My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 201 … My Ideal daily recovery protocol!

labyrinth1I have come to the conclusion that if I [or anybody else for that matter] could get away from life for a year or two [go live in an ashram], I could recover my health. In an ashram, I could devote my entire time each day to healing. The folks who have recovered their health, including John Coleman, David Thompson, Bianca Molle and Howard Shifke, did just that.  They quit their jobs and focused on their health. Things being what they are, however, particularly having to run a business, I do not have that luxury at the moment, so I do what I can with the time available to me. [I’m not ruling out the possibility of taking off to some sort of retreat if I don’t soon begin to recover my health.]

Yes indeed, a retreat would be the ideal setting for healing. It would allow me to get away from the day to day stresses of life that seem to keep triggering the thoughts that are putting me in a constant state of fear. As Homer Simpson would say, “Stupid fear!” It would allow me to step out of the chronic state of fight or flight that I seem to find myself in.

It would also be ideal to have a spiritual teacher to talk to about the experiences in my life that I need to resolve. This would be a time of introspection, a time to delve into the unconscious, detrimental beliefs that are at the root of the health condition I’m experiencing.

At my getaway place, my daily routine would look like the following:


  • Meditation [5 to 20 minutes]
  • Walk [20 minutes to an hour]
  • Stretches [5 to 10 minutes]
  • Laughter break [5 minutes]
  • Breakfast
  • Qigong [30 minutes]
  • Speed exercises [30 minutes]
  • What am I scared of practice [15 to 30 minutes]
  • Laughter break [5 minutes]
  • Lunch


  • Meditation [5 to 20 minutes]
  • Exercises [30 minutes]
  • Qigong/yoga [45 minutes]
  • Reading/journaling [1 hour]
  • Sit in silent solitude [30 minutes]
  • Laughter break [5 minutes]
  • Dinner


  • Walk or Qigong or light exercise [1 hour]
  • Blog/write or leisure activity [1 hour]
  • Laughter break [5 minutes]
  • Bedtime prayer

I would drink plenty of water throughout the day and I would do these activities outdoors as much as possible. I would also make each day a spiritual practice by practicing living in the present moment and focusing on my energetic connection and oneness with all that is.

As for my diet, check out my current daily diet.

My ideal would be to do this five or six days a week. On the seventh day, I would plan to take it easy, do some shopping and have a bodywork session [Body Stress Relief or Osteopathy or Reiki or massage].

I think sustaining this routine would take discipline and determination, but given the alternative, I would do it!


Practice any form of meditation that resonates with you. My personal preference is to focus on my breath and count from 10 down to one with each exhale. I do this five times.


Start with a comfortable pace and a comfortable length of time. If you can only do 5 minutes to start, that is fine, but build it up to 1 hour of fast walking. Practice conscious walking [focusing on form … Lengthen the stride, place foot down heel to toe and swing the arms]

Laughter break:

I highly recommend taking laughter breaks. I already do this as part of my daily routine. It usually involves watching videos on youtube. My favorite is Rick Mercer and I also enjoy Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Just for Laughs Gags. You can also practice laughter yoga or just simply sit and smile for several minutes.


Qigong was an important part Bianca Molle and Howard Shifke’s recovery protocols, so I highly recommend it. I really like doing the Zhineng program and Lee Holden’s routines.

Speed exercises:

The purpose of these exercises is to counteract slowness and movement, loss of balance and loss of dexterity. My protocol would include boxing punches, boxing footwork, karate blocks, kicks and strikes, knee raises and exploding hands [shooting my hands out in the air while opening up the fingers as fast as possible]. While you’re doing the exercises count the repetitions and yell as loud as you can as much as you can because it will help keep your voice strong. It will also help you to let go of fear.

What I’m scared of practice:

In your daily journal, write down the question, “What am I most scared of right now?” And without lifting your pen from paper, record the first answer that pops into your head. Then ask the question, “Why does this scare me so much?” Record the answer.

In response to this fear, repeat the following prayer: “Thank you Spirit and thank you higher self for severing and dissolving the synapses and neural pathways, neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing from my body and from my being, all of the fear, anger, shame and unresolved emotional energy and all of the detrimental thoughts that need to be healed, dissolved and released in order for me to feel tranquil, poised, self assured in self loving in this moment particularly as it relates to [the fear you just wrote down], and I thank you for this healing and I thank you for increasing the effectiveness of this healing by 100 times or more.” 

Afternoon exercises:

Jumping jacks, push-ups, stomach crunches, wall sits, lunges and other exercises that help develop cardiovascular, strength, speed, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Sit in silent solitude:

Find a quiet spot, ideally outside, and sit quietly, bare feet on the ground [for grounding], and listen to the sounds, in order to clear the mind and be in a state of tranquility.

Bedtime prayer:

Every night before turning out the lights I offer a manifesting/gratitude prayer similar to the following: “Thank you Spirit and thank you higher self for immersing me in love and light. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance. Thank you for hovering over me and protecting me and thank you for hovering over my home and protecting my home. Thank you for hovering over my children and protecting them. Thank you for hovering over Mari and her children and protecting them. Thank you for hovering over my parents and my siblings and their families and protecting them. Thank you for helping me to live in spiritual consciousness. Thank you for helping me to feel tranquil, poised, self assured and self loving. Thank you for helping me to return my body to homeostasis and recover my health. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling the up with happiness, kindness, courage, confidence and self love. And thank you for bringing me a good night’s sleep. Namaste!” 

Perhaps this is all part of God’s grand plan. To motivate us to change our focus from money, power, fame and materiality, to that of spirituality, kindness, good health and environmentalism, by saddling us with an array of health conditions that force us to do so. Makes a lot of sense!

Have an awesomely serene day!


10 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 201 … My Ideal daily recovery protocol!

  1. Hi Fred
    I got a new book yesterday which could be useful to you considering your love of music.
    Goodbye Parkinsons,Hello LIfe by Alex Kerten.I am going to include the exercises in my regime.A good addition to qigong for me
    I too love your idea of laughter breaks..

    • Thank you Andrei. I have tried fasting and didn’t enjoy it at all. What is more, I have already lost a lot of weight and I’m very underweight relative to normal, so I’m reluctant to fast. Many blessings on your day! Fred

  2. I am sincerely impressed with your ideas. I have stage one PD and I am doing a pretty good job of fighting it. I have sponsored The Wayne and Terry Lobdell Mind and Body Wellness Program at University of Miami Health, Sylvester Center in Deerfield Beach, Fl. Also helped fund a Parkinson research project at Michigan State University and am working on other efforts. I also wrote a book, Climb From The Cellar (on Amazon,etc.)
    I really like the idea of going to a retreat. Even though I am retired my life is too busy to keep up with all I want to do. I would like to know how I could e mail you direct to find out if I can be of any help to you.

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