My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 226 … This is Temporary!

temporaryWhen people ask me what it is like living with this neurological condition [parkinson’s] I typically respond by telling them this. It is at the same time confounding, frustrating and fascinating!

Ask ten people who have been diagnosed with this condition to describe their symptoms and you’ll likely receive ten different descriptions. For many, trembling is most troublesome. For me, it is loss of balance. Some people experience constipation [I do], others don’t. Some are stricken with anxiety and depression. With others, freezing is a big concern.

It is perplexing indeed. Some days, what I experience can be quite intense. Other days, it is not so bad. I have days where I start out feeling fine, only to have my symptoms go through the roof at some point.

What is particularly troublesome, is the combination of loss of balance and freezing. I have a broken lamp to attest to this. I lose my balance, but I’m not able to move my feet and the next thing you know I’m stumbling forward, or more disconcerting, backwards, typically coming to a stop when I run into something [like a lamp]!

Experience this several times a day and it can be very trying, and in these moments of frustration, I remind myself of three things. First, that I’m doing my best. I’m doing my best to deal with the symptoms and I’m doing my best to recover my health. Second, to remain spiritually conscious and remember that this experience has a purpose. On a soul level, I chose this journey. And third, that this situation is temporary! It’s not going to last! I’m going to recover my health and I won’t have to deal with it anymore.

It is a challenge, but I truly believe, that is why we’re here, to experience trials and grow spiritually!

Have an awesomely optimistic day!


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