My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 207 … The Detrimental Affect of Stress!

recovery1Yesterday I attended a celebration of life for my mother’s youngest sister. She was actually a half sister, only two years older than me, and was more of a cousin than an aunt.  Kathy passed away last weekend after a three year effort to overcome cancer, which had spread to her brain.

Attending the ceremony had quite an affect on the symptoms I experience, particularly loss of balance and freezing. When I got home, I was a mess. I had considerable difficulty doing anything that involved standing.

Actually, it started the day before when I made the decision go to the ceremony. Despite my best efforts to remain tranquil [I practiced conscious breathing and staying in the moment], I felt very stressed and it carried over to yesterday. It confounds me how deeply affected I am by death, despite my spiritual outlook and belief that this human experience is only temporary.

In order to right the ship, I’ve been doing a lot of exercising, including martial arts exercises, qigong and calisthenics. It has been helping, but I’m still feeling it.

This experience has reinforced my belief that tranquility is essential for recovery. It has also reinforced my commitment to live my life with acceptance, trust and faith. In other words, live in spiritual consciousness.

In the meantime, I have to begin preparing myself for another celebration of life next weekend for a man who was one of my father’s closest friends and the father of two of my closest friends. He to succumbed to cancer. This will likely be a very difficult and challenging experience, but there’s no avoiding it and I know I will get through it.

It has been said that God never gives us more than we can handle. That may be true, but I think God will push us to our limit in order to truly test us and guide us to our purpose. I give thanks for everything I’ve learned that will see me through this experience.

Have an awesomely tranquil day!


17 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 207 … The Detrimental Affect of Stress!

  1. I sympathize with you. Any social gathering with more than three makes me very anxious and tense, also bringing on “freezing” and shaking. As a consequence I rarely attend such gatherings now. I will keep you in my prayers, Fred. Thank you for sharing your struggle. You do inspire me.

    • Sometimes it happens to me one on one Wendie! It’s all part of a healing process and a necessary part of the journey! Thank you so much for your support! Blessings on your day! Fred

  2. Hi Fred, having PD myself, I also find it difficult dealing
    with my symptoms when I’m out and about trying to live
    a normal life. The way I walk, I’m sure some people must
    think that I’ve had too much to drink. I avoid eating situations
    that I will need to operate a Spoon or a Fork, no Restraints
    no to invites that require me to sit around a table with other
    people for a meal.Not to complain Fred just to let you know
    that we share the same leaky Boat. My Girlfriend has a great
    sense of Humor and very supportive of my situation. My
    girlfriend grew up in minett Fred. you may know Her or maybe
    one of Her Brothers, Alison Orchard is Her maiden name.
    I know Garry Alian, He grew up in first House on Dudly Rd.
    good luck and take care fred

    • I can relate to what you’re saying Larry. Social situations of any kind tend to trigger me and I don’t yet fully understand it. The service I’m attending this weekend is in Bala.

      I used to know a Fred Orchard in Bala. The guys I knew the Minette were Mike Mclean, Chris Gonneau and Randy Gostick. I know some folks on Dudley road but not the fellow you mentioned.

      Wishing you many blessings on your day! Fred

  3. I also send my blessings. I appreciate your visits and words on my blog very much.
    There are just no words for this human journey. So I embrace it with love and compassion. I pretty much love and honor every emotion and challonge.
    There’s a tenderness in that that makes the trip worth it somehow. But there,are really no words. I’mean glad you’re here.
    Blessings and love — Laurie

  4. Hi Fred, I do know Mike and Chris. Haven’t seen Mike in a
    long Time but Chris still lives in Minett. My first summer Job
    I worked with Chris, in the early 70″s, washing Dishes at
    Cleveland’s House. ” The good old Days” take care

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