Book Review:The Last Stonecaster!

stonecasterI just finished reading The Last Stonecaster, by first time Toronto novelist Howard J Breen. It is an awesome book! Breen has truly hit a home run with this effort!

The story’s central character, Charlie Langdon, is a successful Toronto-based advertising executive who loses everything. He then flees the city and travels north to Muskoka where a chance encounter with an elderly mystic changes his life. The book also weaves the lives of no less than 12 characters in a fascinating tale of betrayal, transformation and love.

Breen self-published the book through FriesenPress, a Victoria BC based assisted self-publisher. That it is self published diminishes his work in no way. It is very much a page turner, well written and compelling!

The Last Stonecaster is available in paperback and e-book format through Amazon and FriesenPress, among other websites.

If you want to read a terrific novel while supporting a budding novelist, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!

Have an awesomely novel day!


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