My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 214 … The 5 Essentials of Recovery!

fiveExperiencing a neurological condition has undoubtedly been the greatest challenge of my life. It tests me every single day! It has also been the greatest learning experience of my life! It has taught me a great deal about my body and about life itself! And so, based on what I have learned, I offer you the five essentials of what I believe to be the key to why I have fared relatively well given how long I have been experiencing this condition [at least 13 years] and why I believe I will recover.

Here they are:

  1. Attitude
  2. Understanding that this condition has a purpose
  3. Understanding body basics
  4. Understanding the root cause
  5. Exercise

1. Attitude:

From the outset, I have held belief that I will recover my health. I have never, and will never, believe that this condition is incurable. If the body can recover from a cut and a broken bone, then it is capable of recovering from anything. What is more, people have already recovered from the same neurological condition I’m experiencing. Bianca Molle, David Thompson, Howard Shifke and John Coleman, are four of them. If they recovered, I will recover!

If I held the belief, that this condition is incurable, I would be doomed. Medication or not, my condition would continue to worsen and I would eventually succumb. But this is not going to happen! I am going to recover!

Also, I never think of myself as having parkinson’s disease. Instead, I describe myself as experiencing a hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance. This empowers me because I can deal with a neurological imbalance. It can be corrected! The idea of “disease” is just too overwhelming and not something I’m capable of dealing with on my own.

A positive outlook doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of fear and frustration. I do! But then I remind myself about Bianca, David, Howard and John, and I remind myself that this condition is only temporary and it has a purpose. Or I simply do some knee raises and karate strikes to remind myself that I can move just fine, and I get back to business!

2. Understanding that this condition has a purpose: 

Undoubtedly, the most important part of this journey has been for me to understand the purpose of this condition, which is to guide me to spiritual consciousness. I was already on a spiritual path before I started developing symptoms, but I have enjoyed enormous growth in the last few years.

I now understand that I’m not the physical body that is experiencing these undesirable symptoms, nor am I the thoughts in my mind or the emotions that I feel. I’m not just a human being. Rather, I’m a divine spiritual being participating in the flow of life, living in oneness with God and all that is. I’m the ‘conscious observer’ of all that goes on in my life.

I also fully understand and appreciate the notion of living in the present moment and the importance of making each moment as tranquil and joyful as possible in order to make each future present moment as tranquil and joyful as possible.

My life, and my understanding of life, has been so amazingly enriched by this experience. Consequently, I have no regrets, only gratitude for this unbelievable journey!

3. Understanding body basics:

The human body has an innate desire to be in homeostasis and it will do whatever necessary to achieve this state. This is why the body shivers when it is cold and sweats when it is hot. Similarly, when the body is out of balance, as it is when it is experiencing a neurological condition, it will do whatever it can to restore the balance. We just need to give it what it needs to achieve this.

Five things knock the body out of homeostasis: an unhealthy gut, a weakened immune system, a clogged up lymphatic system, inflammation and acidosis. This is caused by a poor diet, chemical toxicity, physical and emotional trauma and chronic stress. In order to return the body to homeostasis we need to eat healthy foods, detoxify, correct physical damage to the body through bodywork, address and resolve emotional pain and eliminate stress.  This formula will correct virtually any health condition.

4. Understanding the root cause: 

I discovered two years ago that the root cause of the condition I’m experiencing is fear. I made this discovery when I started having panic attacks.  Robert Rodgers explains the role of fear in his book, “road to recovery from parkinson’s disease.” He explains that when a person is in a state of constant fear, their body is in a constant state of fight or flight, which means the adrenal glands are constantly producing adrenaline and cortisol [the stress hormones]. When this happens, the part of the brain that produces dopamine and serotonin [the feel good neurotransmitters] shuts down, eventually leading to a neurological breakdown.

For me, overcoming fear has been an ongoing process [I’m still at it] involving learning to love myself and becoming spiritually conscious in order to live with acceptance, trust and faith.

5. Exercise: 

One of the things I was told when I was first diagnosed, is that exercise is an important part of managing the symptoms. I have since discovered that exercise is also a critically important part of the recovery process for two reasons. First, it helps to keep me in a positive frame of mind. I love going for a morning walk. I love practicing karate techniques and I love keeping fit. This helps to eliminate stress and stimulate the production of endorphins including dopamine. Second, it helps to remind the body how to move, thus offsetting the progression of the condition.

An exercise program centered around conscious walking has helped John Pepper of South Africa to neutralize the symptoms he experiences. Pepper is profiled in the book, “the brain’s way of healing,” by Norman Doidge.

Simply put, exercising helps to give me confidence that I will overcome this condition and recover my health.

Attitude, understanding and exercise have been my key allies and they are the essential ingredients for recovering my health.

Have an awesomely essential day!


12 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 214 … The 5 Essentials of Recovery!

  1. Very good Fred, very inspiring. What do you think of Diet,
    I went off my Meds about six weeks ago and for the last
    three weeks I’ve been on Robert Morse Detox program.
    My symptoms are worse than ever, I’d like to stay off the
    meds if I can. Fred I’d like to recommend this weeks interview
    of JC Tefft at ,,Buddha at the Gas Pump. JC Tefft has an
    interesting web site as well. take care,

    • Hi Larry. I think diet is extremely important. For me, the high fat diet works best. I tried the Robert Morse detox program [all fruit diet], and it really messed me up, so I had to stop. It is definitely possible to stay off the meds, but it takes a lot of determination and patience because it is not easy. Cheers for now! Fred

  2. Thank you for sharing your healing journey. I too have been exploring the contributing factors to both sickness and wellness with a wide open lens. (In my case breast cancering.) I wish you well – may you be surrounded by love and light on your return to vibrant health.

  3. Your attitude and experiences are so similar to mine. I am now working with Dr John Coleman’s program for recovery. (2nd time) First time I simply didn’t stay the course. This time I most certainly will. Would love and appreciate periodic communication with you if possible. I am a new member of the Facebook group Parkinsons Disease Fighters United. My name is Will Johnson.

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