My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 203 … Improving Balance!

homeostasisLoss of balance is one of the more significant challenges of the neurological condition the medical community calls Parkinson’s Disease. It certainly is for me! Fortunately, I’ve been training in martial arts for the past 25 years and I suspect I’m in better condition than I would’ve been without it. Having said that, it is definitely my biggest challenge on a day to day basis.

The fundamentals of good balance are feet shoulder width apart, back straight and head up. Strengthening the legs by doing walls sits, squats and lunges and other exercises is also very helpful. Interestingly enough, I also find that extending my stride while walking and placing my foot down heel to toe with my toes raised, really helps!

Beyond that, the best recommendation is specific exercises to help maintain the best possible balance. In doing research on Feldenkrais, a therapy based on gentle forms of movement, I came across some videos to help improve balance. They offer some fairly simple exercises, which I have to admit, I found not so easy. Check them out and give it a go! [video 1video 2]

If you are looking for something more demanding, check out video 3.

Another suggestion, if you have a tiled floor in your house, simply walk along the lines, making right and left turns, is a simple but effective exercise.

Have an awesomely balanced day!


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