My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 193 … How to get off parkinson’s medication!

NO DRUGSGiven the number of requests for advice I have received lately on how to get off parkinson’s medications, I thought it appropriate to write a post on the subject.

I can certainly understand why someone would want to discontinue taking medication. Side effects can be quite severe, particularly depending on the mixture. Also, the longer you’re on medication, the more your body becomes dependent on it and forgets how to produce dopamine on its own. And medications lose their efficacy over time, requiring larger doses, until such time that they become completely ineffective.

Before I begin, let me caution you on a couple of things. First, I do not take medication, so I have no direct experience in getting off of it. The reason I’ve chosen not to take medication is well documented. Second, before attempting to discontinue your medications, please consult your neurologist. Depending on the number and type of medications you are taking, discontinuing them could have complications if not done correctly. I spoke to a woman a couple of years ago who experienced depression when she attempted to stop taking medication, so she went back on it.

If it were me, before attempting to wean myself off my medication, knowing what I know, I would do the following:

  • First, I would change my entire outlook on my condition. I would stop thinking of myself as having Parkinson’s Disease and begin thinking in terms of ‘experiencing’ a neurological condition from which I can recover. I would take the viewpoint that I was experiencing this condition for a reason. I would understand that it has a purpose and that is to guide me to spiritual consciousness and self love. Adopting this viewpoint, for me, provides a logical reason for not taking medication.
  • I would also begin addressing all of my fears [knowing that fear is at the root of this condition]. I would make a list of all the things I’m scared of and begin the process of dissolving them.
  • Next, I would begin an exercise program in order to strengthen the body and encourage it to begin producing dopamine on its own. I recently posted an article on exercise and I urge you to check it out.
  • I would also ensure that my diet was as healthy as possible, again, to ensure that my body was as healthy as possible before undertaking this endeavor.
  • I would visit a naturopath to see if there are supplements or homeopathic remedies that would help in getting off medication.
  • I would contact Bianca Molle. [You can do so through her website.] Bianca got off medication and successfully recovered her health through an intense qigong practice.
  • I would read Robert Rodgers book [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease]. It contains a ton of useful information.
  • I would take every measure possible to eliminate stress from my life, in order to put my mind in a state of calm, poise and self assurance. Recovering from parkinson’s requires the body and mind to be in a state of calm for as much time as possible each day. I would begin a meditation practice and I would sit in silent solitude as much as possible. I would also practice living in the present moment.

Initiating all or even some of these steps would give me the confidence that I could discontinue medication with a minimum of discomfort, and more importantly, put me in the frame of mind than I can recover my health.

Have an awesomely blessed day!


6 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 193 … How to get off parkinson’s medication!

  1. thank you very much Fred, I do not take medication and have this neurological imbalance since 2007, when I was only 42 years old, now I follow a protocol similar to yours , 2 years ago , with the certainty that this condition or neurological imbalance is curable.
    others have already recovered.

    • Hi Denise. I last saw my neurologist six months ago. When he told me that he believed it was not possible to recover from parkinson’s I decided not to go back because he can’t help me. He didn’t believe it when I told him I knew of people [for example Bianca Molle] who had recovered. He said they couldn’t have had parkinson’s in the first place.

      • By the way I love this WordPress Blog!!!! Merry Christmas back at you Fred and sorry to hear that your neurologist is locked into his limited mind/training. When they don’t have a cure you would think they would be open but too many are not. I just cannot imagine going into the medical field and shutting off the part of the human being as a physician that truly wants to bring healing.

        I am reading the book right now by Norman Doidge, M.D. called the Brains Way of Healing and the section on John Pepper who reversed many of his Parkinson’s symptoms only to have many neurologists turn on him and even push him out of the very Parkinson’s support group he started. Their minds could not comprehend that what he was doing was even possible. What a strong person he was through so many obstacles, but also so hurt by their actions. How different it could be to have true support from a physician and celebrate the victories..

        Absolutely amazing stories, testimonies, ideas and inspiration for all on this site and I am so glad you started this 🙂

        Here is to a GREAT 2016~~~!!!! Much healing and discovery to you!

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