My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 189 … Singing in the Rain!

singing in the rainSinging in the rain! A great movie, a great song and a great metaphor! No matter how dark the clouds, no matter how much rain falls, we can still sing!

For some odd reason, yesterday, the song Singing in the Rain popped into my head, reminding me of the importance of finding joy in difficult situations. I once heard someone say, “You can control my body, but you can’t control my mind!” Is there a more apt expression for those of us experiencing a neurological condition. We may be losing control of our body, but we are in charge of our attitude!

I refuse to buy into the notion that this neurological condition is incurable. If it is, how did Bianca Molle, Howard Shifke and John Coleman recover their health. No, it is not incurable! But it does have a purpose, and for me, that purpose is to be guided to spiritual consciousness!

Somewhere over the rainbow waits good health, so that’s where you’ll find me … singing and dancing with Dorothy and Gene!

Have an awesomely musical day!

13 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 189 … Singing in the Rain!

    • What I like about her testimony (and not the comments below it) is that God was with her when all this was happening; and even spoke to her heart that HE would heal her BUT NOT NOW. >>>>>>THAT IS KEY<<<<< So often people always focus on the final healing when really the process before the healing; and the lessons before the healing; and the path before the healing is where the blessing is because the Universe is working to bring change into our lives for the better. Like God said to her heart " I will heal you but not now". I think that is just beautiful.

      So many Christians make others feel like CRAP (sorry for the word) for not having immediate healing with their enough faith statement. They say to the sick or injured person—- IF YOU HAD ENOUGH FAITH, etc. which is so not loving; so demeaning and also shows their lack of faith for the Universe's plan or God's plan in the life of the one who is sick. It is so LIMITING on their part and causes so much injury to the person who is sick or suffering. Funny how the person throwing that judgement on their injured friend cannot have enough faith 🙂 to realize God's hand 🙂 is there.

      I have seen the bigger miracles; bigger healing; incredible connections, lessons and teaching; and endless powerful love and grace in my life when times were tough; and even now when I struggle with a neck injury from 2001. Every lesson brings light; every lesson teaches; and every step brings me into more of who I need to be. It has all been a blessing for a truly magical path.

      Gratitude…gratitude…gratitude….for that path 🙂 which then can help others 🙂 who hear those same words "If you only had enough faith"…or if you only did this or that….you would be healed. Now I smile and I am so thankful 🙂

  1. Hi Fred. I have had you on my mind for 2 days and wanted to come visit you to say Hi and I am thinking of you! Sending light, warm wishes and prayers to you! I wanted to share this Calming Video with you! I struggle with sleep issues and also calming myself a lot. I love to watch the flowers bloom in the video. I hope you like it! Have a wonderful week! Michelle 😀

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