My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 202 … That technique for countering freezing!

freezingI first learned about “freezing” when I read Michael J Fox’s book, Lucky Man. He said it was a particular challenge for him walking through doorways. I remember thinking at the time, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this. Well, that changed over year ago when I started experiencing it.

According to the National Parkinson’s Foundation, freezing is the “temporary, involuntary inability to move.” The cause of it is supposedly unknown, however, when you consider that the root cause of this neurological condition [parkinson’s] is fear [fight, flight or freeze], it’s not too difficult to imagine why the body might experience temporary freezing when the mind is in a state of fear.

I tend to experience freezing in two situations. First, when I’m attempting to move while multitasking, and second, when I start to lose my balance. It is the second situation that is particularly troublesome and what causes a lot of people to fall. Fortunately, I haven’t fallen, but I have bumped into a few walls.

Like every other symptom I have been dealing with, because I’m not taking medication, I’m constantly searching for ways to deal with it and I recently discovered a very simple way to counter freezing. Just bend the knees and straighten the legs again. It can be done before initiating a move and when you first sense the feeling of freezing. It works almost every time and I have virtually eliminated the problem with this technique.

To counter freezing long-term, I do daily knee raises, karate kicks and boxing footwork.

I also sometimes experience slowness of movement with my hands, particularly when I’m in the kitchen or sitting at the computer. I’ve found that a simple way to counter this is to clap my hands or do exploding hands [close my fists and shoot my fingers out as fast as I can]. Again, these techniques work very effectively.

I hope you have as much success with these techniques as I have.

If you read the blog I posted recently on how to get out of a chair easier, you might want to check it out again because I discovered another technique that’s just as simple.

Have an awesomely stable day!


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