My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 216… I Chose this Journey!

choiceExperiencing this neurological condition [parkinson’s], any neurological condition, can be very scary. As the condition progresses, it can leave you feeling helpless. At the very least, it can be incredibly frustrating. Yesterday, during one of those moments of frustration, I had to remind myself that I chose this journey. On a soul level, I chose this experience for my own spiritual growth.

I have long held belief that life has a purpose, that we’re here for reason. There is a much bigger picture to consider! The universe wasn’t randomly created, nor was evolution or experience. We are here as part of the flow of life to help God [Spirit] understand and grow, and in that respect, each of us chooses our life experiences so we can evolve and grow.

Knowing that this journey I’m on is my choice empowers me. It gives me strength and faith that I’ll be okay. It inspires me me through the dark moments that are sure to happen from time to time. More importantly, it supports my belief that I will recover my health once I have experienced everything I need to experience and once I have learned everything I need to learn.

I have learned so much already about the human body, diet, exercise, neurology, fear and spirituality. Despite my daily challenges, I’m far more evolved, far more aware and far more at peace than I was before this journey began and for that, I’m extraordinarily grateful!

Have an awesomely empowering day!


2 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 216… I Chose this Journey!

  1. Just wondering if you have had any QRA testing, Quantum Reflex Analysis. Dr. Robert J Marshall is the lead practitioner and has trained practitioners all over the states, don’t know about who is up in Canada though. You can learn from one of the practitioners, Dr. Lonnie Herman.
    and see if it is of interest if you have not seen it.

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