless.

I recently started using a very simple technique take myself out of the fear state and put myself in a happy state, and in the process, begin repatterning my mind/brain and body. The technique is this: I look up to the sky, take a deep breath, smile and yell, HALLELUJAH! I do this many many times a day, whether I’m feeling fear or not.

In his book, You are the Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza profiles political analyst and magazine editor Norman Cousins who was diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness. Cousins used a regimen of vitamin C and laughter in order to recover his health. This regimen put him in a very happy, positive state and literally changed his body chemistry mostly through the release of endorphins.  The technique I have been using is intended to accomplish the same thing, so I do it a lot. And I’m finding that it, along with watching comedy videos on Youtube, is helping!

I will keep you posted on my progress!

Have an awesomely happy day!


4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 230 … A simple technique to promote recovery!

  1. I wonder if the roadblock doesn’t rely in the – *unconscious* but strong – belief that I do not deserve healing…

    • This has definitely been a powerful unconscious roadblock for me! Unconscious from both a subconscious mind and spiritual unconsciousness perspective! I just haven’t quite figured how how to dissolve it, other than to remind myself that I am a divine ‘spiritual’ aspect of ‘God’ and as such, I am inherently deserving.

  2. parkinson is part of the inner transformation that we are experiencing, everything is expressed inside ….. life is born in our hearts, life is happening inside and that can not teach anyone to you, just your life has the resources to show you ,, but to see it, you have to open yourself to look in there, and when you open it, you realize that everything that happens in your life, is designed to help you look right there in the center, so you can see the origin of life, so you can see the meaning of your life, so you can see beyond your suffering.
    because we are always trying to understand what is trust in life from one aspect of mistrust, distrust of my life and can not be understood from there, is like trying to understand the underwater world, looking at it from the surface, you can believe you know it because you take many years watching, but really do not know anything, until you do not get in there and find out what it means to be there in there ,, you can not appreciate what you know and what you do not know, hence, when many people start doing this process, he believes he is not doing well or do not go out or that are very green in the process, it’s a lie they are findings themselves ,, if you stop to ask life. Hey life where I am? .In What time in my life I find myself ?. Be surprised by the answer that would give you life, because life is always at its best, life is always giving herself completely.
    And you realize how we fool ourselves, as we believe we are wrong one day maybe and not true something is moving in us, something is opening, any suffering, any pain that this hatching, which is coming to the surface and that it is beautiful but we do not trust it, we believe that something wrong is happening because we are afraid of life………….Why we’re afraid of life?
    We believe it is a threat that can happen something that makes us suffer, and this is not a threat is only a transformation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a beautiful caterpillar -crisalida – Butterfly is happening

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