My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 228 … The purpose of parkinson’s … Understanding the gift of the disease

giftContrary to the language used on most parkinson’s disease websites, I do not consider myself to be battling parkinson’s. Nor do I think of myself as suffering from a disease. What you fight, fights back! When you believe you are suffering from something, you put yourself in victimhood! I’m not fighting with anything and I’m certainly not suffering!

The language I prefer to use and the perspective I choose to have is about experiencing. I think of myself as experiencing a neurological condition that has a purpose. This way of looking at my situation is empowering!

Prior to developing the symptoms I am experiencing, I was a driven person. I was obsessed with money and preoccupied with climbing the corporate ladder. I was living in fear and anger without knowing it and I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Since then, I’ve been introduced to an entirely new world, a world where tranquility is possible, where joyful living is the norm and where loves reigns supreme!

Yes indeed, I have been given a gift, the gift of knowledge, understanding and self love! Knowing that what I am experiencing has a purpose, has given me this gift!

So what has this health condition brought me? It has guided me to the following:

  • An understanding of body basics
  • An understanding of the role of fear and anger in the development of dis-ease
  • A better understanding of stress
  • An understanding of feeling good about myself
  • Spiritual consciousness
  • Self love


Body basics:

I have learned about the immune system, the digestive system, the lymphatic system, inflammation, alkalinity and the interconnectedness of all of our internal systems. I know that 80% of our immune system is situated in the gastrointestinal tract and when we eat unhealthy foods it compromises the health of our digestive system and our immune system. I know that the role of the lymphatic system is to clean metabolic wastes from our cells and when it is clogged up from eating unhealthy foods, wastes begin to build up and cell health is compromised.

The role of fear and anger in the development of disease:

Fear and anger put us in a state of fight or flight. In this state, our body produces adrenaline and cortisol and shuts down the production of dopamine and serotonin. When this state becomes chronic, we develop neurological dysfunction [parkinson’s]. Furthermore, anger is an inflammatory emotion. The more anger we experience the more inflammation we create in our body, taxing our immune system and lymphatic system, eventually exhausting them.


Stress results from not letting go of the past, an unwillingness to accept the present circumstances and fear of the future. When we’re in the state of stress, we’re in a state of fight or flight. The desire to be in a state of non-stress guides us to acceptance, trust and faith, the pillars of tranquility and peace of mind.

Feeling good about myself:

Prior to developing this neurological condition, I had little awareness of the concept of feeling good about myself [self esteem]. I didn’t truly understand what it meant and I certainly didn’t make it a daily practice. Nor did I teach it to my children. I know now that it stems from being kind, acting with integrity, forgiving, being grateful, focusing on doing my best, eating healthy foods, letting go of emotional pain and living fearlessly. It has changed my entire way of living and interacting with others. I now know that kindness is the single most important thing we can offer the world!

Spiritual consciousness:

Before PD, I was about a spiritually unconscious as a person could be. I wasn’t aware of our divine spiritual essence. I wasn’t aware of our connection to god [that we are god]. I wasn’t aware of our oneness with the universe and everything in it. This awareness has changed my outlook. It has changed how I live my life. It has altered my priorities. I now see people differently. I understand detrimental behavior. I am more at peace!

Self love:

Before my health challenges, wealth was my priority. I was hell-bent on accumulating as much money as possible in order to accumulate things and have status. This is no longer a  priority for me. Everything unpleasant we experience, both individually and collectively, is meant to guide us to self love. Fear, anger, health crisis, financial crisis, relationship breakup, all serve this purpose.

Yes, I can say with conviction that experiencing what the medical community calls parkinson’s disease, has been an enormous gift for me. It has certainly changed my life. It has given physical, mental and emotional challenges, that have led me to meaning and understanding. A gift indeed!

Have an awesomely rewarding day!


20 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 228 … The purpose of parkinson’s … Understanding the gift of the disease

  1. Dear Fred-
    I read one of your original posts and spent literally hours over a 2 day period reading everyone’s contributions, questions and comments. It truly amazed me first how many people around the world are dealing with this condition and in the end we are all really very similar and want the same things – to feel good and enjoy life to the fullest every day. If you watch and read the news, they will have us believing that we are all different and in conflict etc. We need to stop watching the mainstream news and start focusing on the similarities we have and looking for the good in one another. This blog does just that…congrats!!
    About the “condition”: I will not let it define me. I have a life with so many aspects and interests and this is one of the things that I focus on and have to deal with. I have recently come to the realization that my goal is not to cure the condition….my goal is to feel the best I can physically and emotionally every single day. I think it is also so easy to accept the status quo: “Oh well, it’s just in your genes… its a genetic thing”. That we cannot accept. It is so clear from the “deep dives” into literature as I call them into the subject matter that there is so much else going on with this condition as well as others. Poor nutrition and gut issues being the starting point, which leads to toxicity and overload to out body systems and organs that under proper conditions would do their God given job of building up and cleansing the body of harmful substances. Then there are the external factors of pesticides and various other chemical and electromagnetic exposures that just are not (in my view) part of the PLAN and are helping to mess things up. There is a whole socio-political economic aspect to this and other conditions that required a whole other blog and kind of discussion. Who makes these decisions? Do they know that these exposures harm humans? If so, why do they continue to do what they do and how are they permitted to do so?
    Now, back to making every day the best it can be. In reading through all of the posts and taking notes and following up, I was very impressed with the GAPS protocol and have begun to follow it. SO interesting the vilification of animal fats and their posited contribution to poor health. Going to try it for a while and see how I respond. I also cleanse on a regular basis: coffee enemas, ascorbate cleanse (great one) and on occasion Hulgda Clark’s liver cleanse.
    There is a question or two in here: 1. I am unfamiliar with how to conduct a cleansing of the lymphatic system. I often feel my lymph nodes are swollen and sore and even had a node removed 2 years ago from my groin area dues to a lump that formed. I also on occasion wake up with swelling of different parts of my face: eyes, cheek, lips. It eventually goes away but I attribute this to inflammation of my lymphatic system. BTW, my doctor is mystified. So, what can I do to specifically cleanse the lymphatic system? 2. I am intrigued about your discussion of the adrenal glands, stress and how all of this can contribute to ill health. I have stress in my life as we all do but could learn to manage it better. Apart from the spiritual aspects and relaxation exercises (which I am into and practice regularly) what kinds of supplements have been known to help the adrenal function?
    Long and winded I know, but I will take this opportunity to express myself and “get it all out”. Not many places one can do this to an audience that is dealing with the same issues and understands where you are coming from. That is what if so fabulous about your site and the effort you have put in has surely helped countless people and given them a voice.
    Off to try to make this day the best I possibly can.
    All the best to you and again thank you!

  2. This is so beautifully written Fred, you are a truly gifted writer. Complex thoughts and ideas turned into readily understandable words, what a master craftsman.

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