My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 223 … I Overdid It!

wheelbarrowWhen I arrived on Manitoulin a few weeks ago to begin my retirement I had a healthy list of things I wanted to accomplish. My to do list, as it were! Among the items on my list were several projects to complete around the house. So last week, while Mari was home on her two week break, we got to work.

We began by relocating a utility shed. To get this done, we had to take it apart, build a new sub-floor for it to sit on, then put it back together. It took two days for us to complete the job. In the midst of doing this, we drove to the lumberyard and picked up all the material for our next project.

Task number two involved building an 8′ x 12′ guest cabin in the spot where the utility shed had been. Mari had purchased a kit from Home Building Center and we had to assemble it. First, we had to build a base and subfloor. We started working on the project on Sunday. That same day, two chords of firewood that had been ordered two weeks prior was delivered. Yippee!

To make things more interesting, we were expecting another 10 chords of firewood the following day. So while Mari was preparing the foundation for the subfloor, I started stacking firewood.

The next day, Mari completed the foundation, then helped me finish stacking the firewood … just in time for the next 10 chords to be delivered. After the firewood was unloaded, we started building the subfloor for the cabin.

The next morning, Mari’s daughter, Liisbet, joined us. We completed the subfloor, then got to work building the cabin.  It took almost six full days to complete the job. During those times when only two people were required, I shoveled gravel. [oh yes, I forgot to tell you, we also had a load of gravel delivered, mainly to expand the driveway.] As part of this endeavour, I had to go across the road to gather rocks to build a breakwall. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were at it until after 9:00 PM.

On Sunday, it rained all day, forcing us to take a break! Thank God for small miracles! I was so bagged at this point I could barely function. My balance was really off, I was experiencing considerable freezing and I just didn’t feel good. I definitely needed a rest.

Mari and Liisbet completed the cabin on Monday while I continued shoveling and stacking firewood. Actually, with my wonky balance and beguiling freezing, I was more of a liability than an asset, so I think they were quite happy to have me doing the more mundane jobs. The cabin was completed in time for the ladies to head backed north to work on Tuesday morning.

I don’t know why I felt so bad, either I simply overdid it [fatigue is a characteristic of this neurological condition] or I’m just not in shape yet for this kind of physical labor or perhaps I’m just not 21 years old anymore or all of the above.

In any event, II know exercise is good for me and I have lots of firewood to stack and gravel to shovel over the next two weeks while Mari and Liisbet are away. I can assure you however, that I am taking a much slower pace!

PS … Today I discovered that when I do Qigong exercises between wheelbarrow loads, I feel much better. Awesome!

Have an awesomely active day!


8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 223 … I Overdid It!

  1. Hi Fred, it sounds like you have a nice
    place to live on Manitoulin Island, Are
    you close to Georgian Bay or Lake

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