My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 194 … David Thompson – Parkinson’s recovery success story!

purpose - lifeHi everyone,

My name is David Thompson and I am 55 and a half years of age living in North London England. A number of weeks ago Fred asked me if I would write a piece for his website giving details of my journey from the experience of P.D to now officially confirmed recovery from that same experience.

Of course I was humbled to be asked and would have obliged sooner only I was waiting to receive the ‘all clear’ letter from the hospital here in Barnet before I felt a legitimate account could be honestly sent.

And so, having now received that all clear confirmation, with pleasure I share some of my journey with you fellow journey women and men in the sincere hope that your own internal light burns brighter than it may already be at this moment in time.

My journey with the experience of P.D began some fifteen years ago with the sad disintegration of my marriage which included the loss of my home and what would also later become the breakdown and loss of relationship with my children. Stir into that mess the fact of losing my job and having my first panic attacks ever as a result of the unbearable stress I was dealing with at that same time and I think you’ll have a pretty clear picture of where I was at in my life generally.

During this period, I began to notice a slight intermittent twitching in my left hand but paid no real attention to it since it was more of back ground awareness.

After a period of time I moved from South London to North London looking for a new life start which I ultimately found. I was in a new relationship in a new location and I was in a new job and my life seemed on face value to have taken an up – turn. However, I also began to notice that the once intermittent twitching in my left hand had now developed into a more noticeable tremor of my right hand and, left foot which became even more –so when feeling stressed.

After several years of not knowing what this progressively deteriorating tremor might be I decided to try and find help so went to my G.P who arranged for me to visit the Neurology department in Barnet General Hospital. This was around 2005.

At the end of that appointment, the doctor who was not a consultant told me that in his opinion, my progressive tremor was nothing more than a ‘learned habit’ and feeling that he could do nothing for me, felt I should take up either Tai Chi or meditation.

And so, for the next few years I watched as my tremors got progressively worse and my self confidence and self esteem became lower.

In 2010 I again decided to go back to my G.P and seek help at which point, he once more referred me back to the Neurology department of Barnet General Hospital who I went along to see some weeks later. I was seen by a Consultant Neurologist who made an appointment for me to have two brain scans one was an MRI and the other a DaT Scan which is a radioactive dye injected into your blood and then a brain scan which highlights whether certain areas of the brain are functioning as they should.

I had the scans in due course and then waited for the results.

A few weeks later I was called back to the hospital by the Consultant Neurologist who said that according to the scan results which he and I were both looking at and also based on his experience, I had Parkinson’s Disease and probably had it for at least ten years prior to seeing him. He then prescribed me a medication named Ropinerole of which he wanted me to progressively increase the dosage up to 9mg a day.

I said thanks, and left the hospital in a bazaar state of new found confidence. YES, I had Parkinson’s but now I also had an answer as to why I had the tremors and in my mind, where there are answers there are also solutions!

I came back to the woman with whom I was now in a relationship for the past eight years and in whose house I lived and I positively said something like “ well, it’s confirmed I have Parkinson’s but at least now I can do something about it”. The very next day she said she wanted us to finish with each other because she didn’t want to be with someone she’d have to push around in a wheel chair.

But something within me not only knew, but was thoroughly convinced that regardless of the scan results I did not have P.D and that it was only an experience that was separate from me and something I was choosing to have and that some day, I would learn how not to have it and it would go away. I did however start taking the Ropinerole up to a maximum of 3mg a day but only for a brief period before I was intuitively guided by my inner knowing to start weaning myself off them.

Amazingly, and as if by magic as soon as the weaning off process started so too my tremors were also less noticeable but this didn’t last more than a couple of months and as my relationship became more stressful (we hadn’t broken up) so too did my experience of tremors both increase, and intensify.

I was now shaking if I stood for more than a minute or two in the supermarket checkout queue or on the bus or train or standing in general. I was more frequently losing my balance and tipping to the left. My hand writing skills were rapidly becoming impaired, I developed restless leg syndrome when trying to sleep of a night, I fell backwards in the bath damaging my lower spine, Walking difficulties, stiff neck, loss of smell, panic and anxiety attacks etc, etc.

Those were very dark days with no obvious light at the end of any tunnel except the one I held tight on to which was, that regardless of what was happening I knew this was only an experience I was having and then, I was guided both by intuition and also trial and error to explore different strategies for recovery as opposed to cure.

As I began to share these ideas with others so I was greeted with the wave of negative response such as, “You’ve got Parkinson’s just accept it stop living in denial and just take your medication”. (That was from my youngest brother who has P.D and identified himself with it, and who I have failed in trying to guide to his own recovery due to his unwillingness to try my process).

Others include; “Your shaking has got worse (That’s been my Mother on numerous occasions) “You’re shaking” and then pushing my hands under the table when we’ve been out to dinner at her friends houses (The woman I live with) The list goes on but what’s the benefit on dwelling in negatives since it doesn’t help me or you. And the amazing fact (or maybe not so amazing) is that as my recovery has gained momentum so those with their negative comments have had progressively less to say on the subject.

So, what other strategies did I employ?

Well, let’s see; There was Colonic Irrigation, Floatation tank therapy, Acupuncture, none of which worked for me at all. But the one thing I was sure of is that my physical body was most probably polluted and so I embarked on a lot of internet research for things I could do to reverse that and also give myself a better place from which to recover.

Further background, some 35 years ago now I was a body builder as strong as a bull and a fully confirmed carnivore as the following details of my diet shall prove. Most days I would eat and drink between 20 and 25 eggs, eat 2 chicken breasts, 1 or 2 tin’s of tuna fish and drink protein powder mixed with skimmed milk. On other occasions I would eat either 1 or 2 turkey legs or a couple of steaks. Every day I would also swallow 99 different Vitamin and Mineral tablets and believe it or not, even to this day I never catch a cold and if I’m hit by a virus it hits hard and passes quickly.

The problem is with all the above is that they are all loaded with pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other pollutants (not to mention the creatures final stress filled moments leading up to its death) which are just not natural to the body and so our systems become clogged and blocked and ultimately stop functioning.

In the past I have also smoked (started when aged just 9 or 10) and when a teenager, I used to drink excessively and often, every weekend in fact.

So what do I do now which has officially put me clear of P.D?

I don’t smoke. I don’t eat meat or chicken but still occasionally eat fish. In the earlier stages of my recovery I didn’t eat eggs, or cheese and have only recently and occasionally started to eat these again. I don’t drink milk and I don’t eat any shop prepared foods because, they are undoubtedly loaded with preservatives, pesticides, toxins and pollutants. Remember, if it has an extended shelf life YOU’LL end up with LESS life ! I also only drink alcohol occasionally (Red Wine and Guinness not I add in the same glass) I eat Fresh Almonds, Fresh Peanuts, Walnuts, lentil’s – either fresh or tinned. Beans again either fresh or tinned. Soya mince, Organic Pasta, Brown Rice, Vegetables (but not often), Fruit, Lots of fresh orange juice and lots of fruit smoothies.

Really importantly, every day I drink 2 or 3 cups of green tea the last one being before I sleep of a night. I drink the equivalent of an egg cup full of Coconut Oil warmed up in the microwave and I also drink 3 fl oz of Cider Vinegar in warm water. Also drinking warm water is a really good way to detox your nervous system.

Other important things I eat are beetroot, bananas, and a spoonful of Turmeric Paste into food. To enhance the healing power of the turmeric paste, mix into it a good helping of BLACK Pepper.

I also take 3 high strength Multi Vitamin & Mineral tablet, 1 High strength Vitamin C (1500 mg), 4 High strength Magnesium Tablets, 4 Zinc Tablets, 4 High Strength Soya Lecithin Capsules (1200mg), 3 Choline Inosital tablets and around 8 -10 Kelp tablets.

And finally, learn a simple meditation which you’ll practice often. I also follow a couple of times a week the following YouTube Qi Gong teacher: Ajahn Suthep teaching Qi Gong (full length) it’s one hour and worth it.

Finally, finally – GET PLENTY OF RESTFUL SLEEP… Oh and don’t forget to peel the vegetables you eat because they’ll contain pesticides.

The following is a paragraph of the letter I received from the Neurology Department of Barnet General Hospital. The letter is dated: 17/11/2015 and refers to my appointment with them dated, 12/11/2015:

“His recent Da T scan this year, again showed reduced uptake in both putamen. I have discussed this result with my consultant colleagues who have advised that while his scan is abnormal and we cannot say that he will never develop Parkinson’s disease in the future, the most important thing is that there are no current clinical features in keeping with this diagnosis. Therefore, treatment should focus on management of his anxiety”. Which all in all, I feel is a pretty satisfactory trade off.

Through following my intuition of understanding that life is just a series of experiences we are having and that they are not us but are entirely separate from us and also, detoxing my physical vehicle through discipline and diet I have travelled from definitely having P.D to having benign essential tremor to finally ‘CLEAR’.

Have I cured myself of the PD experience? NO. But I have recovered from it nearly 100% but recovery is a constant work of practice. These days I’m not so regimented about eating Dopamine inducing foods every day in fact, some days I go without hardly eating – it all depends on how lazy I feel but I don’t take my recovery for granted as that would be just pure stupid.

I know my process has worked, and continues to work for me all I can say to you regarding your own recovery is try it for yourself but if you do, don’t do something different and still expect the same results since I have not found any short cuts. This is not a Magic Bullet 5 minute wonder fix, it is discipline, commitment, and unwavering focus to the task. Expect dark moments because you shall surely experience them. Moments of doubt and maybe even depression but trust me, hang on to your inner knowledge that this is just an experience you are having, nothing more and nothing less.

Believe that in your inner core. Do NOT allow yourself to identify with the PD experience and at some point you shall start to become aware of the positive changes that are happening.

Also I strongly urge you to start keeping a daily journal to record things and then one day a fortnight, take time to read back through it. Progressively you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve travelled.

Well my fellow travellers that’s it, and so I close now by sharing loving kindness with you all.

A final word:

I would like thank David for taking the time to share his inspiring story. From a personal standpoint, I am amazed at the similarities between his and my outlook and experience. It is very encouraging.

David’s message is clear. It is possible to recover our health. Eat healthy foods, detoxify, exercise, minimize stress, dissolve our fears and our bodies will return to homeostasis!

And mostly, believe! Believe that this is just an experience and that we will recover!


Have an awesomely inspiring day!


20 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 194 … David Thompson – Parkinson’s recovery success story!

  1. Hi Rebecca, it’s me David Thompson the PD recovery guy. If you really are encouraged by my account, why don’t you start making it your own story too. I have a process which I have formulated through intuition, research, trial and error, and inner knowing and I am happy to share this with those who want to recover not just from PD I might add since I feel my process might have far wider implications. In one of my previous postings here on Fred’s Blog site I’ve given my personal email address please feel free to find it and contact me. I share loving kindness with you. David

    • Hi Claudette, i hope you’re having a GREAT Christmas. make the first step of your efforts; non association with the experience of pd you are experiencing. DO NOT identify yourself with it either mentally, verbally, or physically. Your not trembling because you have pd, you are trembling because you are simply having a pd experience. it IS separate from who you really are ie; ‘TRUE SELF’. i share loving kindness with you

  2. Congratulations David, is an inspiring story for us all, new horizons open with this knowledge.
    I want to ask you, how long did your recovery since you started making changes in your life ?.
    The symptoms gradually disappeared or disappeared from one day to the next morning?

    • Hi Jimmy, good to hear from you. How long did my recovery take? the best way I can honestly answer this is that in my mind, my recovery is ALWAYS a work in progress. I am not stupid enough to take my ongoing recovery for granted as it is recovery, and not cure. (all those who read this need to understand that. those life experiences that screwed you up once can do so again if you allow them to) Back to your question Jimmy. I went for a little while (and by that, I mean possibly a couple of years) before beginning to notice the little things like not trembling in response to certain triggers as often as I had been, and my sense of smell slowly returning but not to everything and my hand writing skills slowly but surely returning. and then, as if turning a corner the momentum of recovery began to pick up speed where today, my trembling is so slight and not continuous it’s really difficult to imagine that just five and a bit years ago, I was diagnosed with pd.

  3. What a wonderful encouraging story! Proficiat David! I hope you keep up this positive drive, inspiring us all. Just the other day I read about another PD recovery on the blog of Howard Shifke, also an amazing story. Theres certainly hope for us!

    • Hans my brother, please STOP leaving things in the hands of hope. If you want to recover to whatever extent may be possible for you to do so, YOU NEED to take control of the process NOW ! NOT tomorrow. other people’s (including my own) story might well be very inspiring but unless you are going to start writing your own story our stories of recovery are just ‘good reading’. I’m happy to help, just ask and be prepared to take life changing action. I share loving kindness with you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your amazing story, what an inspiration! As I read your story I got goose pimples realising how similar it is to mine! even the same health authority! except that I am still taking Ropinrole whilst you have so successfully managed to give it up :). Admire the way you have motivated and disciplined yourself and long may it continue!

      • Hi Fred I found out that my Parkinson’s was caused by exposure to mold. I had mold in my body from the exposure. I’m Working on getting it out of my body and I had to log out of my house Interesting ! Blessings Barbara

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Hi Fred A doctor took a test which showed I had the toxic mold in my body. Then the next step was finding out where I was being exposed. So I had my house tested and sure enough it was in my house ! There are articles on the internet connecting Parkinson’s and mold. Now I have to work on detoxing! and killing the mold. I had to move to fix my house! Every parkinzons patient should test Barbara

        Sent from my iPhone


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