My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 191 … For the record!

tranquilityFor the record, I do not ‘have’ Parkinson’s Disease. The notion that the condition I am experiencing is a disease [named after the English physician who first identified it] is that of a well-intentioned but, I believe, misinformed medical community that inexplicably continues to hold firm to the idea that it is the death of brain cells in the substantia nigra portion of the brain that is the root cause. [why are cells only dying in the substantia nigra?] .

No, I do not have Parkinson’s Disease. Rather, I am ‘experiencing’ a neurological condition characterized by a chronic, excess production in my body of adrenaline and cortisol and other stress related hormones and neurotransmitters and a corresponding lack of production of dopamine, serotonin and other feel good neurotransmitters. The reason this condition exists is because my body is in a chronic state of fight or flight, due my subconscious mind being overwhelmed with detrimental beliefs that are constantly being triggered and that are causing me to be in a chronic state of fear. There may be other factors involved like a poor diet, excess alcohol consumption, excess excitotoxin [aspartame and msg] consumption, emotional trauma and head injuries [I had two severe concussions in my teens], but it is essentially this chronic fear state that is at the root of it.

I’m not telling you this in order to sound cavalier or arrogant. I am doing so because I believe that the correct attitude and perspective is essential for healing. If I believed, as the medical community would have it, that I have a progressive, degenerative, incurable disease, I would be doomed to a life of medication and progressively deteriorating health. But that is simply not the truth. The condition I’m experiencing is fixable. I can recover my health. Others have already done so. I just need to return my body to homeostasis and I need to believe this in order to ensure my recovery! It empowers me!

I may use the term ‘Parkinson’s Disease’ from time to time in order for people to understand why I am trembling and experiencing other symptoms, but more often than not I simply say that I’m experiencing a neurological condition.

Have an awesomely empowering day!


7 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 191 … For the record!

  1. dear friend fred the idea that of a well-intentioned but, misinformed medical community that inexplicably continues to hold firm that it is the death of brain cells in the substantia nigra portion of the brain that is the root cause. is a big mistake.
    when I practiced my MRI 2014, some of my symptoms had years ago had appeared 2008.
    Science says that when the first symptoms are visible on the body, 60 percent of the cells of the substantia nigra are dead. This is wrong, wrong, false information ..

    This misconception is something that I could see with my MRI results which indicated that the substantia nigra of my brain was integrated without alteration. this indicates that the cells of my brain, are not dying and they are only locked

    The spiritual effort and intention change brain function and physiology of the body and establish a specific area for spiritual information in the pre-frontal cortex of the right cerebral hemisphere and brain consistent etheric (energy.

    I agree with you Fred. We start by stop resisting the sensations we are experiencing and stop labeling them. For example, we can not experience a ‘duodenal ulcer’ or ‘asthma’ or Parkinson. Are labels, mental constructs, elaborate programs and systems creencias.La real healing of the physical aspect of the disease is to stop resisting your inner physical experience without any mental label. At the same time, in fact, we begin to cancel mental label and replace it with the truth.

  2. I am with you, Fred! Have you checked out BIG? I just started this week and it is awesome!! So along with Big and a BIG attitude I believe we can put the falsities to rest. The exercise routine with all the other “little” things they incorporate to re-calibrate the brain has me really believing…

    • That’s terrific Cynthia! I’m familiar with BIG. It’s similar to the big aggressive movements and karate exercises I do. While I am an enthusiastic advocate of exercise, I also believe that it is essential to address the fear that I believe is at the root of this neurological condition. Diet, detoxification, exercise, elimination of stress and dissolving fear are the essential ingredients for recovering health. Please keep us posted on how you are progressing with BIG and in the meantime, have an awesome day! Cheers! Fred

  3. Very profound conversation here 🙂 !!! truly enlightened :):):) …..and so agree Cynthia on “health imbalance” and maybe even mind, soul, spirit imbalance since I have seen folks with Parkinson’s reverse symptoms with Zhineng Qigong. Also another amazing book which I completely underestimated and written by Suzanne Sommers is “Tox-sick”. During interviews with 10 holistic/medical doctors (who reverse cancer) she captures the chemical or synthetic impact from our water, air, food, clothes, detergents, etc. but then also how to reverse it all. Not in her opinion but from the interviews with them and the protocols they use to get the body back in balance. GREAT INFORMATION FOR ALL…here is to BALANCE 🙂

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