Harmony and bliss in two simple words … heh heh!

honeyThis post is mainly for the fellas out there and I urge you to read on! Ladies, I’m sure you’re well aware of the principle I’m about to explain, but if you’d like to check it out, I would be honored!

Since retiring and moving north to live with Mari, I have been reintroduced to two words that can create harmony and bliss like no others! The words? Yes honey! 

“Fred, would you take out the garbage?” “Yes honey!”

“Fred, would you like brussel sprouts [yuck] for dinner?” “Yes honey!”

“Fred, should I wear these [I really have no idea] earrings?” “Yes honey!”

“Fred, would you go next door and tell the neighbors [a crack house] to stop that racket?” “Yes honey!”

This special phrase, once memorized and put into daily practice, has been known to create more relationship bliss than any other words known to man. Variations of this pair of life savers [yes sweetheart, yes dear, yes my love] are quite acceptable. It’s also important to note that they are universal in nature and can be used in any language. In French, Oui cherie! In Spanish, Si carino! In German, Ja, Liebling! And in Estonian [Mari is Estonian], Jah mesi!

Gentlemen, when expressing yourself be sure to avoid even the slightest tone of sarcasm and facetiousness! It will not serve you and you’re likely to receive some sort of reprimand! Also, do not patronize! “Yes honey! You are the best! You’re so smart and you always know the right thing to do!” Honey will recognize this immediately and you’re sure to receive a scolding!

One other note of caution. In situations where you feel that you are being unjustly accused of something, avoid the temptation to defend yourself. For example, “Fred, would you please put the toilet seat down when you’re finished in the bathroom.”The fact that the neurological condition I’m experiencing and the resulting symptoms [loss of balance, trembling and slow urination] make it impossible for me to stand while peeing, therefore negating the need to raise the seat, is irrelevant! “Yes honey!”

There you have it my amigos! Two glorious words that will save you a lot of grief! “Fred, would you stop playing around with that blog and do the vacuuming.” “Yes honey!” I’m kidding! Mari’s not here at the moment!

Have an awesomely sugar-coated day!


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