My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 215 … Dissolving fear through acceptance, trust and faith!

calmnessIt appears that I’m being presented with the opportunity to dissolve fear in a big way, perhaps once and for all. A number of situations are going on in my life presently that are bringing me face to face with fear, not the least of which, is that I’m retiring from teaching martial arts and moving to Manitoulin Island at the end of April in order to focus on recovering my health. As a result, I’ve been experiencing incredibly intense symptoms, particularly loss of balance and trembling.

It is fascinating how a situation or thought can trigger worry, which in turn, triggers a fearful memory, leading to intense symptoms. Dr. Joe Dispenza would likely describe this as firing up old synapses and neural pathways. I’m facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment, but rather than embracing it, I find myself worrying about it.  This is what Eckhart Tolle refers to as conditioned detrimental thinking.

If it weren’t for the incredibly intense symptoms, I might possibly ignore the fact that I’m worrying about these events and just work my way through it without dissolving the fears that are at the root of it. But then I would be missing the point, and the point is, that I am here to learn to live with acceptance, trust and faith.

With acceptance, trust and faith there is no fear and there is no neurological condition [no parkinson’s]. I wasn’t raised to live with these three hallmarks of spiritual consciousness, but clearly, my purpose in life is to do just that, by figuring it out on my own [perhaps so that I can eventually teach it].

So then, how do I take this situation that is presently working against me and turn it to my advantage? First, I can remind myself that fear is meant to guide us to self love and spiritual awakening. Without truly knowing fear, we might not truly understand self love. We might not be inspired to awaken!

Second, I can practice living in the present moment because in the present moment, there is no fear. Fear is all about worrying about the future, but living in the present neutralizes it.

Third, I can remind myself that my life is unfolding the way it is meant to and that no matter what happens, I will be okay. This has certainly been my experience thus far in my life.

Fourth, I can remind myself that for every difficult situation we face, every challenge we encounter, there is a solution. There is always a solution!

Fear has a purpose. It is not some random aspect of our existence. In its most basic form, it is meant to keep us safe by triggering the fight or flight response. On a higher level, it is meant to guide us understanding our true spiritual essence. The challenge is to repattern the brain in order to dissolve the memories that are causing us to hold on to fear. The tonic for me is a more peaceful lifestyle on Manitoulin, living on a lake, in the forest, amongst the deer. This is tranquility! This is recovery!

Have an awesomely trusting day!


12 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 215 … Dissolving fear through acceptance, trust and faith!

  1. I will never forget the happy 10 yrs I spent watching you teach Martial Arts to all the kids; at the Ice Palace. The day I watched Tyler get his Black Belt, was one of the proudest days of my life; something I’ll never ever forget. I wish you all the best, please keep in touch, your Friend Polly …

  2. All the best Fred my husband has this dreadful disease and with my love as a wife and children we support him all the way. I really enjoy reading all your e mails i receive each week as you always seem to give us hope. I have a good feeling that God is giving you the opportunity to seek a better fortune elsewhere which will secure your full recovery. If John Pepper could have his health reversed and I am sure many more will .
    Take care and please keep us
    updated as I am sure myself and many more thrive on your encouragement to us.

  3. Hi Fred! wow you have a lot on your plate right now…Change is so scary at times and ending something you love has to be very hard… hence the stress. I just wish you all the love and peace on your transition and I just know you will do great! Keeping you in prayer!

  4. Dear Fred,
    I wish you all the best, and of course you will make a learning experience from everything thats coming your way.. I know that teaching karate has given you so much pleasure, perhaps you will return to it one day, one never knows. The tranquility of the woods sounds great!
    Best wishes

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