The Story of Dog: Part 2 – Who We Really Are!

universeThis is a story I told the students this past week at the martial arts club where I teach.

I first told you about Dog in February. His mission is to help children feel good about themselves and more recently he had a very important message to convey to humanity. It was too important to tell everyone one person at a time, so he hatched a plan. He hopped on on a ship and traveled across the Pacific Ocean to China. There he made his way overland to Nepal. Once in Nepal, he headed straight for Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the planet. The summit of Everest is so high there is insufficient oxygen to breathe and therefore, those who attempt to climb it must bring their own oxygen.

It took Dog a few days, but he made it to the top, and once there, he could see that people from all over the world were watching him, waiting for him to speak. He could see people from China, Africa, Europe, the United States and Canada. He could see that they were excited, anxious for him to begin.

He began by saying, “I have something very important to share with you. It is perhaps the single most important thing I’ve learned about life. An understanding of what I’m about to share with you could change the entire experience for humanity. It is about who we really are! You see, we’re not just human beings. We’re not just these bodies you can see with arms and legs and ears and eyes. We’re not just the thoughts we think. We’re not just the emotions we feel. We are actually divine spiritual beings, living in oneness with god and all that is in the universe.

“To truly understand what this means,” he continued, “requires an understanding of the true nature of god or spirit or whatever term you prefer. Because you see, contrary to popular belief, god is not a man who lives in heaven, reigning over the universe, judging us, and rewarding as for good behavior and punishing us for our bad behavior. Rather, god is like an invisible energy, sort of like electricity, which you know is there but you can’t see it. And this god energy is in every single atom in the universe including each and every atom that makes up a human being. Actually, god isn’t just IN every atom, god IS every atom.

“The implications of this are enormous,” Dog added, “because it means, we are all part of the god energy. Knowing this, we can’t help but feel good about ourselves [because god is pure love] and we can’t help but live fearlessly and we can’t help but be kind and compassionate to each other and we can’t help but believe that we’re capable of doing anything we want to [because the power that is within god is within each of us] and we can’t help but want to take care of the planet because anything we do that hurts the planet hurts us.

When he finished, Dog could see that the people were rejoicing because they understood that this awareness could truly change their experience. It could end suffering. And Dog smiled and headed back down the mountain.

Footnote: Because it was intended for young children, this is a very simple explanation of what for some, could be a very difficult idea to comprehend. If you’re having difficulty accepting this viewpoint, I ask you to consider two things: first, is the current widely held belief of god as a separate or nonexistent being working for us, and second, if god as a separate being truly does exist, why has nobody ever seen him?

Have an awesomely spiritual day!


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