My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 229 … There will never be a medical cure for Parkinson’s Disease

moon landingI, admittedly, was hesitant to write this post. I didn’t want to be seen as a negative Nellie. Nor did I want to rain on anybody’s parade or dash anybody’s hopes. But I also think it’s important not to give people false hope.

I watched another video recently of a person with parkinson’s disease asking the medical community to find a cure. But how do you create a pill to restore the digestive system and the immune system, or eliminate inflammation, or unclog the lymphatic system, or alkaline the body. And how do you create a pill that dissolves emotional pain, fear and stress, because these are all the things that are at the root of this neurological condition.

If we were meant to create a pill that would cure PD, we would have done so by now. It took less than 10 years from the time President Kennedy declared that the United States would put a man on the moon, until Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface. Parkinson’s disease was first written about almost 200 years ago and millions and millions of dollars has been invested in finding a cure since. The same is true for cancer and countless other diseases. And yet, we have not discovered the magic pill.

The purpose of PD and the myriad of other challenges facing humanity is to guide us [inspire us] to change the way we live. It is to awaken us to our spiritual divinity. It is to lead us to a more loving and compassionate way of living, where self love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness characterize our way of life. When this is achieved, the body will return to homeostasis, and Parkinson’s and its friends will disappear on its own.

Have an awesomely divine day!



8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 229 … There will never be a medical cure for Parkinson’s Disease

  1. parkinson invite us
    this is a good time to observe and analyze ourselves, the reason why you live in the drama, in the judment, the continuing struggle and fear, it is because you do not know yourself, your looking out the recognition and love.
    everything around you, things that happen to you day by day, are the perfect reflect of what dwells within each of us , nothing comes into your life without having been sustained and created from some point from your own consciousness, so it is time to take responsibility for your own life from the unconditional love and act upon it, if you want change, change your first.
    Do not justify your reality but saying you’re a victim of others or life, think differently and act differently, that created a big change, is the strength of the new energy called love
    Is the loving acceptance and open heart, what opens the doors of The Mastery of Love ,, is when love, will make act of presence, because love is what sustains the universe and is the force that holds each seed of creation. so when you perceive from your consciousness the absence of love in the experiences of life, the door of suffering is it opens, find the language of love in every experience is an act of inner silence, and deep compassion, that’s when the universe opens the door to understanding,
    when, from the heart you allow yourself to accept and listen and apply the greatest mastery of love is only then that we’ve learned all that have to teach the suffering, in that moment the suffering has no meaning and disappears.
    HOWEVER, in order to open the consciousness it is necessary to raise the vibrations of emotions you hold daily vibrate stop victimization and judgment, anger or fear to live with joy in your heart
    is this the wisdom of the soul that invite you to look at the depth of your being, that which brings peace and joy is definitely the direction the soul want to take. follow yourself, hear the true feelings of your heart and then you will realize that life is simple, the soul seeks happiness THROUGH love and simplicity, allow yourself to just be, just exist

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