My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 205 … Present moment living with Parkinson’s!

Cooks BayI am an avid practitioner of Eckhart Tolle’s [author of The Power of Now and A New Earth] teachings, the core principle of which is ‘conscious presence,’ which could be stated as, living spiritually in the present moment!

But how does one live spiritually, and more importantly, how does one live in the present moment, when dealing with the symptoms of a neurological condition [PD]? I strive to live in the present moment, but it is not always easy! Not when I’m experiencing trembling, loss of balance, loss of dexterity, shuffle walking and brain fog! Experiencing these symptoms can make the present moment downright unpleasant, but while it may not be easy, I believe it is the whole point.

All living takes place in the present moment. We may imagine the future and remember the past, but we only live in the now and every second we spend reminiscing or fretting about the past and every second we spend wishing for something that we don’t have robs us of the joy of the now.

It is okay to reflect on the past if there’s something to be learned that can enhance the present. It’s also okay to plan for the future. But then it is essential to let it go and live in the moment, and more importantly, to be enormously grateful for everything we have, right now.

If the now is unpleasant, as it can be with parkinson’s, then it is necessary to practice acceptance. To accept and make the best of the present circumstances by practicing gratitude. All living takes place in the now, and when the future arrives, it ‘is’ the present moment, so the more we practice gratitude in the now the more likely we are to have something to be grateful for when the future arrives.

Conversely, if we constantly focus our attention on what is wrong with our life and constantly yearn for more, then that is what the future will bring us, more of what is wrong and more to want.

When I think about it, it is quite easy to see how much I have to be thankful for. Here are just a few of the things:

  • I have Mari in my life
  • I have three awesome kids who are doing well
  • I have five awesome brothers and a wonderful extended family
  • I live on the lake
  • I can go for a walk every morning
  • I teach martial arts
  • Lots of kids come to my martial arts club
  • I make enough money teaching martial arts to live on
  • I can blog
  • Lots of people read the blogs I post
  • I have experienced incredible spiritual growth
  • I can go to Muskoka
  • I’m able to live independently

I don’t want to make this sound easy, because it is not. I’m challenged every day to keep my mind in the now as much as possible and to keep my thoughts positive when I am thinking. I’m often frustrated and distracted, but I persevere, because I know that it is the right thing to do for my recovery.

If I could offer you one bit of advice, it would be to keep your thoughts, words and actions as positive as possible. Keep them peaceful, joyful and loving! Live in gratitude and you will be doing your best to enjoy the present moment and positively shape each subsequent present moment!

Have an awesomely present day!


8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 205 … Present moment living with Parkinson’s!

  1. This is spot on Fred, I have been doing just that lately, living in the present, staying focused, grateful and happy for my life and my situation, and I’m feeling better. ! Yay
    I refuse to dwell on symptoms and difficulties any longer, it only takes me in a downward spiral. All the best !

  2. at present it is just as magic of life is being expressed at its best.
    truly perceive this, it is to be aware of all reality. THROUGH awareness of your own reality. This means only perceive life as you see it now. The past has no reality in the present. therefore it is impossible to see it. So focusing our attention only on the pure and timeless present moment, our presence becomes our identity.and enter into resonance with creation. that’s when the miracle arise .The present moment is inseparable from life.
    The past, present and future are not continuous states, however in doing so, we are not allowing the miracle arises, the truth is only in the present. life is that something inside you that reminds you what you really are. You are here and now living in a world where everything around you is life, and that life is consciousness .. feel life flowing THROUGH you.
    everything is perfect melody contained in the universe

  3. Hi Fred, I too am a fan of Ekhart Tolle’s teachings. I would highly
    recommend for you to watch… Buddha at the Gas Pumps on your
    PC. The host Rick Archer interviews Spiritually awakened people,
    a new interview once a week. The show gives me much inspiration
    and intradoses me to some amazing people that are on the planet at
    this time. I too have PD, just moved down from Muskoka to Midland
    to live with my Girlfriend.

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